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One has arrived, one has died ... Once upon a time, the shed is in straw; in the old bath while playing the develer ball. When the roosters are tellers, the fleas are barbers, the deer is the porters ... When a distant diyard is a sickly wise grandfather, come and give ear to what he tells you, this wise grandfather ...
Once upon a time, a girl named Aylin had lived in a small town in a straw. She is very sweet and cute. There was only one bad characteristic, and he did not want everything to be perfect. When he saw someone who made mistakes around him because he saw himself as one who made no mistakes, they became nervous. Most of your friends have even gotten angry just because of this. At first they tried to tell everyone that they could make mistakes, that it was natural to make mistakes, but after a while they began to ignore this feature of Aylin.
One day during the day, the moon came to the house from the school, and he caught sight of a play in the window of the red light. In the window of the stationary, Aylin had a great vocabulary that he wanted for a long time. And even if you wrote it on it, there's even a 50% reduction. She was so happy that she was eager to go home and tell her father.
When she entered the house, she went to her father's side,
Aylin: 'Daddy, did I have a great word game that I wanted for a long time, hani? That game went down in the station near our school. Tomorrow you can get me that game? '
His father knew Aylin wanted that game for a long time. Smiling at her daughter;
Dad: 'Of course I get my daughter.'
The month is hardly sleeping with excitement that night. The next day the classes in the school were finished as soon as possible and the hours to go home were counted. Eventually the school was over and the moon ran to keep the way to the house.
When she came home, she quickly opened the door and addressed her father:
Aylin: 'Daddy, I came. Where is my game? "
At that time, Aylin's mother got out of the kitchen.
Mother: 'My daughter, my father, did not come. He was very busy today and could be late. Come on in, I told you 'my girl'.
Although Aylin was a bit bored first, she started to like it because she was excited to wait for her father afterwards. Two hours later, his father opened the door and greeted him.
When Aylin saw that his father had entered the house, he ran to his father's side:
Aylin: 'Daddy, I've been waiting for you for a while ... I said,' Where's my game? '
His father remembered that he forgot to stop by at the moment. Today has been such a busy day that getting the game that girl wants is totally out of my mind.
Father: 'My daughter, today is a very busy day at work. I'm completely out of my mind, I apologize. But I promise you that tomorrow morning you will go to the stationery and get it ".
The month is very, very angry. How his father forgot something like that!
Aryan: 'Dad, how many times have I told you to take the game yesterday, how could you forget it!'
His father approached his daughter:
Father: 'My daughter really forgot. The office is very crowded today. I made a mistake, and I apologize to you, so please do not hand it over. '
But will Aylin stop?
Aylin: 'This mistake can not be an apology, Dad! I reminded you of how many times I have reminded you that this is not a mistake you are making, it is downright indifferent! "
Aylin, who sat in the room all night, talked to her mother neither with her anger nor with her father. After a while he fell asleep while sitting on his own in the dark. The next day, Aylin was still angry with his father even though his father promised to play the game.
It has not been too long since this happened that Aylin's incident showed him that everybody could make mistakes and forget some things. What was this event? One day in the day, the teacher in the Turkish school wanted everyone to bring their homework to the desk. However, he recalled that it was his homework from Aylin Turkish lesson. The essay entitled 'Forgiving' the teacher gave the homework the day before, except for a single Aylin written by everyone. She was very angry with herself, and she was angry at how I could make such an error. Finally, when the teacher said his name, he said that he had forgotten his monthly papers and apologized for the apology.
Teacher: 'May I have forgotten your duty, obviously this may be humanity. You made a mistake and apologize, nothing will happen. He said, 'Do not be so loaded to yourself.'

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