Maybe Instead Of 7 We Do Focus On One Account

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The SteemThat Whale Pool Has Grown But Not Fast Enough.

Recently we were chatting and discussing different options and ways we could reach out to more people in the community and get help growing the whale pool. We know that selling Stish is the best way to raise the funds to power up the accounts. Even though we do this from time to time with the funds we raise, spreading it around to 7 accounts early on may not have been the best idea. Here is why.

When you have new accounts their upvote power is terrible. Getting the accounts to 100 or 500 or even better to 1000 is a must early on. We decided due to early sales of Stish to spread the power up across multiple accounts to get them to grow. The downside is not everyone that follows @binkley or @steemthat follow these sub accounts as we don't use them much.

So people might have expected to see an increase in SP for the main accounts and were let down when they were not rising. They may not have realized we were spreading the SP around to try and elevate all of the accounts to a basic threshold. When the accounts are real small their power and is so weak only a few 100% upvotes per day do anything. For the broadest support the way our bots are coded we decided this was the best way to maxmize support of the most people. Looking back maybe we should have changed something.


For those maybe not aware is forming a whale pool that allows alot of members to purchase small amounts of Stish. Then the revenue is used to buy Steem Power. Over time with a fully funded whale pool with owned SP we expect to have rapid curation rewards of several thousands of dollars per week. We can then use these funds to buy up Stish, Market Make, Grow the whale pool further or develop more tools and services. Members receive awesome upvotes on their Steemit posts, plus own Stish, plus they do not have to spend their Steem and SBD on promotion upvote bots all of the time to get rewards on their posts. It is a nice growing community of support.

I think we might power down some and move the Steem Around to have one big account and go from there. It is worth a shot. We can always power the other accounts as we earn more from one powerful account verses 7 weaks ones. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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