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Good night my best friends are everywhere
we meet again in this social media to establish friendship and intimacy of sharing stories and information
Hopefully tonight friends are all in good health and always success





On this occasion I would like to share the story of my life experience as a village boy
I was born in the village of Alue bungkoh District of Pirak Timu which is the inland subdistrict of North Aceh with very sad condition with infrastructure that is not at all adequate roads in our area is very ugly can even be said destroyed the government and ExxonMobil pull push in the road because the government the road belongs to Exxon while Exxon handed it over to the government
So also with the irrigation facilities in our place life is very sad because as the main livelihood is farming but there is no means of irrigation so sometimes we experience crop failure
In fact almost every time reported in the mass media such as newspaper Serambi Indonesia drought conditions that hit our area but until now there has been no serious attention from the government
However, as a village child, we do not feel unhappy because the children in general do not feel what their parents feel either economic difficulties or other difficulties they keep playing with cheerful
even in my village there is a river that annually overflows and causes massive floods and there is a high bridge suspension bridge that every day we play there jumping from the bridge to the river there is even a child who dared to jump from a height of 20 to 25 meters
every day we go to elementary school junior high school and high school in alue bungkoh and our night as children generally in Aceh continue our religious education to Balai pengajian or Dayah which is in our place that is routine everyday child of village like us
although sometimes away from urban modern life but Truly happiness is not less we feel Because happiness is in the heart so short story Balada life our village children good friends all love my story thanks for the curator Indonesia hope Sudi Mampir to my blog
And thank you for all friends. Greetings from me from Pirak Timu District of North Aceh District

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