Steemit platform not smooth from last few days, weku is strong option - join

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Steemit platform is really facing trouble while updation after hard fork.
Limits our voting power, Limits our posts and comment, takeb=n away all joy here on this platform.

During this time I found alternative as WEKU platform.
Its a exact copy of steemit platform.

Advantages over steemit platform

Voting power is huge which is great motivation
Account created in just few minuts.
Don't ever copy paste , same as on steemit platform.
Don't make fake account using same IP address, Easily all ids will be blocked soon.

Best part is Weku platform started in September month. So I 1 years time those who joins today will be superpower.
So join fast using below link

After joining let me know your username. Will form a group explaining all tricks to grow fast
See u all on weku platform.

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Hello, this comment isn’t related to your post but I had a question. I'm the organizer of the Banana Program. Thanks for participating! I hope you had a lot of fun! I'm reaching out to you to find out if you’re able to comment and post normally. Also let me know if you’ve been negatively affected by the Hardfork and also any other reason you have for not participating in the Banana Program in any given week. Any feedback you have is appreciated. Thank you.

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Problem is hardfork... Posting or commenting becomes such a headach on Steemit. I don't know how much it improved till now, but yes hard fork spoiled Steemit. It has done big damage. All enthuism and energetic mind and ideas for Steemit died down with this hardfork

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Thanks for your honest feedback. I hope a solution will be coming as I feel the same things as you.

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I don't know if u have already joined weku.... But if not than at least try once... U will see how energetic people are on weku platform, similar to what it was on Steemit few months back. At least I feel like that. It was real fun on Steemit when u first started banana program but from last 2-3 weeks changes which u made results in loosing popularity of even banana program but may be hard fork is the reason for same. U should join weku and start banana program on weku platform... All fresh.... Consider this option...some people even converting Steem into weku dollar which will give u power. ...
My referrals for weku platform :

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