Archeology in Germany, a fresh look at prehistory

6개월 전

From where come the oldest examples of figural art in human prehistory? From where the oldest music instruments? The oldest figural representation of the human body? The oldest hunting weapons?

The answer may be a surprise for many, because when it comes to archeology, we are used to focus on the ruins and excarvations of early civilisations at Mesopotamia, Egypt and others. Ex oriente lux, the light comes from the east, they say.

By that way, many pearls of archeology, that were found in central europe are still overlooked or underrated. The amazing artefacts, that were excarvated by archeologists of well respected german universities in recent decades, push the timeline of human existence far back.

Scientific ideologies dating from the 19th century like the evolution-theory and anthropology until modern myths like the out-of-africa-theory must be questioned, facing the high age of genuine artefacts.

As Graham Hancock uses to say: "Stuff just keeps getting older..."

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