The Mystery Of Mosquitoes During The Day

3년 전

Hallo user steemians ,, Good news from me in this morning, and i wish you all good morning.

According to my remarks on the title above, this morning I was haunted by a mosquito, and I think all the mosquitoes know.

I fell asleep a third night, approximately 3 (three) hours ago, before I finished my job in steemit, as usual, before going to sleep, I checked some posts I liked. and I also vote on some posts that I consider feasible, of course after I read.

After that, I fell asleep, and deservedly asleep late into the night (a third of the night).

Not long my eyes closed, suddenly I feel itching in the legs, of course damage my sleep calm, because I sleep late (stay up), and I fly.

After that, I saw in my legs there was a mosquito that was enjoying (sucking) my blood, then the sun was in the tree, it means already entering at 8 (eight) morning.

Then, by chance, I have a camera as well as a macro, which is not far from my bed. the mosquito did not go away, because it already tasted my blood delicacy. and i can take some pictures as well as use the macro.



After that, what happened. after I took some pictures of the mosquitoes, and I finally killed, and there was a red dome coming out of the mosquito's mouth, it was my blood that had been sucked by the mosquitoes before they died.


Because my sleep had been disturbed, and I could not sleep anymore, even though my head was dizzy and my eyes were tight to look.

To avoid my panic, and I chose to enjoy my morning coffee while waiting for sleepy again.


So is my story in the morning, hopefully be your reading material in the morning, at the same time enjoy coffee (breakfast).

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very nice post

good description

Bereh abu,.Sep dendam neuh sang keu nyamok nyan. Yang bek neujep darah jih.lom..hehe.
bak neutumeung jeupret ngen kamera yang tak naik potong.kupatis emg droneub..bek dendam dendam abu, nyan keuh lagei nyan nyamuk geu peujeut le Allah, mita raseuki lam bahaya sabe..mate..


one interesting news and stories @abudar and the picture looks very detailed once, mosquitoes are very annoying and naughty animals, as it is in a lyric of "nyamuk-nyamuk nakal tak perduli menggigit ku" success is always for @abudar, thank you for sharing.


thank you for viewing this post
mosquito is the cause of deadly disease

May the relatives or families of these mosquitoes not see this bloody tragedy, Mosquito bites do make us uncomfortable, the effects of itching or even worse.

What amazes me is that you take the macro equipment beside you to capture this moment, You are like a HITMAN that is never far from a weapon even while sleeping.

I hope you are fine after being attacked by mosquitoes @abudar 😊


thank you for extending the comments here
it happened that there was a macro not far from me, so I can take a picture of the mosquito.
macro is my main tool in developing aceh steemit.

Nyan meunyo i lapor brat masalah, kasus pembunuhan berdarah, minimal 15thon maksimal 20thon penjara.

Jamok u be gajah han peu duli di jk kap long