The Skeletons in the closet part 5

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The Supply Run part 1

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Angry was standing in a school hall looking at his watch. Great, I will have enough time to finish all the shopping, he thought for himself. Suddently something sent shivers down his spine and he heard the familiar voice: " Hi Angry! Do you have some time?" 

It was Wendy. She was dressed in a a colorful shirt and a dark knee length skirt. She was holding a box in her hands. Angry pulled back the slevee of his sweatshirt to cover the watch. 

" No, why do you ask?" he answered her.

" Oh come man. I baked you muffins," she pointed at the box.

" No thanks. Everybody knows your cooking leaves a lot to be desired for."

Wendy's face made a pouting expression. She opened box. " At least try one, before you try to give away judgments. Ups," she tried to pull one muffins from the box, but it slipped from her hand and fell on the ground, where it broke to floor tile in two. Angry looked at Wendy, who was only able to muster an awkward smile.

" NOT! A! CHANCE! I am not getting dragged into your shenanigans. Find some other nerdy loser to bother, " and with those words he walked away from her. Wendy, who quickly got rid of the box with muffins by throwing it into the trash can, wasn't giving up and chased after him. The members of the Williams never shied away from a challenge. She followed him for almost a half a hour, until Angry gave up and turned back to her.

" Wendy, I don't have time for your childish games! I have errands to run."

" That's okay. I can walk with you, until you are free."

Angry was deciding between those two options presented in front of him. Either he will let her walk with, why he does his shopping, or he will ignore and she is going to stalk him all around the town. Whatever the choice he is going to be a source of city's gossip. He chose the lesser of two evils. He shrugged his shoulders and said: " Sure, you can go with me." I don't have much o reputation anyway, he whispered quietly to himself.

" Hooray!" and with that Angry was going to spend his friday afternoon with Wendy. Yes he was greatly annoyed by that. But considering the lack of better options, what could he do? He pulled a piece of paper from the pocket of his pants and looked on it. " Allright. Next stop is the Chambers' gym."       

Chambers' gym was owned by the Erik Chambers. His training was legendary for it's brutality. However those are able to accomplish his hellish regiment can truly be called men (or women, since he does courses for both genders). Many of his pupils went to become succesful people in business, politics or other subjects. The best example are the Williams twins, who became a chief of the police and the mayor. 

Wendy was trying to hide her disbelief. " Who would have thought, that Angry Historian, the biggest bookworm in this city, goes to a gym?"

Angry gestured to his body. " You would be surprised, what hides underneath this shirt." He walked inside the gym with Wendy and the door closed behind them. Unbeknownst to Wendy, an attacker was behind them. The attacker to tried to jump Angry from behind, but he quickly grabbed the attacker's arm and threw her over his back on the ground in front of him. The attacker was a girl in her twenties, medium height and dresseed in gym shorts, sports bra and a opened sweatshirt, revealing a well toned body with noticeable abs. 

" Hi Nicole."

" Hi AH. Long time now see," the girl answered with a cheerful smile on her face. 

" Is your dad here?"

" In the back. He is waiting for you," 

The girls's eyes turned to Wendy, who was still trying to understand the whole situation. She quickly stood up grabbed Wendy's hand and shook it as a greeting.

" Nicole Chambers and, who might you be, good-looking?

Angry took care of the greetings. "Nicole, this is Wendy Williams, the daughter of the mayor. Wendy, let me introduce you to the Nicole Chambers, the daughter of Erik Chambers. Careful with her, she really get's around. "

" Oh, you are going to make me blush." 

Angry ignored that remark and pointed to the office.

" You said, that your dad is in the back?"

" Yup."

" Thanks. Could you keep her company?"

Nicole jokingly saluted him and said: " Roger that."

And with that Angry left for the office secretly hoping that Nicole will keep Wendy occupied.                                  


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