A Break Through the Clouds

2년 전

Sunset copy.jpg Link to larger image here.

This photo was taken at Half Moon Bay in California. I only visited this area once while living in the San Francisco Bay, but it gave a lasting impression. It's a sleepy beach town that butts up to the coastal range along the San Francisco peninsula. Geologically speaking, it's a very interesting place due the exposed sedimentary layers in the cliffs, its vicinity to the San Andreas Fault and the elongated beachfront. On this particular day, it was in the middle of fall and pumpkin patches were all over the place. I always wanted to visit this area again, but getting there wasn't an easy task. I primarily took advantage of public transit and rode my bicycle everywhere.

Recently, I moved to Roanoke, VA and while I won't remain here for an elongated period, it's still an alright place to live. However, when I dig through my photos from the years I lived in California, it invokes a sense of nostalgia that I'll never get tired of. In the long run, I see myself back out in the Golden State, but for now I think I'll take advantage of the lower taxes of Virginia. :P

LocationHalf Moon Bay, CA
SettingsISO800 55mm f/5.6 1/2,000
CameraSony Nex-F3
LensSony 3.5-5.6

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this remind me the visit of me and my school friendz to Kaghan valley in Pakistan which retain a great impression on my mind and this picture remind today that trip to me


I never heard of that valley, but I pulled up some photos of it and it's an absolutely gorgeous place. You were very lucky to see it. :)

You should link a larger version of that image. Looks very good. The only other thing I would do is crop it a little from the right hand side.

Here is the link here


I've been playing around with Steepshot and for some reason, it keeps giving me a smaller image in the link for the original photo. I think it may be because I'm saving the edits as a PNG? I figured it would make no difference, but perhaps it does. I think I'll be sticking with JPG from now on. I knew I should have cropped the photo, lol. Done and done. Also, thanks for the resteem and critique!