STEMng Digest: Week 24

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Welcome to the 24th episode of the stemng digest series where we bring to you some of the best posts under the #stemng tag in the past week.

For those that do not know yet, stemng is a sub-community of steemSTEM, a community-driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts by Nigerians on Steemit. The project involves submitting quality STEM-related posts to the steemSTEM management for upvoting and resteeming where applicable.

More information about stemng activities are found here, while details of what it means to be part of steemSTEM can be found here, as well.

As we usually do, we have sifted through the stemng tag and even though there were several good posts to choose from, below are the posts that stood out for week #24.

Saturday: Demystifying the popular myth that we humans only use 10% of our brain capacity

Starting off this week is the post by @akiripromise which looks at the popular myth that human beings do not use 90% of their brain's capacity. A belief which the scientist has debunked. The article further explained where the popular myth stemmed from. For all the details click the link above.

Sunday: Who says we can't farm on Mars- The chances and challenges

Now we are on a journey to the Red Planet, Mars, and our guide is @humbledeen. The scientist is busy exploring the planet for hopes of a life with the Mars rovers collecting and sending data back to earth. The blog looks at the possibility of farming on Mars by showcasing the various techniques that can make this happen. If you are as intrigued as we are, click the link and check out the details.

Monday: How hypertension can cause dementia

You may not have known this, but @starrichie looks at hypertension as a disorder that could lead to dementia. The link between the two diseases was laid out in this blog post.

Tuesday: A breach of Agreement and the Formation of Staphylococcal Skin Abscess

Tuesday post by @herbayomi looks at the breach of a symbiotic agreement between human skin and a microbiota (staphylococcus). The next thing that occurs is a formation of abscess as a result of skin and soft tissue infections. For more on this opportunist, bacteria do visit the blog.

Wednesday: How Did We Become Humans? What Makes Humans (Homo Sapiens) Unique?

If you have ever wondered why we are uniquely human beings and on top of the food chain then @samminator is here for you. The article shines a light on the attributes that distinguish us from the other species out there.

Thursday : A Time Machine - Prisoners of TIME

@agbona is here to take us on a magical journey into the past and future. The science fiction books, movies, and consumers of the genre are fascinated by the idea we can travel back in time. It is an idea which many may laugh off as a joke or something along that line. But some scientists genuinely believe in it, and they have theories to back their belief. For more in-depth knowledge of this intriguing science, please click the link to the blog.


The 2018 Football World Cup is ongoing, and millions of people around the world are watching the game in real time. The technology behind how that came to happen is what @lawkay's post is all about. For details and more go to the blog.

About the selection process

The post for each day was selected based on consensus between the stemng management, in persons of @greenrun and @gentleshaid. The @gentleshaid made the week's selections, while @greenrun presented it.

Do not feel discouraged if we did not feature your post. There are rooms for improvement for everyone. Find time to read this guideline if you wish to improve on your STEM-related writings.

Support for @stemng is welcome in any form, including upvotes, resteems and steem power delegations. Feel free to interact with fellow stemians in our discord server.

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund the @stemng project.

We will like to thank the following authors whose work was curated by the @steemstem under the #stemng tag:
@abumaryam, @agbona, @akiripromise, @conas, @curtwriter, @damzxyno, @eurogee, @funmiakinpelu, @greenrun @herbayomi, @humbledeen, @joelagbo, @kingabesh, @lawkay, @henrychidiebere, @menoski, @michealwrites, @mrbreeziewrites, @olajidekehinde, @oluwabori, @osariemen, @rareghost, @rharphelle, @samest, @samminator, @starrichie, @steep2308, @sunkanmi02, @teekingtv, @thurllanie, @wisdomdavid, and @writeit.

Till next week!

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Nice posts.. I wish I get here someday

Thanks everyone for your support. @gentleshaid @greenrun @kingabesh you guys are the bomb.

Congratulations to everyone that got curated, STEMng all the way guys!!!

In the middle of crypto-recession, stemng keeps growing in leaps and bounds. More grease to the elbows of the management as well as the authors. Keep steeming-on guys!

Great work here @gentleshaid and @greenrun. Grateful for the wonderful work you both are pulling. Congrats to the featured authors too.

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Congratulations! to authors of the selected posts... #stemng is going places. @management you guys are doing a great work, well done Sirs!
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Congratulations to all the authors

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Interesting collections as usual. Congrats to all the wonderful authors and stemng curators

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