Buying Stish Keeps Getting Easier Which Should Help With The Token Event Coming Soon!

3년 전

The Last Few Weeks Have Been Slow..

This is has mainly been do to our purchasing process and the steps we are taking to make things smooth and easy. In our beta mode we are not so user friendly but things keep improving week after week. Sure savvy buyers can purchase Stish directly on the Exchange at which has it's ICO going on now by the way! We are excited about that. Even though stish sales slowed in the last few weeks membership growth is steady and on track. We are gearing up for a wonderful token event!

People can now buy Stish on and a few people have done so already! This is great news but still some are having some issues with setting up an Ethereum wallet. We have made a simple video to illustrate how easy it can be to create an Ethereum wallet that is portable using . It is not the safest approach but if you clear your browser cache and do not have keylogger malware on your computer you should be safe.

See How We Create An Ethereum Account For Stish In Under 45 Seconds.

Some people just need a wallet to test things out. Ideally you would create your wallet and then open in meta mask or create the wallet in metamask. I will show you in the next video how easy it is to add Stish to your wallet to make it show up. This will also show you exactly how to add any other ERC-20 Token. Stay Tuned....

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