The beauty of the central highlands of Aceh. PANTAN TERONG

4년 전

in my post this time will share our travel story on a local area famous for its best coffee that is, coffee gayoe, but this time we do not discuss about coffee but beauty of high plateau which is located its right aceh middle PANTAN TERONG, FB_IMG_1505618341307.jpg

yahh for stemian or who likes to explore you must be familiar with this place, but for those of you who do not know the location of this place you can searching in google map you guys or can ask people who are close to the area, so this story we are, intend to visit this beautiful high land area that is PANTAN TERONG, because the first desire just to enjoy the specialty coffee of the region is 'coffee gayoe' the question why we got this beautiful landings because one of our friends amazed at the sight of the crowds of tourism, and the beauty that happened there seemed to make us in the call, to enjoy the beauty of nature tersebu t, it turns out that we arrived there, so beautiful and clean air that is far from pollution like in urban, unaware we are there that the time that runs out we will not ignore her, so beautiful creation of your god. so .. when wek here the lovers of nature and stemian all .. deeplovestemian..

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