Success Story #3: How Sylvester Stallone Created the Legend of Rocky

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Hi Steemians! Today, I have an important question for you. Why do we need motivation in life? Why do we need to produce and consume motivational content every day? How important is motivation in our life?

The funny thing about many successful people and the story of their life is that we are more than often surprised by how brave they were in the face of pain. As if we are compelled to believe that their success came with luck and chance. Well, as I said, more often than we care to admit, that is not the case.

The story of Sylvester Stallone and how he rose to stardom is one of tragedy and pain. As a young man, he knew how to dream. He wanted to become an actor and direct his own films. But life was not particularly easy-going on Stallone and his dreams.

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A lot of famous and successful people have struggled with unimaginable difficulties to arrive at the place they are, but for Sylvester, those difficulties were immensely heartbreaking. Stallone reached a point of poverty that he could not afford food. He was broke, and soon became homeless as a result.

He even had to sell his own wife’s jewelry to pay his costs.
The most difficult days of his life came after his homelessness. Sylvester stayed in the bus station, but could not afford food. He took his dog to a liquor store and tried to sell it to anyone who was interested.

Eventually, someone bought the dog for $25 and Sylvester could afford to go on a little longer. He truly loved his dog, as he walked away from that store crying.
Some weeks after that tragic event, Sylvester watched a boxing match with Mohammed Ali as a participant.

That match inspired him and that inspiration changed his life forever. He sat down to write the screenplay for the movie Rocky and finished it in a single day!

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He took the screenplay to a film production studio and they liked it. Sylvester was willing to sell his script, but under one condition. That he be the main protagonist of the film. The executives rejected this offer, and said that he was not actor material. That he looked ‘strange and funny.’

The studio offered to give him $125,000 for the script nonetheless. Despite being utterly broke and living on the edge, he refused the offer. The studio returned and offered a sum of $350,000 for the script.

Tempting as it was, Stallone refused again, for his dream of becoming an actor was more important than anything else in the world and not even living on the edge could change that.

In the end, he received $35,000 on the screenplay but got the executives to agree to his contribution as the main character of the film, Rocky. Sylvester had a resolve unlike any other, and with his newfound inspiration, he continued to shine bright even in the face of all the challenges that life had in store for him.

Do you know the first thing he did with the $35,000? He went back to the liquor store, waited long enough and bought his dog back.

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Rocky went on to become one of the most successful films in the history of Hollywood, grossing a considerable amount and winning several Academy Awards. Despite the studio’s initial reluctance to cast Stallone, he even received an Academy nomination in the Best Actor category.

Stallone’s success was all through the power of motivation. The match of Mohammed Ali was the turning point that changed his life forever, and at the heart of that match was the inspirational approach we all need in life. Now he is known as one of the most influential actors of his generation.

Do not take the power of inspiration lightly, for it has changed many a man’s life in its emotional revelations and reflections.




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Dear @chbartist sir!
In the early days of your blog we were unaware of each other. There was no such understanding of helping each other inside us. Then you came as an inspiration and inspired us to bind all of us in one formula. Today we are also recognizing each other and coming forward to help each other. We got inspiration from you for all but where did you get the inspiration? I am not daring just a humble request.


Dear @certain, as I said in previous posts. First, I had an education given by my parents that was my basis for honesty, respect, generosity and giving the same treatment to anyone regardless of their culture, gender, social position. As I said, I played a lot of football when I was a youth in the favelas and I can say that I learned a lot about respect because they are humble people with no money but who are more honest than many millionaires. ve met in my life. I'm not saying that being rich is being dishonest because, as I said in previous posts, "Money does not corrupt people, it only enhances what they have always been"

If a person is dishonest since he is young and makes a lot of money, it only increases his dishonesty, and if you are honest, generous and respectful, money will also potentiate you.

I know I can not change the world alone because the machine and the system are so much bigger than I am.

But I can try to do my part and hope I can do this for some people here at steemit as I do in my day-to-day life.

I am who I am and my foundations have not changed, although I have progressed in life.

But in short, if I understood your question, my education and my journey made me who I am.

I always think: why not share with people the teachings that can help them be better and have a better way? My greatest mission is for people to find their inner peace, financially and mentally. The balance.

That's why I try to grow this community and that more people come to this blog, not because I need popularity, I'm already a popular artist, a public figure, but because I believe we can be great and leave an incredible legacy to many people who will perpetuate it.

I'm going to start a series of posts that I'm going to be more direct and I know that some people may think that they will be very energetic, but they have to learn that along with Mindset change you have to make decisions and take action by putting certain things In practice.

I'm not the owner of the truth, I'm just sharing my journey and trying to lend my glasses to people.

I hope I have answered your question.



Great sir! Infact I found glimpse of great philosopher Socrates in your mindset , learning and teaching.
Thank you @chbartist sir.


Welcome my friend!

Talking about inspiration and encouragement, i need some, my pregnant sis is in the hospital due to some pregnancy complication. Bills are piling and the situation seems bleak. Hope with your prayers and well wish would go a long way to strengthen me.
Chbartist your post is highly inspiring keep it up.


Hope all has gone well with your sister's pregnancy, and you're now a proud auntie
Good luck to both of you

i believe there are many people want to be success but not all of them has a gut to pay the price of success.

Some prefer stay in poverty because they afraid of unknown . Thats why we need daily motivational. more than that , we need to keep learning on how to become successful of someday.

A preparation needed before the time of opportunity come and knock ur life or you ll be sad when the opportunity come and you havent ready for the opportunity to come to you.

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One thing i learnt from this story of sylverster sterllon is that He knew the value he was about to add to the movie industry. He did not allow his lack of experience in acting to deter him because he understood that there is a starting point and created it for himself.
In our journey we should understand that we can create our dreams and give it a voice regardless of circumstances and situation and we should focus on things that inspire us not things that weigh us down

one another best article of the day. i have a habit of coming to your post. you have become the ambition of the people, only one is your art exhibition.

wao, I did not know the story of Stallone ... He really persisted in his dream, someone else would have stayed with the previous proposals, for the need ... Thank you for bringing us these motivational messages, which are sorely needed in these moments. Have a happy weekend, friend.

Hi @chbartist! How are you?

The other part of the moral of this story is that we have to worry about contributing to the world with our talents, because if Mohammed Ali had not taken care of working for his own dreams of being the world champion, Silvester Stallone would never have written Rocky.

Or he would have made another character and God only knows what results he would have obtained. With our contribution to the world working for our dreams, other people can benefit and also contribute to this world. Merry Christmas for everyone!

  ·  2년 전

I love this actor I'm a big fan of his acting.😍😍😍😘😘

According to me motivation is a great thing which leads us to the success. With the help of motivation we can achieve out goal. Motivation is really needed when someone is tired from failure because that is the stage when everyone give up. Motivation is only thing which helps people to get success and divert our mind to positivity.

Motivation is a tool to bring efficiency in the workplace. With the help of motivation we can achieve toughest part of our goal.

Motivation is the way of success.


Perfect sir The reason for being successful in human life is inspiration. Occasionally, such strikes come in human life when it loses, and then there comes a rod in front of him that inspires him and he takes it back in that work, finally he gets success .
Although Sir did not know anything about his life, I know so much that he is a great artist and I liked the movies of his Rambo series.
Thank you

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Sir, you have said right, that sometimes there is a need for inspiration in life, whether it is found in any form. If we want to become succinct then we will also need inspiration and I will also learn from my mistakes.

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@chbartist as you ask question in first para , I want to say that motivation like a duc in bouncer ball. It's wake up our inner power and energy full. But it is also harmful if we are totally depend on motivation because if we need motivation to start any work , it means we are addicted and addiction of any thing harm people. It will like Medicean of sick man. Motivation is need of us but addiction not.

Dear chbartist! Great to see that you have some question for us. You are motivational content writer so i hope that you also motivated by someone to write these kind of content, if i not right i have some answer of those question from my angle, what is motivation in my angle please don't mind, every person carry a basic ideology, and he lead by this ideology, when a better ideology can replace his ideology he will motivated by this, otherwise nor, so firstly a better content, a better idea, a better personality can be motivated us, human being are curious by born, so they are always searching for a better ideology, so for being self confidence people always try to be motivated by someone, who is better than himself. If there have any question about how much important motivation in our life, without any hesitation i just want to say, it's so much important for everyone, but there have a simple thing motivation can be inspiration, when we love it.
Dear, i just explain there what i think, if there have any mistake please forgive me.
Thank you

Sylvester Stallone is an amazing example of believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams. Don't settle for the first thing that may come along, but hold onto your whole vision. Great outline and I'd say you were very much on point.

  ·  2년 전

When we are clear about what we want we must give strength to our thoughts For this we must be attentive to our environment because perhaps something (people, words or circumstances) that surrounds us will give us inspiration and subsequent motivation that will impel us to perform the actions necessary to achieve our most desired desires.
As you say Sylvester Stallone is an example of motivation but above all of tenacity and perseverance, since he was not deterred by the circumstances even though they were very adverse.

@chbartist, For sure that's not the case because, in my opinion we have an tendency to prefer the end result or finished product so, let's not just see current phase because current successful phase of someone is came through from years of rough and tough phase where no matter they failed or fell they rised up with new motivation to continue. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Berries to you Sir Inspiration Alot! Blessings....

Another great example of perseverance and persistence in addition to inspiration! As one journeys through the challenges of life, persistence is important but difficult to maintain given the number of “shortcuts” offered along the way. The path least taken is often the best...

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Solving the science and problems of the face in the sad situation seems to be automatically inspired by God.

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I always find this a truly inspirational story
What the man had to endure from a young age
His truggle to survive on the streets
His insistence that he would play the lead role, even when the studios offered him more money for the script - as long as he didn't get the part
How many people would have that self-belief and determination?
I got some of the best reaction ever when I wrote about this in a post series several weeks past
Excellent article. I'm sure it will inspire many more.
Yes; I'd love to be included in the list of contributors to this community, if you can let me have details please

That's quite inspiring. The human is an environment-sensitive being. Interestingly, the eye (among other sense organs) is that very magnetic part of the human that receives signals and helps one create a mental picture. Be it what we hear or feel, we get motivated when those scenes become an imaginary picture.

If only we can picture it in the subconscious, then we can achieve it.

Great muse @chbartist

Hi @chbartist

Sylvester Stallone was one of the starts who infatuated me as a kid for Rambo. His success story is inspiring. His look in Rambo was fascinating. I acted like him when I was a kid. I would tie a ribbon around my forehead and walk around with a vest and black pants tightening my waist.
The story that he sold his dog due to poverty and again bought it back is heart touching. He rose from rags to riches. Truly awe inspiring.


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Motivation is needed to do great works. I often need the motivation to do something as it helps me to do it better and better. Its one of the key to success. :)
Dayyan Khan

the first step to getting anything in our life is always the hard one . When we start doing the push up or run every morning our habit will resist these action . but when we start to get , these thing become easy and easier every single day.

What important here is the sacrifices that we made to reach and get what we want in our life .

The hard first step will bring us to everywhere we want

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Hi chbartist,
I always remember the first movie that I saw of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.
Its funny but it feels as if I saw his movie yesterday.
It's amazing how time flies, that is why its important to enjoy each passing day as it it will be our last.
Finally I want to wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And to cherish and remember does that are no longer with us, but they will live in our hearts forever.

Why Rambo’s picture when talking about Rocky? 🤔


Sorry, but if you read the post I think that I talk about Stallone. Regards


Haha, I know man. I love your posts. Was just kidding with you. Cheers. 😉


Me too. Just kind! Regards

Stallone is one of the actors. I love his skills as actor. I also like Rambo saga, another masterpiece.

But if I am not wrong on the title picture Rembo but not Rocky?

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This story was told by my sister about 5 years ago, She translated it to Filipino language because I can't understand English on that time. I always remember what she told me but sadly she can not remember what she told me before, I tried to ask her if is that story about Sylvester Stallone is true and she told me that she did not remember If she told it to me. And I was growing like I don't know if it is really true. I really thank you @chbarist for sharing this story in the community. In fact, I forgot this story a long time ago. Today when I log in on steemit I found this post of yours and I clicked it, I did not expect that the content is all about his story.. I really thank you for this, In a long time of my life I only found this story today..... A big hug.....

I like watching Rambo or Rocky.

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