The Skeletons in the Closet part 11 (finale)

2년 전

Angry was standing in the room facing a smaller teenage girl. He recognized her as one of the missing girls. There was something odd about her.  

"So you are the one, who is causing all those problems,“ she said. 

Her words pierced Angry’s mind like tiny needles. With her every word he felt worse and worse. But Angry didn’t care and without saying anything he walked towards her.  

"Look  at you. A lone hero trying to save everybody. What do you think that you are going to accomplish something here “ 

"You talk a lot for somebody, who can’t accomplish anything.“ 


"Look at you. Trying to kidnap kids, summoning some weird monsters and than hiding in some abandoned warehouse. You are a true mastemind.“ 


"You had plenty of time for that. Or you are just a giant showoff and all you can really do is that stupid summoning thing. What are you going to do? Beat me up with those tiny arms of the girl, you possessed?“ 

Making fun of your enemy. The oldest trick in the book. And to the surprise of Angry it worked. The girl shrieked in anger and then a black cloud came from her mouth. her body fell on the ground and the cloud in front of her formed into a human- like shape. 

"DIE!“, she screamed and grabbed his neck. Instead of a witty comeback Angry just headbutted her in the face. She broke her hold and Angry used that oportunity to punch her. And than he grabbed his machettes and stabbed her. 

"This is for everything, you have done, you freak!“ shouted Angry, while stabbing her body. The monster fell on the ground and her body started morphing into a puddle of black liquid. She laughed while her body started to dissappear. With every laugh Angry felt his body burning. 

Nothing was left after her dissapearance. Angry quickly ran to the girl on the floor and checked her pulse. She was unconsious, but alive. He found Wendy and another girl (with multiple scars on her body) in the next room also unconsious and breathing. He heard a noise outside and took it as a signal to leave. 

He changed his clothes in one of the background alleyways and quickly went home. Everything went OK. The villain was defeated and hostages were saved.  So why does he felt so empty?  


The next day he went shopping for books to clean his mind. The owner of the used book store currently had a visitor. A tall woman in a fashionable clothing. 

"What in the God’s name were you trying to pull off, Mirek. Do you have any idea how many people could get hurt. And the worse of all you dragged my girls into it!“ 

The bell stopped their arguing and Angry went inside the shop. 

"Good Morning Mr. Foglar and…“ 

"Oh, we are my manners. Angry this is Mrs. Valentine. Mrs. Valentine, meet Angry Historian.“ 

"The pleasure is all mine,“ she said and shook Angry’s hand. Suddently she stopped still holding his hand. 

"Mrs. Valentine? Is everything allright?“ Angry asked her. 

"Oh sorry,“ she let her hand loose, „I was just trying to remember, if I have ever seen you somewhere.“ 

„By the way, Angry. A new shipment just came It’s in the back.“ 

"Thanks,“ said Angry and went to look through the books. 

Mrs. Valentine waited until he was out of earsight and turned back to Mirek. 

"Mirek, what did you do to him?!“ Mirek smirked. „Let’s just say, that the boy is going to do some soul-searching.“    


                                                             THE END (for now)   

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