The Aging Eye

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Welcome to my blog, i hope you are doing well and staying safe? Today i want to take a quick look at the effect of aging on the eye and how best to keep your eyes healthy as you grown old


Aging is inevitable, as you are born, you will surely grow old the more you celebrate your birthdays, well even if you do not celebrate birthdays you will still grow old. Growing old comes with lots of changes in our systems , our anatomy and physiology, this cuts across and is not limited to any particular system in the body although the effects of one may directly or indirectly affect the other. For instance the deterioration of the ability to smell and discriminate smell in the aged directly affect ones ability to also taste

So the most important structure i would be talking about would be the main refractive components involved in vision thus the cornea and lens and the retina. One sign that tell your optometrist that you are probably very old without even having to look at your file is the arcus senilis sign which surrounds your cornea as you grow old. Again as we grow old our cornea becomes more permeable, the integrity may be affected to some extent and this tend to have direct consequences on our refractive errors, there is greater chance you may require new spectacles from your old one every now and then. Then there the lens where the reduction in anti-oxidants in the eye as we grow old affect its fiber formation and distribution, free radicals affect the proteins and their accumulation contribute to what manifest as cataract or lens opacification.

For the retina you may have to face the popular condition of age-related macula degeneration or some form of color vision defect from deterioration of the retina cells. The physiological liquefaction of the vitreous sometimes causes retinal detachment in some people whereas others develop glaucoma due to apoptosis of the optic nerve and a breakdown in homeostatic balance in fluid drainage and production resulting in increase in intra-ocular pressure

Growing up, means you probably going to have a lot more health issues than just with your eye, hence it is more important to take critical care of your health, to visit your optometrist and physician regular check ups and to report all emergencies as soon as possible. One thing that all health professional recommend is proper dieting, eating well and healthy could save you from lots of pathological conditions such as diabetes and hypertension and cause you to live healthier and longer.


Thanks for reading and have a great time. Many thanks to all who read my post and special thanks to @mcsamm and @tj4real for their continuous support.
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