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This is a picture from this morning of my town.

At 4 AM we awoke to the sound of the windows rattling so badly it could have been an Earthquake. It was the wind, more specifically bursts of 50-75 MPH winds that were localized to relatively small areas.

At around 6 AM I awoke again to the entire house shaking from thunder. I can't even remember the last time I've heard thunder, let alone have it shake the foundation. In any case, this weather is HIGHLY unusual. It's the kind of thing you might expect on the plains of Texas, but not here in California.

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the San Francisco Bay Area through 8 a.m. Sunday, the National Weather Service says. ... Residents should expect “gusty erratic winds and frequent lightning, moving north at 40 to 50mph across the region,” followed by more thunderstorms throughout the day, the warning says.


In that video Half Moon Bay is just getting struck constantly in the same spot.

Pretty crazy looking.

So I went outside at 6AM and was very surprised that it was like 90 degrees with an odd looking partially cloudy haze. You could smell the polarized air; very strong. Later it started violently raining in short bursts... which is nice I guess to lower that impending fire warning. Winds that high and lightning are not a good mix.

My girlfriend made a comment about looking for people floating into the sky, an ironic reference to the Rapture and the second coming of Christ. Truly, if someone told me this event was a military test I might have believed them, but then again it's just a sign of the times. Much like crypto, the increased volatility of the weather patterns around the globe will likely only increase over the coming years.

It was supposed to be 111 degrees today, since lowered to 105 likely due to all the craziness. Also, the power company issued a warning that they might have to do rolling blackouts to conserve power. I'm trying to imagine a situation with no power, 50 MPH winds and fires in 100+ degree weather... not a pretty picture. But perhaps a sign of trials and tribulations to come.

Eh, life was getting pretty boring anyway.

Bring it on!


For some reason I randomly keep thinking of Oregon Trail and the randomness of it all. In the game you got to choose which class you were and how much money you started with. Beating the game with less money gave you a point multiplier.

Well, if I make it through this one, I'm going to get all the points! Amirite?

Somehow I've been able to acquire a good amount of crypto even though I only make 12k a year. Kind of mind-boggling when I look at the numbers... of course I owe a lot of people money as I am the custodian of their funds, but whatever.

Let it ride!


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