Dog Hair / Pelo di Cane - 5 Minute Freewrite Day 75 / 300 Words Story Initiative [ENG/ITA]

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What can you say about dog hair?
When you have a long-haired dog, after a certain amount of time, despite you clean the house a lot, you will find hair everywhere.
Lilly had a white coat, with some small, pale coffee-light colored patches, one on the back and a pair on the ears. His fur was thick, but every hair was thin like an angel's one. She herself seemed like an angel of sweetness, even if she had the habit of eating her poop and her own personal idea of ​​gardening.
His fur flew everywhere, invisible, and then materialized in the closets and drawers. You could brush her on the terrace near the entrance every day, with the thick-toothed iron brush! The fur continued to materialize on the clothes, even woven into the weave itself of the clothes, especially the underwear.
I wear only dark underwear, and even after a lot of washing machines, my blue or black socks were intertwined with very thin white hair. I still find some of it now, and then you can say that I can still cuddle Lilly as I did, more than a year after her last breath.
Now there is Toby, who has a more sparse and hard hair, which is very difficult to lose. I love him a lot, even if he isn't part of my socks!

Word count: 226


[Italian translation]

Cosa si può dire sul pelo di cane?
Quando hai un cane a pelo lungo, dopo un certo lasso di tempo, per quanto tu possa pulire la casa, troverai peli dappertutto.
Lilly aveva un pelo bianco, con alcune piccole chiazze color caffelatte chiaro, una sul dorso e un paio sulle orecchie. Il suo pelo era fitto e sottile come i capelli di un angelo. Lei stessa mi sembrava un angelo di dolcezza, anche se aveva il vizio di mangiare la sua cacca e una sua personale idea di giardinaggio.
Il suo pelo volava ovunque, invisibile, e si materializzava poi negli armadi e nei cassetti. Avevi voglia a spazzolarla sul terrazzo vicino all'ingresso ogni giorno, con la spazzola di ferro a denti fitti! Il pelo continuava a materializzarsi sui vestiti, anzi intessuto nella trama stessa degli abiti, specialmente della biancheria.
Io indosso solo biancheria scura, e anche dopo molte lavatrici, i miei calzini blu o neri rimanevano intrecciati di sottilissimi peli bianchi. Qualcuno lo trovo ancora, e quindi si può dire che io possa tuttora coccolare Lilly come facevo, a più di un anno dal suo ultimo respiro.
Ora c'è Toby, che ha un pelo più rado e duro, lo perde molto difficilmente. Gli voglio un mondo di bene anche se non fa parte dei miei calzini!

Conteggio parole: 216


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So nice to meet your dogs. They have such unique personalities and Lilly sure did. And Mr. Toby is so handsome yet cute at the same time. I had 3 dogs all at one time and no matter what I did, there was always hair. And I wouldn't have traded that for anything in the world. Fun read. Tip!


Thank you very much for the tip! Every dog is unique in its personality, and all of them are adorable for me, not in a humanized way, but in their animal complexity. It's a couple of years I started to know better and appreciate cats too, since there's two of them at my girlfriend's


LOL! better appreciate her cats or she will kick you to the curb! HaHa! : )

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I just left you a comment to enter into the 300 word story!! and you did already. so, never mind that comment lol


Yes, I did! it possible to partecipate with more than a single post?


Yes, but they must be new. He is closing it on the 8th - you can enter as many as you want until then.


Ok, let's do some spam then! LOL!

R. i.p. Lilly, unique jumpy and joyful dog.. I remember your unmistakable bark welcoming me at Marco's everytime. Beautiful memories of friendship ☺️


I often think about her, she gave us 15 years of unconditional love. I think she had a good life with us...thank you for your words, sometimes I think about sweet Chicca too :)

Beautiful dogs and funny post! Here's a tip! for using your own photography. :-)


Thank you, this will be my policy from now on

@marcoriccardi. Whilst this is a lovely piece of writing for the freewrite competition, it does not really fit in the category of a fictional story (you entered it in the “300 word story” initiative). Rather than regurgitating something you made for another purpose, it would have earned you more of an upvote if you had used your imagination to write a new and original story. I wish you good luck in the freewrite competition.


@swissclive, sorry to be jumping in here but I would just like to say.......

The #freewrite that @mariannewest runs is not a competition. It is an initiative that @mariannewest made to get people writing every day. There is no prize for writing and posting your original story made from the prompt she gave us that day.

It is, of course, your contest to run as you see fit and you are doing it out of kindness to help people. For that many are grateful for what they can earn by writing great stories and submitting them to you. I just wanted to clear up the misconception about what the #freewrite group really is.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and for helping so many Steemians achieve their goals.


That’s great and thanks for clarifying about freewrite. As I said, it was a nice piece about dogs. It is no doubt great for the freewrite initiative. I am more than happy to see someone use both tags if appropriate. However, this piece, however talented, just isn’t fiction. Sadly this means it is not really meant to be in an area asking for fictional stories. No problem with leaving it here though.


Thank you for your comment!
It's fair: it's not fiction, it's something more similar to a stream of consciousness. I guess I can retry until January 8th, with something more adequate to the contest (and still a freewrite: many of them that I wrote in the past were fiction).


Of course you can. Something from your imagination with a plot and ending. Eg happy ending, surprise ending, mystery ending, or a moral to learn.


@swissclive, sorry for bothering you again, but I don't want to do wrong a second time.
I wrote another story: it's fictional, it's under 300 words, and it has even a sort of ending, but I'm not sure if it fits. Before I add the tag and I put the link in your post, can you please check it?


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