Is storj to expensive?

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Since I do a lot of photography and I like to keep all the RAW images I take I have a lot of drivespace dedicated to to my photos (about 800Gigabyte). And since I like to backup them from time to time I'll always keep an eye open for good backup cloud solutions.

So since a few days I work with storj and host a node by myself. So I took a look at its prices cuz maybe I could backup my images to this storage.

At the moment I use as backup solution, so lets compare storj with

The prices of

And those of storj:

So lets do some math:
For this calculation I use the 1TB option since that would be perfect for me.

9.99€ = 12.3021855$
12.3021855$ * 12 months = 147.626226$

So mega offers me 1TB space and 24TB Transfervolume (per year) for about 150$.

1000GB * 0.015$ * 12months = 180$
Lets assume I want to restore my backup ONCE a year so lets calculate an additional download of 1TB (year not month).
1000GB * 0.05 = 50$
So storj costs me at 1TB of space and 1TB Transfervolume 230$.
If I would use the same Transfervolume as I had on mega divided by two (since on storj just download counts, upload does not). It would look like this:
12000GB * 0.05 = 600$
So storj costs me at 1TB of space and 12TB Transfervolume 780$.

Yeah, thats stupid expensive. If I misscalculate something, let me know but storj is in my opinion way to expensive.

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Hmm what about hosting a "own cloud".
You would have to buy the HDDs but that maybe cheaper on the long run.


Got you, but as far as I know you have to host the cloude on your own network. And I already have a file storage server at home, I wanna backup the photos on a geographically different place for the worst case. For example my house burns down :D


Hm, got you.
If someone else has the same "issue" he/she might open up a cloud for you in exchange for the same service. Like a shared space. You share your cloud space and he/she shares it for you.

wow you spend a lot of money to save your photos,I thought it must be the great photos of yours or something like historical value 🙂

Yeah! it's very expensive...

@creativeidea says hey friends @rockz is safe and secure storj for my data? please tell me. Thanks in advance .thank u.png

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yup @rockz it's too much expensive. you should go for miscalculation perfect

Hi, @rockz

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