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One has come to a disappearance ... Once upon a time, in the sieve of straw, I say years ago you were centuries ago ... When the develpers were tellers, while the fleas were barbers ... Do not say that the pireden barber would be, come, look, you listen to how a beautiful friendship tale ...
A long, long time ago, there was a small town, far away, where everyone lived happily. Uncle Yasar Dondurmaci came to this town three days a week, delicious delicious ice cream. Since there is nowhere else to sell ice cream in the town, all the children in town are eagerly waiting for Uncle Yasar to come.
Uncle Yasar brought his freezes with a special cooler cabinet that he placed behind a big engine. There's all kinds of ice cream in this cupboard. All kinds of fruit you can think of and all kinds of ice cream ... Children Uncle Yaşar loves every kind of freezes very much.
If you see the engine that Uncle Yaşar sells ice cream! Uncle Yasar has painted these motors colorfully decorated with colorful balloons, decorated with ornaments. The ice-cream shop's motorcycle was in full festive weather. Beautiful music from his motorbike was heard before him, and children waiting for the ice cream to arrive were gathered in the town square with great joy.
One day, the uncle Yasar, the ice creamman, was again seen with his motorcycle on the way to the town entrance. The children who heard the music from the motorcycle gathered in the town square with great joy. Uncle Yasar saw the children waiting for him with great excitement and joy when he came to the town square:
Uncle Ysar Uncle: 'Hey guys are ice cream uncles! Come on, let's go into the queue and decide which ice cream you will eat. "
The children entered the queue with great joy. They have begun to wait for the entire week to get some of their charges from their collections and come back to them. At that time, however, they realized that Ali, one of the children who liked to freeze, did not enter the queue. His friends called Ali, standing in a wall, resting on the wall:
Friends: 'Ali, why do not you enter the queue? Look, ice cream will come, come on! '
Ali kept quietly standing on one side. Their friends understand that Ali is upset about something. They went out and went to Ali's side. Omer, one of Ali's friends, asked:
Ömer: 'My dear friend, what have you got? Why are you standing here alone? Come on, let's get some ice cream. '
Looking at Ali Omer:
Ali: 'My param is not my friend. That's why I said 'I can not have ice cream today.'
Omer and the other children now understand why Ali does not enter the queue. Children who are upset about Ali's situation are gathered immediately among themselves and collect some of their fees for Ali. With the money given by his grandsons, Ali came back to his side:
Ömer: 'I am a friend of mine, you can have ice cream with us. Let's order the freeze today. Come on. '
Ali was very happy in the face of this behavior of his friends. He thanked everybody of your friends one by one. Ali and his friends came to the uncle Yasar Uncle's motocycle with great joy.
Uncle Yasar, the uncle of ice cream, has been observing this dialogue among the children from the very beginning, even from the edge. Smiling at the children who came to the uncle of the ice cream parlor who liked this behavior that their friends did to Ali:
Uncle Dexmaker: 'You guys have done something very nice by not letting your friend stay on the edge and going out and going next to him. How was your friendship you showed everyone. This time you are all freezing me, I said, 'Enjoy.
Three apples fell from the sky; three of them have been with your friends during their hard times.

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