A Brief Letter To Photoshop Abusers - Stop The Deception - Being Yourself Is The Most Attractive Thing You Can Be

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Fewer things piss me off more than people trying to deceive others with "flawless" pictures that aren't genuine. I tune it out on a broader level, but when I see Steemians getting rewards and attention based on false pretenses, it really irks me.

I'm not talking about artistic lighting adjustments, balancing, or covering up a temporary blemish.

There's a distinct difference between these tasteful tweaks vs deceptive adjustments intended to mislead people from what the true subject(s) look like.

While the goal is to exude youth or beauty, they're doing the exact opposite for those who see through it.

We all age. Laugh lines are beautiful. Eyes get wrinkles. Cellulite and scars are part of life. Not everyone is born with curves, but you can exercise if you really want them vs bending your photos.

Photo manipulation by people who aren't comfortable with themselves is part of the Internet these days. The world is full of critical people, but letting them influence you to be someone you're not isn't healthy. Also, it's ultimately your audience that's truly getting manipulated and misguided, and that bothers me.

You must be thinking that I get catfished often and have a chip on my shoulder. Just once about 5 years ago, but I actually passed on her because she had 6 cats, 50 ferns, and was unable to make eye contact. Not your typical doctor... Yea, I don't use dating apps. People deserve a better chance than a swipe based on their cherry-picked photos.

Just look at this perfect couple with their puppy below. It may come as a surprise, but there's some subtle Photoshopping that I didn't notice at first glance. I generally believe everything I see on the Internet, but for the sake of this post, I tried to look closer. Once I did, I felt rather deceived...

Unbelievable, right? I can't unsee it now. I'm embarrassed for admitting that I missed these the first time, but the goal is to be real here.

To Photoshop Abusers:

I wanted to give you some advice about that edited picture you posted...

This one?

Sigh... no.

You mean this one?

Umm... I didn't notice the warped lines behind you. I was too preoccupied looking at your flawless ass because I'm stupid.

Oh, you must mean this one.

Yes, STOP!

Suggestions (coming from a good place):

  • If you're not confident with your features, there's a good chance it's all in your head. That's ok, but trying to trick others so you feel better is not.

  • Most people don't or wouldn't notice what you're concerned about until you draw attention to it. This looks a lot worse and is totally unnecessary.

  • Get to the core of the matter by learning to accept yourself. If you can't, start doing something about it. Diet, hydration, stress management, and exercise do wonders. You'll save yourself hours of Photoshop work and be far happier in the long run.

  • If someone made you feel insecure about certain features to a degree that you need to conceal or change them, I hope those people are long gone by now. Verbal and emotional abuse is terrible and does real harm. If you're still being criticized by someone in your life, it's time to change that and put them behind you ASAP.

  • Take pride in yourself and what's inside because that's all real people want.

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Haha lmao, that first image made me laugh.

As for the second one, I would give both of them a crack :)

Ha! Great advice with a side of humour. I only take selfies with sunglasses and backlighting. Otherwise I terrify myself.

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This is exactly what Matt is talking about... photoshopping in all those footprints to make it seem like you're in a popular place... tsk tsk.


Good catch! Let's also not ignore the photoshopping of the entire background. She was actually standing in her garden if you look at the reflection in her sunglasses.


Your picture looks like it should have some peaceful motivational life or truth quote to go along with it. That looks like quite relaxing and where I'd like to be.