Elon and the SpaceMan Part 1

2년 전

Captains Log: star date 01.001

Countdown…. Finally!

After what feels like years of testing and having to suffer a relentless stream of jokes from Elon that he’s going to take my place, my day of departure has finally arrived. Of course there were the unavoidable hiccups and disappointments along the way. I was promised a model S type ship and ended up with a convertible, also I have been instructed not to leave the solar system, but seriously…

What’s Elon gonna do once I’m out there?

The Falcon heavy rocket looks impressive and my roadster is actually kinda cool. The fact that it will be freezing without a roof worries me a bit, but the prospect of an unlimited view makes up for most of that. And who knows, if there are some cute female aliens out there, a sexy ship like this might be just the thing to impress them.

My ground team is impatient and wants me to get in the roadster, but I am sniffing Earth air for the last time and I’m not gonna be pushed into leaving without saying my goodbyes. Elon understands this better than anyone I guess. He probably knows that I do not intend to return and grants me all the time I need to ready myself. God, I love the smell of grass and even the overwhelming sounds of the launch area are like music to my ears right now.

Speaking about music, I know Elon expects me to listen to David Bowie for eternity, but I have a usb-stick in my boots packed with the stuff I like to listen to. Katy Perry is along for the ride! I guess it’s time to put on my helmet and surrender myself to my ground team, as I’m walking towards my roadster I feel totally relaxed. All the stress I felt before seems to melt away and all that remains is a great sense of belonging.

This is what is was made to do.

To be continued

Keep an EYE out for the next part.

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