The Skeletons in the Closet part 8

3년 전

Into the Darkness part 1

Chief Williams was in his office looking through the notes for his newest case. He lifted one of the photographs from the table and looked at it. It had the mysterious vigilante on it. One of the kids saved by him was able to snap a picture. Chief sat in his chair and examined the picture. Based on it, he could confirm that this so-called hero is a young man. And a muscular looking one to say at least.

A noise came from outside his office. The chief stopped examining the photograph. He could hear a voice of man, he would recognise everywhere.

"I am sorry, sir, but you can't go inside."
"Do you know, who I am?! Out of my way!"
A man barged into the chief's office. The chief calmy turned his face to the intruder and said: "Hello, brother. What do you need?"
"They took her! They took my girl!"
The chief was catched off guard by this. He jumped from his chair and started asking questions:"Who was it? Do you know anything about the kidnapper?"
"It was one of those creatures. It grabbed her and ran away!"
The chief was shocked. How could this happen? Those things were always defeated by that masked man. Where was he?

The phone's ringing interrupted his thinking. He picked it up and listened to the caller.
"OK, I understand." He put the phone back.
"What was that?" his brother asked.
"An anonymous caller just told me, where your daughter," said the chief with a hint of suprise and shock in his voice.
"Where is she?!"
"One of those abandoned factories in the factory district," he answered and grabbed his coat.
"I am going!"
"You are a mayor! You can't " hang around" with a police like that."
"Walter, they took my daughter. I am going no matter what you say."
The chief sighed. " Allright. But don't blame me, if something happends to you."

In a different place at the same time a woman just finished a phone call. The young man next to her was putting on his clothes.
"Who was it?" he asked.
"I was just confirming something. Did you know, that your girlfriend was kidnapped?"
"What?! Something happened to Wendy?"
"Your friends borrowed her for a while."
Angry finished putting his clothes and turned to Veronica, who was standing in the middle of room naked ( she was to lazy to put her clothes on).
"What do you know?"
"Everything, my dear," she handed him a piece of paper. "Including the place, where they keep her."
Angry read the text on the paper. "And my Stuff?"
Veronica put a large bag on her bed.
"Here is your superhero outfit," she said with a smile on her face.
Angry picked the bag and went to the door. Before walking out, he turned back to her.
"Thank you... for the hospitality. I hope we don't meet again," and with those words he left the room.
" Don't worry. We are going to meet again soon"

Angry left the hotel with the bag in his hand. However before he could go the villain's den, he had a one stop to make.

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