@fulltimegeek and the #stewardsofgondor - Steemit appreciates you!

2년 전

Over the past few months, I and dozens of other stewards, have been servants of @fulltimegeek.

We were given the amazing opportunity to hold and distribute over 350,000 Steem Power across many thousands of new and budding content creators, and boy did the community feel the impact.

The time has now come for this delegated Steem Power to return to its true owner, to aid a quest which again has the best interests of the community at heart.


Delegations by Stewards

Last week, I listed the delegations that the stewards had distributed to fledgling members of the community. In light of recent events, these delegations may need to be changed (and fledging accounts shielded), and so the list is not present in this report and will return if/when circumstances change.

However, I can say that at present, 24,635 Steem Power is currently delegated by the current stewards to other members (excluding alts. and Bid-bots) of the community, and I am sure this excellent number will be surpassed some time in the future.

Statistics for the last 7 days



Name: Steem Username
Posts: Number of Top level posts in the past 7 days
Comments: Number of comments made in the past 7 days
Com_len: Total character length of all comments (excluding posts)
Wit_v: Number of Witnesses voted for
Votes: Total number of votes made in the past 7 days
Unique_v: Total number of unique authors who received a vote in the past 7 days
Down_v: Number of down-votes made in the past 7 days
Self_v: Number of self-votes made in the past 7 days
Self_v_%: Percentage of Steem Power used on self-votes in the past 7 days

(@crimsonclad witness proxy @followbtcnews)
Data extracted from @arcange's SteemSQL DB at 11:00 am (UTC) 22th February 2018.

@arcange's SteemSQL is now a paid service and so the support of these blogs (which has been the case since the beginning) is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Weekly totals

InteractionThis weekLast wk2 wks ago3 wks ago4 wks ago5 wks ago6 wks ago
Unique votes11945108411122910841102641043311025

Star Stewards

A slip in most categories however, a record number of upvotes and unique votes distributed this week!


Well done to @lyndsaybowes who has made almost 600 comments this past week - top interacting!

@taskmaster4450 retains his typing crown with 104102 characters worth of comments - hail keyboards!

@coolguy123 and @samiwhyte have both handed out over 2390 votes this past week, with just two votes separating them - up-vote legends!

Again, @coolguy123, @howtostartablog, and @samiwhyte - Master stewards of goodwill to all with over 1000 unique Steemians reached with votes this past week - sharing the love!


The SoG program has been the best thing I have been involved with since I joined the platform in August 2016.

There is much good talk about onboarding new users, and the signs are that this is coming to fruition thanks to many members of the community, new or old. However, when I think about engagement and support of new accounts, in order to keep them with us during the difficult first few months (and longer) of their time here on the Steem Blockchain, not even @curie can hold a candle to the amount of weekly support via upvotes and comments that the SoG has been able to provide.

The program has created a community to support individuals, as well and other communities and should be looked at by all Steemians as an example of how to be and act.

I hope that other larger accounts see @fulltimegeek as a pioneer, and look to follow in his path which has provided so much positivity and engagement across the platform.

Thank you @fulltimegeek!

The greatest of respect and thanks to you for what you have done for myself, the other stewards, and so many members of the Steemit community.

Your selfless acts will go down in Steemit history and shall not be forgotten.

Good luck in your quest man, you're already a legend.

Until we meet again, helmets on, and Steem on!

Asher @abh12345

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Community is at the heart of success. Unless you got really lucky and bought a bunch of steem when it was a few pennies, the majority of people have put in the time and effort to earn SP and SBD. It becomes much easier to succeed when you surround yourself with a great community. Well done everyone


You are spot on there, and I'm sure what's been built will remain in place.

Just a matter of sticking around, the big guys wouldn't be here if they didn't see the potential over the years to come.

Good luck man!


Cheers bud, same to you. I actually just took out a loan to purchase more Steem haha, I'm in it for the long run


Good luck!

Buying SP in stages? Might not hit the bottom but seems the safest way to go.


Convinced a friend who has made considerably more than I in crypto to spot me, with certain arrangements being made. I believe steem is gonna boom the next few years so time to invest for the future


Sounds much better than visiting the bank for sure.

I think you're right, and I hope we are all right!


To @fulltimegeek, You have touched lives positively with SoG
I am a beneficiary.

Worthy of thanks include @abh12345, @hitmeasap, @lydsaybowes, @taskmaster4450, @allseeingewe and @earthmother, your post hasn't just been insightful, conversations with you guys are amazing and the Upvotes, I'm grateful for everything.


Being a SOG has been the most spectacular honor I have ever received. I too, only joined steemit last summer and being bestowed the recipient as one of FTG's chosen ones assisted my success in more ways than I can even start to list.

After hearing of the situation he has been called to do, I applaud his, and others, reasoning. This shows the dedication he has, as well as others, to this platform.

I want to thank FTG for all the wondrous events, contests and paying it forward his SOG delegation had allowed me to fulfill. Never would I have been able to accomplish an inch of what I was able to without his thoughtfulness, delegation and trust in me.

To all my fellow SOGs... Onward and Upward... we made a difference. We succeeded in helping so many steemians. We were/are victorious.

Not only do I want to thank @abh12345 and @fulltimegeek... but also @wwf, @taskmaster4450, @coolguy123 and SO MANY OTHERS! We had an experience of a steemit lifetime!


being bestowed the recipient as one of FTG's chosen ones assisted my success in more ways than I can even start to list.

Same feelings from my side. I always tried to make new friends on Steemit and SOG program has given me a chance to do that and in a bigger way to be frank. Each one of the individuals I got to interact as part of SOG are like masters in doing something and even grasping one good point from each of them will change ourselves drastically.

Not only do I want to thank @abh12345 and @fulltimegeek... but also @wwf, @taskmaster4450, @coolguy123 and SO MANY OTHERS! We had an experience of a steemit lifetime!

Well, yes, all those guys mentioned along with others with whom we didn't get a chance to interact have all made this SOG program a memorable one. Everyone is a winner because of this program and Steemit has gained something because of all the #stewardsofgondor thanks to the master, @fulltimegeek.


Yes, yes and yes! I wish I had had the opportunity to chat with even more SOGs.. but I will. I will find them. I will stalk them. (Just kidding!)


Hi Dawne

If it wasn't for the SoG, I would not have had the opportunity to meet such a good group of Steemians set on doing the best they can for others.

You are a standout Steward and generally just awesome, and deserve all the good that comes to you.

Thank you for being here!


Thank you! I have met some of the most unbelievable steemians as well. It's like we have a special connection.
I will be following so many SOGs and continuing to comment like there's no tomorrow; because that's what I do and always have.

Thank you for one (hopefully) last report on the performance of #stewardsofgondor.

And a big thanks to @fulltimegeek for selfless act of him for the last 3 months and wishing him good luck and my full support to whatever he plans in future.

Before I proceed further, I get these couple of questions:

  1. What next with #stewardsofgondor tag, can we continue to use that to show that we were once the member of SOG's and to keep ourselves motivated and visible to other SOGs?

  2. Any plans to start such alternative program(not necessarily delegation program) like #stewardsofgondor where we can re-unite again? Because I am surely gonna miss this and miss those interactions we are having.

Coming back to the results, happy to see the usual guys performing the way they have been for last 2 months and 3 weeks.

I think @lyndsaybowes has set a new record(is it a new record?) for number of comments with her 600+ comments, oh that's a nice way to end this program, isn't it?

It's also fitting that the leader in almost all the past weeks @taskmaster4450 has finished again on top in Hail the Keyboards category, congratulations sir, you are one of the tough guys as for as moving your fingers is concerned.

Happy to see @samiwhyte along with our usual topper @howtostartablog on the number of upvotes category. Happy for you both.

I hope @hitmeasap will feel proud of himself for all the effort he put in for last 3 months, though he missed the 1000 votes mark. Well done @hitmeasap.

The master @abh12345 is among top commentators and also handed over over 1000 votes and definitely deserves a big appreciation for that along with providing the reports week on week for last 3 months. Thank you sir, you means a lot for all of us #stewardsofgondor.

Though it's bit of sad that we will be missing all these stuffs, there is satisfaction that we tried our best to live up to the expectations of @fulltimegeek with better usage of the gifts of Steem Power we received from him. Thank you @fulltimegeek, you are a legend as for as humanity and selflessness is concerned. Happy to be part of any future plans you have.

Thanks everyone, hopefully, we all can keep in touch with the help of #stewardsofgondor tag.



Thank you @coolguy123, it's been a pleasure to work beside you. What I am most proud with, is the @asapers project. A delegation project that turned into a curation team. All inspired by @fulltimegeek, his generosity and the #StewardsOfGondor.

Sure, I have always been proud over the "Upvote Legend" status I have reached on @abh12345's reports, and I have reached that status each week except two. So I'm obviously proud and satisfied with that too, but the @asapers project is probably what I'm most thankful for. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to pay it forward the way I do, and I wouldn't have met all these awesome people I'm talking to each day.

So being part of the SOG has been life changing, not only for myself, but also for the ones I've been able to reach out to as well. I will continue in the same direction, in an attempt to pave the way for others just like I did long before I joined the SOG. I am just extremely grateful for the opportunity and that SOG made it all possible.


it's been a pleasure to work beside you. What I am most proud with, is the @asapers project.

Thank you my friend, happy to work with you as well, hopefully we will continue to do so.
And yes, @asapers is your brain child and I know how happy you will be with the success of that. I wish all the success to you for the project.

Always cherished the moments we worked together for SOG and happy to know that @asapers is shaping well to give you the satisfaction of helping others.

Let's be in touch my friend. Take care of yourself and be happy.


Thank you sir

Happy to see @samiwhyte along with our usual topper @howtostartablog on the number of upvotes category. Happy for you both.

It's a mark I must maintain even outside the SOG program.

What COOL project is this and how can I be part of it?
I am currently member of the @steemstem and @greek-trail communities! We are trying to reward users for their quality and keep them active on the platform. Steemstem has been doing great and gathered valuable sp delegations (we thank those users for that).
Now, I would like to do something to help the greek community a little. Unfortunately we don't have many strong users backing us up (@onceuponatime and @liondani are marvellous, but we could use a little more help).

Thanks in advance for your help :)


Well for the now the project is on hold while SP is used for other means, but hopefully there will come a time in the future where I/we can help out.

Thanks for dropping by! :)


I will definitely keep an eye on! Thank you! :D

Giving back to the community is a blessing and you are part of that blessing. I thank @fulltimegeek who delegated steem power to you all. Hopefully this would continue.

You people are really helping the steemit community specially newbies for delegating steem power.thanks for helping us☺


you are really helping people the steemit community specially newsbies for delegating steem power..thanks for your post sharing..

Thank you @fulltimegeek for this show of love. A whole lot of us members of the community have benefitted directly and indirectly from this SoG act of love. Now that the power is required to go on a war that will cleanse the land, I wish you all the strength you will need. And @abh12345 thank you for always bringing this report and the analysis you do. We appreciate.

What can I say...
SOG have been a pleasure to see and to be part of. Much like you, it's the best experience I've had since I joined Steemit in July 2016.

Due to my recent delegation project, most of my numbers are down this week and honestly speaking, I am still proud with what I've accomplished. The numbers are down but what I've been able to bring to the table and accomplish due to the generosity of @fulltimegeek is, in my book, incredible.

I have successfully initiated a small community with the purpose to support and help our newcomers and even though we are still very new, we have already helped dozens of people through our curations and within our Discord channel, which is growing each day.

I knew from the start that time would be limited and I can therefore not do everything I want. It is impossible for me to be all over the place and commit myself to write comments and articles when I'm at Discord and doing many other things at the same time. I still managed to reach almost 400 unique authors with more than 900 upvotes this week. So I would say that I've been doing a pretty good job sharing the wealth. The only thing that took a fairly huge hit this week were the comments.

However, I noticed the other day that some minnows are already talking about the @asapers, and that's an amazing thing to see. I could never imagine that I would have this much of an impact on this awesome platform this quick. It is really, really cool to see!

I guess people can see that my intentions are good and I love how this whole thing evolves as I write this. However, none of this would've been able without the support from @fulltimegeek and the #StewardsOfGondor.

You @abh12345, have been a solid rock and it's been a pleasure to work beside you and all the other SOG's during this time.

Now, the time has come to go out in battle. It's good vs evil. It's the clash of the titans. I know that @fulltimegeek leads us to victory. The troll will be slayed by the hands of brave heroes who are empowered with the SOG spirit. With fork or knife, I'm ready.

Thank you!


Hey man

Thanks for the message.

It's been a great time for us and I think we've done a great job.

A shame that @aspers was just kicking off, but hopefully sometime in the future you can continue with it.

Good luck, see you around no doubt!


Oh, do you think I'll stop? That won't happen. :)
@fulltimegeek's delegation was obviously extremely cool and gave me both inspiration and motivation enough to create the @asapers, but it's definitely not the main thing that motivates me to continue to push things forward. It was a huge help, and will be a huge help if he reinstate the SOG and consider me once again for delegation, but like I said in a previous comment yesterday:

I started to delegate before the battle. I want to do it during the battle and I have every intention of doing it after the battle too. :)

I might not be able to do all the things I've done as an SOG, and I will have to make changes in my approach, but my goal is still the same. I just hope I'll be able to do the things I want and need to do without taking any of my delegations back.

The @asapers has already grown from my personal delegation project into a curation team with a Discord channel which is growing each day so I'll definitely not stop.

  • To infinity and beyond! :)

Excellent news!

Hopefully the SoG will return in the future and we'll both be on the potential Stewards list.

Until then, engage and support, we shall continue!

Thank you @abh12345

I have been a beneficiary of the show of love from @fulltimegeek, @abh12345 @lyndsaybowes and every other beneficiary of the SoG.

Thanks. I'm looking forward to a stronger and a more robust platform.

Thank you once more..

It is disappointing how greed of just a single person can cause such a rippling effect on our eco system to the point things have to be put on hold to deal with it.

It is a shame while programs like this where out doing as much good as possible other people on the site decided to take advantage of situations to the point we arrive at today. Power has to recentralized to deal with people those as few people as possible have to deal with the retaliation of brining balance back into the fold.

Up till now I had no idea of all the people who were given this opportunity. I even know some names on that list! I hope once things are dealt with things can go back to community building.


From what I understand it's not the greed as much as the flags on other accounts that has sparked this action.

But yes, STEEM has such huge potential to offer abundance to so many, and it is a bit of a kick in the teeth when so many are trying to do that, and others are clearly not.

I have to say it's not just 'this' account, many larger accounts are self-voting to high heaven, vote colluding, and in my opinion, not doing it right.

Good luck to you.

Projects and initiatives like this add great value to the community as a whole and lift individuals to greater heights which is a win/win scenario for all.

We all deserve a little help from others.

I have been active here on Steemit for several months now doing my thing in the shadows for 4+ hours daily ~ Steemit is a healthy addiction!


Still I wonder:

Aside from great content/interaction and commenting with others what does a girl have to do to get a smidgeon of help here?!

I seem to be slipping through the Steemit cracks.



Projects and initiatives like this add great value to the community as a whole and lift individuals to greater heights which is a win/win scenario for all.


With regards to 'slipping through the cracks', I'm sorry you feel this way, but you are certainly not alone. Good things take time, but progression is quicker if you can find a community or two to get involved in who are producing similar content, or just keen to support new and promising Steemians with good intentions at heart.

Good luck to you fellow Brit! :D


Thanks for your encouraging and swift reply.

Much appreciated.

I think your point about finding a community is extremely valid and one for me to explore further.

Gotta keep on keeping on and hold the faith me thinks.

Friday tomorrow ~ enjoy your weekend!


(Curious, how did you know I was a Brit?)


My pleasure :)

I try to make every day a Friday!

how did you know I was a Brit?

I found a small clue here!



I feel so foolish.



Well thank you to you too Asher for continuing your good work and helping the steemit community grow :)

The #stewardsofgondor will never die, because you can't kill a message. Tell @fulltimegeek his army is much larger than he realizes (with or without his delegation). His leadership is epic, noticed, and followed!
I am behind you with support in anything you do Asher!

b stickers 3.png

Thank you @fulltimegeek for making all of this possible! So many votes have been given to Steemians all around the world regardless of nationality. All the best in your fight against the troll!

Wow very impressive...

Now i see why you work with fulltimegeek!

I'm delighted to be a part of this great team. Truth is I never believed in a lot of things before I joined steemit. My faith in humanity is doubly restored. Special thanks to @fulltimegeek for giving us the opportunity to make some little changes, however small it was. It's been an honour being able to use his delegated steem power to do some good. Sometimes you never know what an individual is capable of doing till the person gives it a go. Thank you @abh12345 for all the updates and thank you team for pushing all those buttons. It's been a remarkable ride. Peace.


I have the same feelings as you @greenrun, thank you for being here :)


You make it easy :)



To kind my friend!


I think the SoG need to just carry on as as if nothing's changed, as far as possible.

Surely having a few thousand SP undelegated doesn't actually change your capacity to interact and build community?


Surely having a few thousand SP undelegated doesn't actually change your capacity to interact and build community?

Not at all, and I've seen many comments already from SoG members say they will do just that :D


Good to hear!

I managed to get over the 1000 upvotes mark - go me! Keeping the comment word count up as well - it's all waffle but someone might have been entertained. I actually think it would be quite cool if you kept doing these posts even now after the delegation had finished - it's really interesting to see all these stats on the accounts! I don't know how much work you have to do to pull up this information - but a thought anyway. I can of course only thank @fulltimegeek once again for seeing whatever he did in me, his delegation made a huge difference to how I approached Steemit and interacted with people, and I will continue onwards supporting small accounts and doing my best to retain them on here and help them grow. Congratulations to all the #Stewardsofgondor for making such an incredible different to so many people on Steemit.


Solid numbers buddy!

You know what, I think I will continue with the reports. I've had a couple of messages that have given me the encouragement to do so, I think most would like to see their numbers - maybe things wont change so much, and that would be really great to see.



maybe things wont change so much

Well, it may not affect guys like you and @c0ff33a, because of the SP you have, you can slightly reduce the VP and manage, but I think the people who are going to affect are the guys like me as the SP difference with and without delegation is very huge and that doesn't allow me to go with 1000+ votes as I have to increase my vote % drastically to reward 0.01 SBD vote.

Having said that, not many may fall in my category. Your thoughts?

Great one. How come I am just getting the wind of this...wonderful wonderful idea.

@fulltimegeek, i will love to be part of the cause of defending and cleasnsing our steemit from the bad eggs that are only interested in their own selfish gain not regardless of our dear community.

When someone from one of the many discord groups that I am in showed us @fulltimegeek post I had mixed emotions about it.

I'm happy that he has taken the cudgels to fight the troll hoarding that 7%. Sad that a lot of votes will not be received by a lot of communities and people. Yet I know that this is important to do.

I have been going around some of the SOG members that inspired me and I am happy to see that they still retain the spirit and engagement that is known for SOG. The engagement will continue on albeit with smaller SP.

The effects that you and the rest of SOG has rippled out as we see other people delegating and engaging as much as they can.

You, Asher, has been an inspiration and I will continue the quest to upvote and leave wonderful comments to people so that they are encouraged to stay in Steemit.

The Stewards of Gondor maybe holding on and preparing for the siege of Minas Tirith but the signal fires have been lit and others will upvote, comment and touch people's lives.

I will miss these reports that are a highlight of my week. Thank you again SOG.



Firstly, I see no reason not to produce this post again next week - perhaps we will see who's keeping the home fires burning this way?

Secondly, I'm not removing any of my delegations, as the support of everyone has left me with 'enough' Steem Power. I want my delegates to carry on with the engagement levels they have shown, and perhaps some time in the future, the Stewards will be back at full strength and have some catching up to do - which will be awesome to see!

Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate them a lot.

In just few weeks of being a part of the Stewardsofgondor program comes the suspension. I must tell that this is the best program I have been involved with on the steemit blockchain. Through this delegation I was able to give out over 2300 votes in 7 days. I will continue in this even in the absense of the delegation.


This is good to hear @samiwhyte, Steem on!

Thanks for breaking this down, Asher. I don't know enough about the Stewards of Gondor, so it was nice to learn more here. I'm impressed with the efforts being taken to help minnows and curators on Steemit, and anything Tolkien perks my interest. ;) But seriously, gratitude to @fulltimegeek and all the Stewards of Gondor for what you're doing. Steemit is better because of this initiative!


My pleasure. And yes, this program has reached 1000's, inspirational!

Of course, I still have the curation league post to check on engagement - I may even release the inside statistics for a bit more visibility and feedback for people this week :)

Steemit is better because of this initiative!


I have been so blessed to be a part of this from the beginning. Taken under wing, and mentored by amazing people.
@Fulltimegeek, @lyndsaybowes, @wwf, @goldendawne....all the SOG, all the stewards of terra Mater.
Such a positive, compassionate community.
I am grateful beyond words. Looking forward to being in touch!
I am sad that i just found these amazing charts @abh12345 :( it's cool to see how we all have grown! Thank you.


Hi @earthmother

I echo your words, it has been a great journey for many, and perhaps we a just stopping for a rest :)

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend.

It was a great honor and a huge boost for me and my Steemit presence to become a Steward of Gondor! I am grateful for every moment of it. Go out there @fulltimegeek and strike the cave trolls down - with all the love of your heart instead with the sword.


Same for me man, what a feeling to be able to give extra out to the good people around you.

Til we meet again!

Hey, @abh12345 !!! Nice Post.
I always Expecting such type of informative post on your blog.

your post hasn't precisely starting late been astute, trades with every one of you are stunning and the Upvotes, I'm grateful for everything. Offering back to the get-together is a gift and you are a touch of that gift. I thank @fulltimegeek who doled out steem essentialness to each one of you. Ideally, this would proceed. A disaster area of us individuals from the social event have profited plainly and roundaboutly from this SoG show of reverence. Since the power is required to go on a war that will cleanse the land, I wish each one of you the quality you will require. Unless you got incredibly fortunate and purchased a social occasion of steem when it was a few pennies, the lion's offer of individuals have contributed the essentialness and push to get SP and SBD.

@fulltimegeek is no doubt a great one. He did a superb job and also @abh12345 you're really serving the best use of their delegated power. Keep it up!


Thank you kindly :)

Great...Asher @abh12345 we really appreciate your efforts towards making the steemit community supportive. I believe the world will one day acknowledge your efforts towards empowering the upcoming Steemians and future steemit investors.


That's very kind of you to say so. I am following the lead of other great Steemians and so cannot take all the credit at all.

Lets see what happens ahead, good luck to you.


yeah...i'm also there at your back comming in and supporting many others.

what an honor it has been to see the great work the SoG have done on here! I'm super grateful to you for seeing potential in me and giving me a delegation but I am MORE than willing return it in the name of justice. more than anything I want to see Steemit grow in a positive way and I stand fully behinf @fulltimegeek and you Asher.
I may not understand completely the way the reward pools and everything works but I do know I had hopes that cryptos and Steemit would change the way we look at the monetary systems and treat each other - I hoped Steemit would revolutionize the honest pay for honest work idea and maybe it still might.. it seems to me like that is what we are fighting for and I'm totally behind that.


Hey :)

Don't worry, I would like you to keep the Delegation and use it to engage with those around you.

I like your ideas, and wish for similar - we need many more people on this same line of thought to succeed though. Find them, reward them :)

Good luck!


thank you @abh12345!! I'm on the lookout for new liked minded people ;-) if there was ever time to stand up for what's right then this is it

once again you did it awesome :D

hay @abh12345 it would be nice to see a report on the delegations given out by those that held stewardship - maybe some sort of #payitforward post


Sounds like a plan :) Thanks!

Hey @abh12345, thank you for all you and the SOG's are doing to selflessly help people here; this is a great tribute to @fulltimegeek and his current 'mission'. Watching so many be genuinely concerned with others and this platform continue to give me hope that good will prevail and this platform will be what it was intended to be. I've been here long enough that I may not always be wearing rose-coloured glasses, but as a realist and eternal optimist, posts like this give me hope for success. Thank you again! Cheers:)


Thank you @lynncoyle1

Even prior to the delegation from @fulltimegeek, my engagement and attempts to help and support people was present and that will continue to be the case.

The goal is abundance for all deserving people, and we can make this possible if everyone pulls their sleeves up!

Best wishes to you and all,



Yes, I do know you do what you do, with or without delegation :) That's one of the reasons I really respect you.

And consider my sleeves rolled up :)

I am so grateful for your support and trust in me. I have met many more steemians through the SOG and I will continue to do what I do. I understand your need to do battle with this troll for the good of Steemit, but I wish there was a better more peaceful way to resolve this. Thank you for showing us the way to path providing positivity and engagement. This is what the platform should be...a positive community.


Hi @cecicastor

The positivity and engagement will hopefully continue. The delegates I have will keep their SP and I hope they, and ex-Stewards will continue down this path presented to us by @fulltimegeek.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and support and all the best as we navigate this potentially difficult time.

Its nice visiting your blog..
Am new in the house and looking at your blog, men u are really hardworking..steemit really will appreciate your good works...
I followed you now...and i hope 1 day u get to visit my blog as i did...
AM LOYAL BOSS..@abh12345
My steemit username..@davesmith

You have have really worked hard to write this post it can be seen in your article keep it up bro always like reading your articles!!

thanks for sharing ...
hopefully we become close friends

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post.

POST is very useful I am very happy to read it ....

The time has come for this delegated Steem Power to return to the real owner, to help the search that again has the best interests of the community at heart.

let's together we help each other to achieve better kesuksessan in 2018 this ,,,

thank you for sharing and helping us all this to be successful with you all ,,,

friendship greetings for all steemit friends.


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Bro you are doing fantastic work to help new users and even motivate them. I too even join Steemit few day ago and i know the value of steem Power. I too wish that someone give me in future that kind of power. Your indicative really make people fond toward you and your team.

This way we can provide positivity to this community.

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i finally understand what @davemaccoy is doing and to you sir @abh12345 thank you for this project and to your partners,, your goal for this project is crystal-clear, and starting today i will i will follow your path on engagement and making good connections to every stemians. im sorry if it takes too long to sink in to your purpose but its really admirable and i salute you sir and to your companions. To sir @davemaccoy thank you so much. Gob Bless you all

this great, this will help minnows out there.

good thank you to you too Asher for continuing your well job and helping the steemit community grow.

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Good work thakbyiy for enlighting us
I lovr your post its interesting

Really you are providing real assistance to us. I hope you will always help me and thank you


Thank you :)

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Thank you steem power delegation team . Today i received 13 sp from @stem , but i don,t why he delegated me that steem power. Thank you for sharing this post with us.


From @steem? This is given to most new accounts, depending on your method of sign up. Good luck!

nice your steem post


Read my Friend. Read. Don't be too hasty to make comments


Nice comment dear, i just followed u
I hope u do same..so we can make steemit a better place