Photography, photographers and lenses, the most tangible relationship in the world of photography

3년 전
Flowers, flowers and flowers again. I have very many flowers that I show here, but is it wrong? I really like the world of photography, let alone the object is the flower. Can you see the beauty of flowers if it is in capture with a camera lens.

Moreover, the flowers have a different color with the others, coupled with the help of a pretty good camera, the results will be more perfect again. But in the image that I show this using a regular camera, or called with Xiaomi Redmi 3S camera. Speaking of quality, this camera is for me nothing compared to other classy cameras. But do you know how to make images more interesting just by using a regular camera.

How to make images better viewed is by focusing the camera to the point of the object we choose, and focus is very important here. The focus of the camera can interpret the images without the help of the words of the owner, so from here I began to learn about things related to photography.


There are other things we should know in the world of photography, but I mean above is the most common understanding used by photographers. Sssttt, I open a photographer, I just have the desire to be part of the photographer, but I am not part of this.

I do not have a high-quality camera, I just use the camera phone, therefore I hope you can tolerate the image that every time I show here. Hopefully in the future I can find content #photography that can be useful and beautiful to everyone else see it.


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i guess you got a great experience of photography good content keep it up.

resteem by @shaheem


Thanks for your kind response, I am glad for your presence here. May you always be cheerful and successful always for you ^^

Very good shooting, great photography 👍

Beautiful flower,,,
i love this flower ,,
I've tried to plant it
This flower can live in hot climatic areas
but for bebunga difficult if the hot climates