"Friday Night Fallout" by Duncan Cary Palmer


"Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."
- W. C. Fields

Kudos to @merej99 for drawing me into a "99 word challenge" ...

Of course, I had to make it extra challenging. Please have a read and see how.


Stanley, having a bad day...   ~   Image courtesy of Michal Jarmoluk

Friday Night Fallout

by Duncan Cary Palmer

Saturday. Sunrise.

Staggering, Stanley stumbles, shuffles, straightens.
Shamefully, Stan stands still, silently swaying, severely sodden.

Strident, stormy, spouse Samantha signals scant sympathy. "Seriously, Stanley, speak! Spout some stupid, self-serving soliloquy!"

Stanley squirms, struggles, shudders... Stammering, Stan stutters:

"S..s..s..sorry, sweetie! So sorry! Simply no 's'cuse!"

Samantha sighs. "Stupid, sorry sot! Show at sunrise sans suspecting some sorta shit-storm?"

Sagging, Stanley shrivels; slouching, subdued.

Sheepishly, Stan shyly suggests "Suppose a sweet smooch should still spur some smiles?" Surreptitiously, Stanley spies Sam softening...

Strangely soothed, Samantha suddenly sags. Sighing softly, she surrenders.

"Silly simpleton! Shut up, Stan, squeeze me. Shall we snuggle?"

Based on real life, but some names may have been changed to protect the guilty... That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...

I count 99 words exactly... Can you count how many don't begin with the letter 'S'?😀


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Amazing what you can do with one letter. The 'S' goes a long way. Love the story. @creatr


Thanks, Troy! :D

alliteration for emphasis ,if used sparingly, but maxed out as in your micro tale it becomes humour of exaggeration along the lines of Peter Piper...but these creative exercises stimulate artistic ingenuity, lol


I think I may be a little bit like Peter at times--All in! ;)

Sparingly? :D

For fun exercises like this, I simply savor struggling severely, seeking sensible, somewhat simplistic, sensationally silly solutions... ;)

Avoid getting drunk to calm your anguish, since the next day you will be worse. Receive a warm greeting @creatr


Greetings Felix, and Thank You. Yes, this sort of drinking does not help.