The Alien myth, a new age narrative

2년 전

Who hovers above the eye in the pyramid symbol of the dollar bill? Is it aliens that are controlling secret societies, governments and the power gamers of the world? Were extraterrestials even involved in the creation of man?
A look at the facts, makes one doubt these theories. First we dive in the world of early new agers and 19th century occultists like Aleister Crowley or Helena Blavatsky and their hidden teachers, ascended masters of tibetan and egyptian roots. Then into the occult german group Vril Gesellschaft of the 1920's to 40's, who claimed to be in medial contact with aliens from Aldebaran.
And we look at the bizarre babalon working, a magical ritual perfromed by Crowley student and rocket scientist John "Jack" Parsons and his buddy Hubbard in the Mojave desert in the 1940's.
The conclusion is, the Alien stories are a myth. They are a new narrative, created for the modern man living in a technological world, of the same old stories, that aim to take freedom and dignity from mankind and make us dependant and feel guilty to (a) supreme being(s). So we dare not to take responsibility for our selves and our world.

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