Success Story #2: From Rock Bottom and Depression to the Wealthiest Author in the World...

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Hello Steemians!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘rock-bottom’ as ‘the lowest or most fundamental level’ and it is more widely used to describe a situation that cannot possibly get any worse.

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We all have our demons and we face them when the time is right. Life’s difficulties and problems come and go, and are usually dealt with in different ways. But rock-bottom is not a state simply reached. For in rock-bottom, a person has no longer any hopes or desires, and not even the slightest glimmer of light finds its way to their miserable life.

These people may even contemplate suicide, since they can no longer find comfort in a corner of their world.
But still, we hear that many a time this rock-bottom has been a launch platform for a lot of successful people whose stories are inspirational and expressive in a way that few tales can aspire to be.

In our second venture to dive into the life of the bravest people in the history of earth, we will discuss the trials of J. K. Rowling, the famous creator of the Harry Potter franchise.

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Joanne Rowling did not experience a particularly fondly-reminisced childhood, but in spite of all the difficulties that haunted her life, she always knew that she wanted to write above everything else. When she was 15, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) which gave her family a difficult time.

Even though she had a knack for writing, the world around her was insistent that a career in writing is no decent precautionary measure to pay fees and mortgages. Still, Joanne could not forsake the idea of becoming a writer of books and novels.

Six months into writing Harry Potter, and when she was 25 years old, her mother passed away and that took a devastating toll on the life of the then-aspiring writer. Joanne fell into depression and grief. To get away from that grief, she went to Portugal to teach English, but that venture came at a costly price.

Joanne fell in love and married. She got pregnant but experienced a miscarriage. Thirteen months after her wedding, she found herself in a failed marriage with a baby daughter to raise. All the while, the author was still struggling with a devastating depression.

“By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.” She says in one of her speeches.

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Joanne had no progress in writing Harry Potter and when she returned to England with her daughter, she carried three chapters of the first book in her suitcase. For even in the worst of days, she could not forsake her dreams of publishing her story about a school of wizardry and magic.

Rowling essentially came back to nothing. She had experienced loss, a failed marriage, and failure in realizing her dreams. She had no job and a child to raise. Her depression and grief grew bigger and stronger as days passed. Joanne had hit rock-bottom. She had experienced everything she feared in her young years, and she felt as if nothing could be worse than the situation she was already experiencing.

She lived on government welfare and visited cafés in the hope of writing the rest of Harry Potter. When she had prepared the first manuscript, she sent it to a publisher. The publisher outright rejected her idea. Then followed another rejection, and after a while, Rowling’s mail was filled with rejection letters.

No one could see the potential of a story like Harry Potter that was too dangerously imaginative.

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Eventually, an editor at Bloomsbury Publishing house sat down to read the manuscript. The editor’s 8-year-old daughter was also in session and became obsessed with the story of Harry Potter. Bloomsbury decided on publishing Harry Potter but maintained that Rowling should not get her hopes up in this field of work.

The concerns of the people around her turned out to be in futility, for Harry Potter soon became a huge hit in markets around the globe. Everyone was excited to read the story of the chosen boy who had lost her parents. Harry Potter was a story about bravery, sacrifice, and friendship, and that had turned it into a sensational experience for people of all ages.

Now after so many years, her seven-book saga has sold more than 450 million copies around the world and the story of the young wizard known as Harry Potter has become a multi-media franchise with a dedicated global fanbase. J. K. Rowling is now known as the wealthiest author in the world, and one of the most inspirational human beings to have ever graced this Earth with her presence.

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The courage and bravery at the heart of the aspiring writer with a heart of gold was what made her into everything she dreamed and more. Her incessant hopefulness in spite of life’s tragedies carried Joanne in her darkest days, and turned her into a role model and inspiration for all those that go through such devastating times in their life.

Joanne’s life is a message: Hope prevails while your heart stays true to who you really are.




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  ·  3년 전

I am an aspiring scriptwriter, and this really hit the right nerves. I am not sure where life is heading right now, but my dream to one day write and direct a movie is the only sure vision that escapes whatever tumbling that is happening in my life with me.
Everyday, i read a lot about depression and suicides in the world. If feels like the happiness in the world is being drown out and a lot of people are screaming for help. I hope their grits and hope would take over, hope they persevere through it all. There's always light at the end of tunnel.

Wow, you just spoke directly to me. Jk rowling was persistent and consistent in pursing her dream, from the story, that was all she had left and she remained true to it.

@chbartist, Great to hear about the Rock Bottom and for sure after exploring this we can feel how the Rock Bottom could be. And in my opinion rising from below zero (from minus) is the difficult task, and for that this individual is Inspiration.

And there is one saying, Who never give up, world stays with them. So, let's not think someone's story as someone's story, instead we should understand and intake important ingredient to make us more strong. Stay blessed. 🙂

@chbartist absolutely we have our goals and must face us problems. We won't wait for right moment just take a minute and make it right. It's on you how you will furnish your Career. Thanx @chbartist to write this blog .

One has to be strong and devoted to success no matter what life throws at them. Tragedy will happen and people may not believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself. If you don't than others won't either. I think that is the lesson here. Never give up no matter what. Thanks for the post.

Very inspirational
I knew her story however good to read it in your description. We need more people like this to give positive hope to the society

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Well written @moghul

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Thank you

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The importance of persistence and consistency was a clear factor in the success of the author. While we sometimes believe are efforts will not be valued, through consistency we can achieve our goals.

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what a wonderful story.Honestly @chbartist, I have always assumed that JK Rowling had a priviledged life but, your post about her story was quite inspirational and, it is encouraging me to pursue my dreams in life.It makes me feel that I am not alone in all my trials and pain because others have walked the same path.

I also wanted to be included in the list of contributors in your community.thanks.


Thank you @nurseanne84 for your kind words, and you was included. You are very welcome! Regards

@chbartist sir!
Many of us pass through sadness like Joanne's. Some lose everything in the state of despair, but some people make them the path to success by making weapons of sadness as Joanne did. We need to recognize the underlying powers of ourselves. Happiness is a part of life of happiness. All people are partners in happiness, but those who maintain their patience in suffering and keep growing towards their goal, those people make history.

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am an aspiring scriptwriter, and this really hit the right nerves. I am not sure where life is heading right now, but my dream to one day write and direct a movie is the only sure vision that escapes whatever tumbling that is happening in my life with me.
Everyday, i read a lot about depression and suicides in the world. If feels like the happiness in the world is being drown out and a lot of people are screaming for help. I hope their grits and hope would take over, hope they persevere through it all. There's always light at the end of tunnel.

This is a great post sir. You said absolutely right that a person should work harder. Once he has failed, he should not stop, but he should continue to try it again. He will surely get success.

Hi @chbartist this is truly an inspiring story. In our life we also face such situations. Moral of the story is that we shouldn't stop if we are failed must keep trying and one day we will surely see success. Thanks for writing this nice story. Hope you had a great weekend

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Hello chbartist, your post is wonderful.l want to your more most.please follow me@alom234

  ·  3년 전

Such a great article.i like the concept of success story because all we learn from these types of story. There are various experiences which we can use in our life. Sometimes we don't have to suffer we can learn lesson from the store

Thanks for this great article and your time.


I have always loved this movie, reading this post just makes me accord more respect for such a brilliant & committed lady!

Rock-bottoms doesn't necessarily mean knocked-out! We can always achieve great things in life irrespective of our predicaments, we only need to remain focused, disciplined & committed to the end goal... regards always!

Reminds me of another similar story, also of an author named Neale Donald Walsch. His first book Conversation With God: Book 1, An Uncommon Dialogue was on the New York Best Seller's List for 137 weeks.

I enjoyed reading this article. I can somewhat relate to hitting rock bottom. Yet it is in those moments that make us into who we are today. In order to appreciate the success in life, one must first feel what it is like to hit rock bottom and then bounce back to the very top.

Morale booster article
Whose idea was rejected by the publisher, with its hard work and passion, reached peak power plants.
Thank you friend @chbartist

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Sir, your post is very good. You have said very well, that one can find any destination with hard work. Thank you for shering.

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may be success in business It may be having a successful relationships It may be success for your family It may be success in living healthy It may be success in some specific skill Success takes all forms and so do people viewpoints on success

Hi @chbartist,
Thank you for the encouraging post. It reminds me of a quote often attributed to Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb. He reported he tried 10,000 prototypes before finding the right filament for the electric lightbulb. When asked how did it feel to fail 10,000 times he is reported to have replied: I have not failed 10,000 times, I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work. He said “found” as in discovered, a more positive verb then failed. While this seems like semantics, to me it’s attitude and outlook.

It reminds me that when we try to reach our goal that attempt May not be a success, but it’s not a failure. When we try something and it didn’t work, we then try something else. I believe it’s not the number of trys which make you a failure, its refusing to try again or try something new that makes you a failure. I believe failure is when you stop looking for what will work. I think at that point all is lost. 😊


I'm glad that you mentioned the lightbulb.

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I have read many articles about Joanne Rowling, and really a great example for those people who feel that their life no longer makes sense and they think they have done everything and it is not worth trying anymore ..... Well this famous writer tried infinities of times, showing that her story was worth being published ... and despite so many rejections, she did not give up, despite all the bad experiences in her life, she did not let herself fall down due to the circumstances and persevered. Until it's time ... we all have that great moment, because everything has its time and its time, but sometimes we despair ... Let's pick up this writer when we are about to abandon a dream ...

Great post @chbartist, very inspirational, I think this is something many people here on steemit needs to read, steemit is not only about "crypto" it's also a great place to learn/practice how to write, and learn millions of other things as well. Good to remember when crypto is a bit down...
Im resteeming this!


Life was not in her favor for many years. She experienced many obstacles that constantly tested her mettle, but she kept pushing forward and eventually fulfilled her dreams. After reading this article, I learned that you are not failure as long as you never give up and keep trying your best. Other people may believe you are failure because they do not see your will and potential to succeed. They only see your current state and what led up to your current state.

Posted using Partiko Android

Her life is a great lesson to all content creators. People these give up rather too easily these days. They start feeling hopeless just after publishing a few blog-posts or videos. Content-Creators like us should always strive to do our best work. Rewards are waiting for us. It's just matter of time.


Yes @ksacha, steemit is a great place to practice too...


Really a success story

Great choice. One of my favorite writers, not only for the quality of the work and world she created but because of how inspirational her story is.
I can't still understand how any editor could have said no to a manuscript about a story as fascinating and well crafted as Harry Potter.
A documentary should be made interviewing all those who thought the story was not good enough or too risky to punlish and expect revenues.
I think this may be useful for nobel writers to keep in mind. The editors not always know what they are doing. Their conception of quality is not always right or shared by most.
The same applies to our daily actions or personalities, I guess.
You guys have a great day

Stories like these give me the strength to keep pushing, regardless of humongous failures and mistakes. J.K Rowlings is a real legend, but her story is one which shows what can what happen to each and every one of us of we keep on chasing our dreams.
Thanks for the share! I really wish there was a way to add this to 'favorite steem posts' or something.

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i love harry potter

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