This Week on Steepshot: But First Let’s Take a Selfie

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This week on Steepshot, we are going to flip the camera around. You might be wondering what I mean by that, but all I have to say is #letmetakeaselfie. We will be moving into the world of selfies, talking about the wonderful engagement from the Steepshot community, and also see some cute furry friends. I am excited to show you this week's findings on Steepshot!

The Steepshot Community

One thing I have noticed since arriving on Steepshot, is the astounding number of people interacting from all over the world! It is an extremely large community. I think that it is so amazing to see people from completely different cultures connecting on this platform, whether it is in the comment section or simply liking each other’s photos.

Steepshot, to my knowledge, does not give users the ability yet to have private profiles. Not giving this option is something that is important for everyone’s growth in the app. It allows people of all backgrounds the chance to see someone’s photos from another part of the world that they normally would not see in day to day life. I am a huge fan of broadening my horizons and seeing things from different perspectives, so the fact that Steepshot gives users a chance to do this is pretty awesome. These days most people really like to stay within their bubble, so I am happy to see that there are still people who put themselves out there!


This weeks trend is none other than everyone’s favorite, selfies! Selfies are finally starting to become a bigger thing on Steepshot and I am loving it! It is personal, takes a surprising amount of effort, and shows the person that is more often than not behind the camera. Selfie’s have been a thing ever since Myspace, but now with better phone camera’s and a better understanding of lighting, they are more popular than ever. Social media gives people an opportunity to express themselves, and with a selfie you are doing all of that and more. Like I said, I love the intimacy behind it and how it really can be a great confidence booster! We are all beautiful so why not show it!

Photo Spotlight


The first photo on this week’s photo spotlight is from user @jozef230. This is a up close picture of what looks like a family! I love how everyone in this picture looks so genuine and happy. What a great selfie!


Next, we have a selfie from @future24. The lighting in this picture is great, and on top of that the sun is shining and the sky is blue. You can just feel that it was a good day. All I can say is I hope he was at a red light because it can be dangerous to selfie and drive!


This is another selfie with some fantastic lighting! @lex030 is serving up a selfie from a great angle. The upper-side selfie angle is notorious, and definitely gives your photo a little more depth if you are trying to get in more than your face. He is working the angles and I am loving it!


Last we have a perfect mirror selfie from @daryasattarova. Mirror selfies can be hard to master, but once you do they look nothing but great. She has a cute pattern in the background and is wearing a bright and comfy sweater. This kind of selfie might have to be one of my favorites.

Photographer of the Week

This week, the “photographer of the week” that I chose was @garywood-c! @garywood-c has an amazing profile, because it is all dedicated to kittens! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love them. He posts a daily kitten photo and it really is amazing. The kittens are all very diverse, and are all 100% adorable. Let me show you a few examples:





I am absolutely in love with this profile. Not only because I am a crazy cat lady, but also because I love the idea and effort that @garywood-c puts in! It is impressive and I can’t wait to see more and more kittens!


At the end of the day, while I love seeing these delightful little fluff balls on my Steepshot feed, I really am happy that selfies are about to take off. It is a timeless trend that everyone can get behind. Even if you don’t post them all the time, it is a great way to show people quite literally who you are. So often people wonder about the photographer behind the camera, so it gives some legitimacy when they can put a face to a name. Everything about the selfie trend is so interesting to me and I hope to watch it grow more and more!

Have a great day Steemians,

rachel steiker 100px.png @rachel.steiker, Content Strategist

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