Top 10 Crypto Currencies for 2018

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Top 10 cryptos for 2018.

Rai Blocks. Using a block lattice has effectively achieved the mission Bitcoin originally set out on, which was fast to instant transactions with little to no fee. RaiBlocks uses a block-lattice structure, where each account has its own blockchain. The network requires minimal resources, no high-power mining hardware, and can process a high transaction throughput. All of this is achieved by having individual blockchains for each account, eliminating access issues and inefficiencies of a global data-structure.
If it’s proven secure, if it proves its scaling claims, it’s a big deal. Dash litecoin type of big deal.

Ethereum – Wow no way Crypto Daily. Off with the unconventional choices, aren’t we? Simply the most popular choice for decentralized apps as of right now, 2018 will likely see better dapps than we’ve yet to see. Ethereum is the fuel behind it, and behind many of the top coins in the top 100. Many network upgrades are still due for Ethereum, including moving over to completely PoS, which rewards those who HODL and stake their Ether, so people could be looking to stock up when that happens.

Stellar and Ripple – Putting them both together due to the similarities. Ripple has the bank partnerships, Stellar is the slightly more decentralized version of it. We have a huge focus on a quick and efficient payment processor here, especially micropayments.

Bitcoin – Strong emphasis is needed this year on reducing its high transaction fees and confirmation times. Bitcoin Cash stands ready to gain from its failings due to name brand recognition. Plans are in place but are highly complicated and arguments rage if they will or won’t be successful. Still the most notable crypto out and the current face of the blockchain. It currently works as the most tested and therefore secure store of value blockchain out, and the lifeblood of the market, where it is required for almost every other coin purchase out there.

Request Network – A decentralized network that allows anyone to made a payment invoice for which the recipient can pay in a secure way. When a Request is created, the trade laws that are applicable to its specific case are taken into account, and taxes are applied. When necessary, advanced payment terms may be selected. This among other factors make it prime to be one of the first cryptos to breakout into mainstream usage for mobile and retail purchases.

NEO – Perhaps the least upward volatile one we have seen on this list, but the potential frontrunner for decentralized apps in China, although the team’s ambitions are worldwide. DeepBrain Chain was one of the first ICOs NEO has run, and it was a success. There are currently 27 or more ICOs that are upcoming for the platform, NEO being the primary currency used to invest. Solid choice and supposed safe bet for steady gains in 2018.

VeChain and Walton – Efficient and cost cutting supply chain management. Among other things the platform facilitates radio-frequency identification or RFID on the blockchain. A big deal when there are big partnerships. VeChain also benefits from a huge government backing. Ripple has shown the power of big partnerships so I expect 2018 to be particularly good for VeChain. I’m sure the market is big enough to accommodate the two of them. Think of how outdated the barcode is. The VeChain or Walton smart chip is essentially an NFC chip, RFID tracker or QR code that tracks whatever it is attached to and protects them from tampering, counterfeiting and ensures that their entire life cycle is stored securely on the blockchain. It essentially makes it easy to track, collect, and store data that otherwise had to be inputted manually with great difficulty. Within 5 years, we believe you’ll be able to scan a product in a store with NFC and see its entire history – who made it – what with – how it got here – and how long it took.
There will be more business implantations too.

Enigma – A privacy protocol. Ethereum meets Monero you could say. MIT backed development team. The first platform on the Enigma protocol will be Catalyst. If you’ve ever heard of the Bloomberg Terminal it is effectively a financial interface which professional stock traders and the like use to monitor real-time data of the financial market, which also enables them to place trades on the ecteronic platform. CEO of Bloomberg L.P., Michael Bloomberg, made billions off of the technology-related programs. they hope to replicate that interface in the cryptocurrency scene. Catalyst is a fully-featured trading interface that has the ability to interact with multiple exchanges and is an amazing tool that developers can use to their advantage. The main goal of Enigma is to transform the way that data is transmitted using their network.

ICON – Another Dapp platform, this means ICOs! It’s the front runner for the South Korean markets, which are a big deal in crypto. ICON is fully compatible with traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum and in future can bridge other public blockchains such as Qtum, NEO and many others to achieve their mission statement – “Hyperconnect the world”. Artificial intelligence and decentralized exchanges are also on the agenda.

Before I get to number 10 top crypto currency for 2018, some low market cap honorable mentions, which could one day be a top coin:

NLC2 – Not just the first mover advantage, really the only platform fantasy sports can be played on using crypto in the world. Decentralizing fantasy sports, a perfect example of why removing the middle man is so advantageous to the common person, a fraction of the fees than using a centralized platform like DraftKings of FanDuel. Almost instant coin transfers, 4% staking reward. Football, Soccer and Hockey already playable, more sports on the way. Unconfirmed rumors of crypto games upcoming. Primed for mainstream adoption with direct coin purchases with Visa, MasterCard and Alipay, and celebrity endorsements from sport and gambling legends.

Vibe – World’s first crypto enabled VR/AR marketplace and hub. Currently primed to take advantage of the first mover advantage. First hologram performance to ever be purchased will be available January 20th on their platform and the team is shooting many performances and educational programs which will be available for purchase with vibe. Rumors of a big exchange listing for this month. Big business partnership in Monster, as well as connections with major recording artists. VR/AR tech is growing in popularity.

Ok lastly number 10. It’s of course, BitConnect. Referral link in the description.
No just joking, there’s so much to choose from honestly. An example of what contenders there are, Tron, Cardano, Modum, IOTA, QASH – with a Q and Ethos. I dunno, they’re all good and no doubt all are going to have a good year.

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Really? Railblocks?

Cam you disappoint me. Even steem has free transactions and instant (3 seconds), and transaction speed is not its main focus... Railblocks is the biggest pump ever for a coin that brings nothing new to the market.

You can't compare it to Dash. Dash maybe has a few cents in transaction fees but it has such a great team behind it and has so many more great things, like privacy, self-funding and a governance system.

Too many bloody investment options, not enough to throw money at 'em all

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That's a very nice post.

Let's pray for the best.

Nice list. Also, Walton is a bit down so it should be a good time to buy. :) Good luck!

Love your videos man!

Thank you for spreading some humor into my daily crypto news! +5%

Seem like i am a bit late but would be good to see some Decentralized exchanges in your HODL experiment. Bitshares is my choice of platforms, not sure if you are familiar with it but its a great project and well worth a look 3,300+ TPS proven last year.

Best crypto video today, great list. Thank you for the starting point to my own research! What do you think about Power Ledger, it's not that great idea to invest in?

Nice crypto education

Great list Cam.
All the agreements, promises and listing on exchanges is great stuff, but can't wait for some of the projects that are still being developed to be out there in Live, with their functionality ready to be used.
To hit the mainstream, as they say, so people start discussing projects and their utility rather than just the price (mostly Bitcoin price...).
I've recommended NLC platform to a friend who's deep into the fantasy games (mostly footbal/soccer) and steemit to some blogger friends, that do it mostly on facebook.
Trying to get these news out as loud as I can :)

Would love to see your view on TOP10 ICOs :)

Brilliant stuff. Loved the coverage of NLC2....As a fantasy sports addict, this really intrigued me. Would love to see this on another exchange though before diving in...Any word if it'll be added to any other exchanges?