I went viral

4개월 전

Nah, I did not actually.. But, I really think I will soon. I post the best stuff. I also use the best words. I like this stuff and if I weren't a steem celebrity I'd probably be huge on instagram.. I posted this yesterday on IG and it got shared by a guy I know..

When you realise you've been #socialdistancing for over 30 years... #dontpanic #viral #toiletpaper #coronavirus Americans need to be using a #bidet anyway.. Let's look at all the positives that can come from this #pandemic how many things are humans doing right? Sportsball and traveling etc are luxuries most humans ain't got time or money for. Welcome to the reality of billions of people that are confronted with the real possibility of death or disease daily and no hopes of getting treatment.. We made this bed, now we can all pass the corona blanket around and realise there's no chance of separation from nature. And yes disease is nature's way of saying gotcha, u ain't as permanent as u thought.. Acheewww

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Lol I've been preparing for this all my life and I didn't even know it, add to that fasting, eating right and being financially sound you are pretty much golden for whatever happens


It's strange how the shelves are empty of chemicals, sanitizer, canned goods etc.. But, there's plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.. Water to drink and wash buttholes yet physically healthy people are losing their shit and most of their focus is how to wipe all that mess up.. Basically people aren't mentally healthy, spiritually I'm not even going to touch as my nations leader appointed a guy that prays away bad stuff to lead the way on the corona epidemic.. Smdh, I'm going to be honest here and say part of me is rooting for an apocalypse


I said the same thing to a close friend and we agreed! I think a purge was always on the cards we would status quo ourselves into anarchy


Good to know I'm not the lone ranger on the whole dystopian nightmare vibe

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