Kelly Bryant spurns Auburn, picks Missouri

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Now that we have Kelly Bryant in the fold, next year could be really fun. With all of our returning talent the only question was QB. Looking at the schedule, the only game I can say will probably be a loss is at Georgia. This team can contend for the East in 2019.

I can’t believe people thought Kelly Bryant would transfer to Arkansas.

I would rather sit on the bench at Clemson.

What a stupid article! Who wanted Kelly Bryant? I think we are better off without someone that quits on their teammates! Plus we have a great quarterback in Joey Gate-wood! Also No Nix is committed to Auburn , and he is good! is a joke, and these stupid sports writers have to have something to run their big mouths about, down Auburn, and make us look as bad as they can! So they try and make that other school look good across the state! War Damn Eagle!!!

Looks like Auburn is still underachieving. Lost the biggest transfer, still has a bum coach heading things up that can't make in game adjustments, calling BS plays, then blaming it on the OC. I don't blame Chip Lindsey for leaving for a a bad conference to be an OC at Kansas. I don't blame Kelly Bryant for choosing a better landing spot. Oh and did I mention that Malzahn should never be aloud to be head coach even at the peewee level.

He can't coach nor can he or his broken staff develop players. If I were a top recruit I would go anywhere other than Auburn as long as that wack coach and band of bums on his staff are there. I am an Alabama fan so I love Gus Malzahn as Auburn's head coach,
There is a lot of speculation about where Kelly Bryant will announce to play next season. We’ll find out at 6:00 Central. BUT, even if we don’t land Bryant, there are a handful of other high-caliber grad transfer QBs on our radar, one of which might even be better than Bryant. Don’t be too discouraged if we don’t land him.

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