Ulogs: Offering a free Website UI kit to 2 Uloggers



We wanna show our appreciation to the @ulogs community and also to @surpassinggoogle for enormous support he has been giving since our onboarding on steemit.

So today we would like to offer 2 Ulogs community members a UI kit as a service for their website or mobile app.

Just drop a comment below if you would love be selected as a winner of our Ulogs UI kit.


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I'd sure love to be picked as a winner:)


Thanks a lot mate.

Why offering for only two Uloggers. Is this expensive. I would like to get UI kit for my website.


It isn't expensive. We are only using it to support the ulogs community. What's your website?


I have two websites but I will use only one later on.
Can I use this in subdomain.

Cool post. But don't really have a website or a Mobile App tho.. Anyways keep on the good work.

  ·  작년

I am not a technical person I don't know how to use it but thanks! 😊

I love your hustle mate! How much content you put out is amazing. Keep going. Love from Germany!


No problem!