What About Little John? Part Four

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A true story.

We had run into the man we call Little John on a bench in this park. (photo below)

The story starts many years ago when I was walking my kids home from school.

Poverty is everywhere and Little John is just one of many that I chose to meet, talk to and get to know. John is not a young boy. He was about thirty-five, six-three and well over two hundred pounds when we met.

Stepping in to help and knowing when to step out of the way.

This shot was from 2017 on street view, the park where we talked.

I arrived the next few Fridays to find Juan pacing back and forth on the sidewalk that you see in the photo. More times than not, he had another piece of paper for me with notes written in all directions on it. The first week, he seemed to have been to the laundry. He had managed to shave and was looking much better over these same few weeks. I gave him two hundred this time and asked, "Have you been able to call you son?" That seemed to strike a nerve as he looked down and shuffled side to side.

I was sitting on a short brick planter along side the stairs leading down into the park. He was standing there on the path, fidgeting. He stuttered and said that he had not tried to call his son yet. After a pause, I broke the awkward moment by telling him about a close relative of mine that I had not seen in a long time. We had that in common, people we loved who live in another country.

John, being off the hot seat, had moved his gaze to the bills in his hand, held them like a glass of champaign, and gestured with an upward motion as if making a toast, "God bless you. Thank you. God bless you." He said. That is a common response to charity. He had also said the same thing to my kids on that first day.

I asked John if he believed in God. He said, "Yes, but..." and his eye brows went upward as if he were recalling an unpleasant surprise of sorts, "I am not welcome at the churches..." and he pointed in two different directions. He talked about staying outside of the ones he had been to. I agreed that I had had some bad experiences too. It is important to have common ground.

I told John that I was pretty sure God did not live in a church, pushing out the undesirables. I also told him about a story I had read. There was someone like him, who had very little in life but gained a much higher position in the kingdom after he died. In fact roles were reversed in that kingdom, "Those with houses and cars will be seeking the help of people like yourself." I said. What comes around, goes around, "You and I will not be walking this earth a hundred years from now. Please promise that you will have compassion on me a hundred years from now. Deal?" John agreed and we shook on it.

I did not push or ask him about his family. I don't like to pry. I know about incomplete families and people being geographically separated. At the time that I met John, I had been searching for that same family member mentioned in my first post (same link as above). John and I agreed to pray for one another that day, specifically about the distant family members.

Another look at my life since then shows a previously missing person that I had not seen in over ten years who was later found. We made contact. Subsequent plane trips, reunification and regular phone calls became a reality. It may be a coincidence. There is no evidence but the emptiness of ten years without that person. It could be the result of a simple act of kindness from me to John and many others. I was never the one to bring up the subject of God. It seems that the poor have greater faith that I do. It could be that God pays more attention to the prayers of those who are sleeping in the streets, under bridges, or parks.

It is either coincidence or God that prompts me to help. I really don't think it takes a "big heart" as many of you say. I am not a religious person by any stretch, but in certain instances that involve the realm of the impossible, I will accept the prayers of people in trade for paper currency. I will also humbly raise my eyes to the sky and ask that John be protected and find his way.

Before I left him that day, Little John asked me when I would be back. I assured him that I would be back next Friday. He asked if I had a camera that I did not need. He went on to tell me about having to replace a stolen ID card. I said I would look for it and bring it if it still works.

For my next post, a camera for Little John coming in part five and onward here on Steemit.

Not @done yet. To be continued...

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I don't know if it's just me or does everyone that are reading this series get a warm feeling all over.
I really admire you on this kindness.....of all the horrible things we hear about in life, it feels really good to read this.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you @done for posting part four.

What an intriguing story.......yes if one's thoughts are established and the thought comes to mind to do a certain thing......it is amazing what will result.

Your kind manner toward John and resultant dialogue is sure to put him at ease......his experiences are symptoms not the problem as you have indicated here. When reading previous parts of this series.....the story of Lazarus and the rich man came to mind. And yet it was Lazarus who was the believer in Christ and for that reason he is in heaven today.

God is the answer......yet how to get to there when that is not what is on their mind.....yes.....waiting for the right time...when they bring it up...is best.

If I may add....Christianity is a relationship with God through the work of His Son Christ Jesus. Religion is man seeking God through his own works. Which is why many times a visit to a church seems so very wrong when they are not aligned with the Bible.

Salvation today is the same as it has been through the ages....Faith alone in Christ alone for salvation for eternal life...the reason we are here....to answer the question....What do you think of Christ.....to reject or accept Him determines our eternal future.

Thank you for opportunity to think on these things.

Wishing you and yours all the best. ^__^


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I do think on stories I heard while in a private grade school that had religion class on the list with grades next to each. Treating others as you would want them to treat you is one that I have always seen as a good strategy for life.

God is the answer......yet how to get to there when that is not what is on their mind....

How can a person who is cold and hungry concentrate on a seemingly unrelated message? Thinking on these things is more a result of sincere people saying those three words to me over and over after I toss a coin in the pot. God has blessed me beyond measure as promised, "... and I will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing such that you will not be able to contain it." It is only logical to reference the One who can bring riches or calamity upon any living person, when someone says, "God bless you."

Thank you so much for taking the time. Great comment!


Thank you for you kind reply @done.

It is a good strategy indeed and common sense as well.

It is true....when these physical, visual pressing issues are able to be set aside...perhaps then one can hear a word concerning their soul.

Yes.....God blesses the believer who obeys His Word......King David said My cup overfloweth. Good works are the production of the believer.....which God does indeed bless. May you have many more opportunities to demonstrate grace, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

All the best to you and yours.


I just found myself not only reading your incredible story but also the comments, they are full of interesting words. Thanks for keeping up posting, I hope to know what happens with that stolen ID card next

Great to read the first part really nice to learn from it will be waiting for the second part of this story
Good story @done
I like it.

You are too humble. You do have a big heart, more importantly you have empathy which is a trait sorely lacking in people. To put yourself in someone else's shoes and anticipate what they might need, it's a gift.

I'm sure your boys will always remember this- and maybe they wouldn't even be embarrassed later on though I think it was wise of you to protect them from it.

Now I have to check out your intro post, lol.

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I checked in late last night before turning in- so many comments. I took a few minutes to respond with votes, but could not stay up to make coherently response.

I am proud of the kids. Aside from the unending meme addictions, games, and knowing it all, the are leaders at their school. They come to the defense of the scorned or ostracized classmates. They don't tell me about it but I hear these things at the parent teacher conferences.

Thanks as always for dropping in. My best to your family!


It is good that their children are like that, perhaps they are reflections of the good teaching of their parents, there are many young people who are mistreated psychologically by their peers and it is a blessing that they have someone to support or defend them.


Yeah, now I see what you mean by being overwhelmed with comments. In your shoes I definitely wouldn't get to them all.

Aw, that's so great! You know you're doing something right when you get news like that :)

Thank you! My best to yours as well!

I must commend you for the heart of gold, why do I said this? There are many who claim to be religious yet they found people like this John you share his story and neglected them, but you moved closer to him to bear with him what he was went through so nice of you!!

The part of church for not letting such people entering to worship or pray in the church I can called that act of Pharisees in the Bible, for they teach to be kind, helpful and love from their mouths but in action they are not what they preaching, we can see example of that in Bible about a priest going to observed Sabbath day and saw a man dying with wounds who thiefs nearly killed and ignored but a good Samaritan saw him and stopped by to help and did everything to rescue the the man life, Jesus said verify I told you, hypocrites of the priest preaching love, but refused to show or demonstrate what he heard or preach am not judge them, but I think they don't know this rejection is bad maybe, however our God is everywhere (omnipresent) deep in our hearts is there, and he said he will hear the voices of poor, orphan, widows and that his their father and won't forsake them but be their God, perhaps Mr John prayer been answered one way or the other for crossed your path together.

There is point in your words when you are trying to talk to him, God is the father of all, and about the life of Lazarus and wealth man but when they got to heaven, poor become rich in glory in the kingdom because he knows God, and Rich on earth is been tormented and asked for help from a poor man while they are on earth.. "the least shall be greater, and greatest shall be least"

My advice: God hear everyone prayers, kind David in the Bible was a rich man and he knows God and his prayer was answered, you are doing your part, pray him him as well, in fact I heard a story of a man who is poor and none around to help him, but he pray fervently telling God if God should change this story (life) he will serve God and be of help to poor around him and every where he met one, it's a long story which I can even post to encourage those who do good and call attention of those who has many materials but failed to Help, inshort this poor man prayer his answered became rich and famous... But he never disappointed God!! Through him many lives were bless, although sometimes happens to him to test this faith, but God restore it back!!! It's a long story but to be kind very profitable..

As for your distance family, I pray God protection will continue to radiate upon them!! Soonest you will see each other and happy so shall it be. I may write full story of this poor man later.

Once again sorry for long response.

Waiting to read next part. Sorry for too much words.


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I have attended only a couple churches over the last fifteen to twenty years, and only stayed with the churches that allowed the poor in for the sermon and fed them before they left. I understand the story about the rich man and Lazarus, how he died and was at Abraham's side while the rich were in a place of heat and thirst. That is the story I had spoken of to John. I still pray for John though it has been over a years since I have seen him. Last I saw, him, he was living in a hotel. All are welcome to pray for this man.
Thanks you for writing.


You have a heart of of gold...
Jesus didn't come Because of save soul, but Because of lot sheep, to bring them back to him, he call for crippled, moron, lame , deaf and dumb to come to him to teach them and heal them!

Most of the churches today were always gave rich people an elaborate welcome to the church, while poor were ignored and no care. Many churches today are after the flesh and materialistic possession while souls were lost every day!

I attended a church service in a city sometimes ago, been a new member I don't know there are special sites for special people in the church, me just site down and kinda treated like am nobody's, I almost to shielded tears, I left that makes me to cry to my creators where would help come for me? You know that kind of negative thoughts which will Burgess your heart when you are treated like shit in the place of holy(Churches)

When I return to my own town, I share this with a spiritual brother in the Lord, he strengthen me with a words of hope and motivational saying "God not Dead" one day I sited and saw a someone begging for arms i felt really bad why? I thought in my heart if God has bless me I would I bless others too, then words dropped in my heart, your little contribution make a life a little survive/better I ran to this man I give what I had then my heart felt with joy, I could help someone.

It is said your right hand should not know what your left hand did, but reading your post make me think someone of your caliber could have pity on poor, may the Lord God bless you.

Few years, I started a program which I go around to distribute gifts (food item) to widows and orphans, I really feel great doing this, when I came on Steemit, I do better than before when steem & sbd was in good performance, I received support and I give what I could, not because am rich, but because I find happiness in doing it, and many are still poorer than me, I should did my best! After all "little contribution make a life a little more better"

Am glad to hear the condition of this man called John you could help him discovered his self back!!! You are one of the rich who cares for less privileged... God will continue to bless you.

I don't know how to pray for this man called John... but Holy Spirit will lead us!!! I shall remember John our devotional prayers.

Have a good day @done

it is really unpleasant to know that in some church they denigrate a person because of their clothes or their smell when God healed even people, lepers touched them with their hands and even ate in the humblest houses, God is not in a church, he is in our heart, he is in us and with his attitude of helping this man shows that God is in each of us, friends, many blessings for you and your family and your good heart

  ·  작년

Que contradicciones tiene la vida, se supone que la iglesia es la casa de Dios y es allí donde se reúnen los creyentes a orar y predicar, pero bueno, yo pienso que Dios esta en todas partes y el esta dispuesto en todo momento para todos, hasta ahora el pequeño John ha mostrado ser un hombre con buenos sentimientos que sus circunstancias de vida lo llevaron a la calle, que bueno que se topara contigo, espero por la continuación de esta historia.

Hello @done, I hope you are very well. What a good story, I hope that John and you find your loved ones, this life is one, and regardless, because they redouble, forgive, forgive being calm and allow the passage to the union. On the other hand, how terrible it is that the humblest people or those who look bad are not allowed to enter the church. I am not so religious, but to the kingdom of God all are welcome, those churches do not set an example. The temple is inside us and God is everywhere. I know that he hears our prayers, and if it is as you say, perhaps God hears first the prayers of the helpless people. I'm happy to read you on this opportunity, I hope your next post. I wish you the best. May you continue to help people like John. I beg because my country Venezuela changes. Regards!

Oh, and that is that little John has a son and he is a believer, so he is one of mine. They say that people like little John God put them in our path so that we have the opportunity to do charity and save ourselves. There is certainly a lot of poverty in the world that you can not understand why, but if everyone had the faith of little John, maybe they would get people like you with the intention of helping. Now I was intrigued with what Jhon wants to do with the camera. I will read you later.

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I think everyone becomes a believer when the pilot of the plane passes out or the brakes on the train fail. Thanks for your comment.


hehehehhe yes, that's

Your perseverance in helping Little John will be more than rewarded. Your example can encourage more people to act kindly as you show @done

For reasons of health, I had moved away (even a little) to read the activity of those I follow, today I wanted to take it back little by little. It's good to know that you always have a kind heart and support whoever can and requires it. It's good to know more about you.

@done, In my opinion God just want to see one thing and that is, One human being is helping fellow human being and that's really important because, if we understand and deep dive to find the reality of life, then for sure we will going to receive one answer and that is, we all belongs to one tribe and that is Humanity tribe.

And in this world, the most common situation which we see is Poverty and Unbalancedstate. And many people are living in Adversity situations but we can heal one's pain through kind talk and words.

And another painful aspect is Homeless situations and in my opinion we are not seeing any governments are putting efforts to look into this and banks are effectively playing their cards to push people into the Debt Trap.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.

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I spent half of my life so far in order to gain a good credit rating. Then I bought a house, car, businesses, etc. None of them were mine but I had the keys.The debt trap is real.

I spent the other half of my life learning how to stop using credit, save, and invest. Now there is plenty.

Governments are like a debt trap for the poor. Government can help the poor. Someone needs to give them direction and money to work with. After that, They need is a way learn to earn and make solid money decisions.


"I bought a house, car, businesses, etc. None of them were mine but I had the keys." These are absolutely true words and in my opinion these words are hiding deep and real meaning of Debt Trap. Thank you so much for your response with these deep and true words. Stay blessed.

One of the most effective ways to support is not only to give money but also to listen and talk to it.

Hoy me acordé de tus publicaciones, estaba en mi carro esperando a mi mamá que estaba en el supermercado, y había una señora indigente en la calle de al frente... todos cruzaban la calle cuando la veían, ella pedía agua o comida, sólo una persona fue la que no cruzó y le dió su botella de agua.
Es dificil en la actualidad, ver personas que ayuden a personas en abandono o situación de calle... Dios recompensa estos actos. Tenlo por seguro que Dios ve con alegría todo lo que has hecho por John y por otros. 😊

Alma caritativa deja ver la calidad humana @done. Saludos..Sigo pendiente de la otra parte.

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Greetings, friend

I set Gina up, to let me know when you publish and to follow the story of "little" Jhon.

If I'm honest, I'm waiting for a happy ending, but as you write, I think you have time without knowing Jhon.

However, although I know that your narration is in the past, I hope that the agreement to pray for each other (between you and John) will continue. I will join that prayer, for you, Jhon and their families.

A big hug.

Excelente y atrapador relato, espero por la continuación

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Beutiful storytelling, my friend.
I do believe people cross paths for a reason, so glad to find out about you helping little Jhon. Hope everything is good, nice day.

Greetings @done. I love the way you relate your experience, and it caught my attention when you mentioned that little John, I told you, was not welcome in the churches, which seems illogical, because we are all equal before the eyes of God, regardless of , our economic or social condition and I regret that some people who claim to be called good Christians, treat with contempt the people who are going through a painful situation in their life, instead of trying to help them.

La personalidad de Little Jhon lleva a pensar que tiene un gran corazon que le da por ayudar a los demas. Recibe mis saludos @done

Little Jhon despite being in poverty and need has a lot of love for children, especially reminds his son that he has never seen and hope to meet again with him. I hope that the full mystery of his life will soon be revealed. Regards @done

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I am glad to hear that little John used the money to make himself fresh. I can imagine how he felt, probably that feeling of normality for us and for those people luxury. It is interesting how our values changing depending where we are and in what situation we are. I think the wealthy we are we take it like it should be and how such small things turn into a great gifts. It is difficult to imagine why John and his son not communicating but it is relatively common that sometimes parents and children not communicating for ages and I remember one of the neighbor who was cross with his children did not allow them to visit her when she was dying in hospital, she just did not want to see them. That is very sad.

Another tricky thing is our belief, if we believe in God, and if we really need to go to church. In order to pray in my opinion you do not need to go to church, God is everywhere and even in us. Another thing I noticed how on Sundays there are many expensive cars and well dressed people visiting churches, but looking at them it is difficult to believe that they have a Belief.

I hope in further story we will find what happen to John and his son, I hope it will be happy end, but as it is a true story I doubt it will be so :)

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You bring up good points. God is everywhere for those who believe and nowhere for those who do not believe it seems. I have difficulty rationalizing the culture of church or even if they are able to do any good at all. They cannot have much impact on the world while they are fragmented.

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To tell the truth since I was int he age when you start to think about the stuff and not only blindly do because you just do it. I thought about the churches and first time visiting it. I expected some overwhelming and unique feeling but to my disappointment I did not feel it, it was a nice building with beautiful stuff around and bibles, that made me a bit scary too. But then still when it was some moments and I needed that "help" or Luck, they I just had talked to "God" and of cause just there where I was, I do not know if this is just coincidence but it is truly happened few times. It is difficult to explain, but I believe there is someone who sometimes watching after us. Have you ever had such moments?

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Unfortunately, the Church has gone astray from the reason for being of its existence, and even more so when we see so many priests being sued for violations, the word of God is no longer in the Church but in our hearts.

Incredible this story. I've followed every post you've made. I love. God we tend to forget him when we are well. people in street situations can either have more faith to God that something good happens or have a feeling of resentment or anger because they feel forgotten or abandoned by God. God bless you friend!!!

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It is a good deed that you have done with John, must be reorienting him to give light to his lost mind, that does not lose hope of a new resurgence.

La vida siempre sera un circulo de oportunidades eso que estas haciendo por el, de una u otra forma siempre se te sera devuelto en Bendiciones, no es fácil seguir el camino del bien pero cuando uno lo practica todos los días siempre se hará el bien en el camino del bien.

This story is becoming a reflection of life, our behavior should be aimed at improving the standard of living of those who need it, contributing a grain of sand to guide them to the path of understanding and emergence of a new life. congratulations on this story @done.

  ·  작년

Greetings @done

Indeed God is not in the church,God is in our hearts we are the Church!

Matthew 10:39
“He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.

Matthew 18:11
“For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.

Matthew 7:7-8
7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

God Bless

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@done this story is becoming more interesting, good that our friend has a child, is a reason for improvement, you were ginial to encourage him to say that God does not live in the Church, I think the same.
I hope this story has a happy ending. Excel what you have done.
Many thanks for letting us know another part of this moving story
I wish you a wonderful day

Nos tienes atrapados con el seguimiento de la historia de Little Jhon, me recuerda uno de los ultimos cuentos que escribi sobre una chica que no se metio las monedas en su bolsillo, por que no le gustaba ser incorrecta. A estar pendientes con las siguiente entrega, como tengo que traducirlo con google no se si me estare perdiendo algún aspecto importante, pero bueno alli estamos tratando de entender las decisiones que a veces tomamos en la vida. Gracias @done

When reading your story, I read them again in order to knit and complete the story. You, @done, and little Jhon have made a friend of the most beautiful. He has seen in you and thanked you for your help, maybe he thought there was no hope and suddenly you appeared and offered your generous hand. Maybe you were going through a stage of your life that led you to understand that Other. And I focus on that maybe because your story reveals so many interpretations.

Waiting for the fifth part.

  ·  작년

My story has a few interesting lessons for dealing with people who have been treated poorly for a long time. They need money - yes. But they also need a taste of dignity and self worth. That is what I try to proviide.

The next part is gonna be even more exciting to look into can't wait to check that out you really touched every aspect of the story which is great for readers to understand small things matter

Hello friend, you play a very important topic or at least of which I always like to talk about and it is about religion, as you usually tell us, poor people are religious, and among the poorest, more religious, after looking a bit, I got that there is a "Strange" relationship between poor countries and religion, the poorer the country, the more religious they are, and the less religious countries also tend to make countries prosperous, particularly I believe that religion only brings poverty and wars.
I'll be attentive for the next chapter

You are doing a great work. I am waiting camera post.

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Que bonita historia amigo @done, de verdad una experiencia de vida.

This stage of the story is very interesting, it shows a bit of the conflict that john feels when he is in this situation and how to face it, he feels confused in believing or not, and to thank God or not.

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La bondad de tus buenas obras y amistad con Little Jhon te seran premiadas y recibiras muchas bendiciones en tu familia. Saludos @done

Since I follow you I have seen and have been part of your charitable spirit, the hueyas that you have left in steemit of people that you have helped sending money to maintain their home and the vows that you give each day that represent a great help for those who receive them, now out of steemit you tell us this story and I imagine that there are many other charities that you do not count but that you do. Regarding your big heart, the way you made your fortune with 10BTC I have never doubted that God had anything to do with it, because He uses you as an instrument of goodness urging you to do it because "God is the one who puts the will as he does by his good will" and if you have a heart that lets itself be submitted to God's will then it is definitely a big heart.

  ·  작년

Your posts are very helpful to the steemit to win, success continues and continues to succeed.

I was waiting for this part and im still waiting for the coming part

You are right when you say that you do not need to be of good heart to do what you do, you just need to be a little more human to feel that someone else needs our support, I do not talk about feeling sorry for j if you do not see everyone as equals in this way to be able to help others.

Dicen por ahí que los que menos tienen son los que más dan, muy cierto es.... me ha conmovido esta primera parte.

Wow @done
This has really got my attention to know that there are people in this world that has a kind heart such as you are displaying. I love this!

There will always be people who believe themselves more than others because of the friendships they have, and they don't realize how important it is to treat us all equally.

Well there is still a lot to be known in this story thanks for sharing this part was looking forward to it

If I have a little money I want to help ease the burden on the person's life

Great to read the first part really nice to learn from it will be waiting for the second part of this story

A beautiful story of struggle, beautiful to reflect and value @done. Thanks for your words of strength

how good it is to know that there are still families that induce good values to children, excellent story goes on like this.

Muy buena historia, deja un mensaje para reflexionar, estaré pendiente de la continuación, gtacias por compartir

Thank you @done for posting part four.
Thank you for opportunity to think on these things. Good job @done

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Great story! I hope the continuation.

how good it is to know that there are still families that induce good values to children, excellent story goes on like this.

Your posts are very helpful to the steemit to win, success continues and continues to succeed.

En la memoria de Little Jhon queda el recuerdo de su pequeño hijo, su historia es muy similar a la que las circunstancias de la vida estan lejos de sus hijos.


Woo... Its good story thank you @done.

Your posts always pride us, because of the high quality of others.
You also always give to others, of course you are a very generous person in terms of sharing with other users

  ·  작년

Me gusta mucho la manera como cuentas esta experiencia de vida y espero impaciente leer el post final para saber de la suerte de Jhon.

Woou me esta gustando esta historia ! esperando con ansias la continuación de la historia, al leer es como estar viviendo contigo lo que leo ! buena historia ...

  ·  작년

"He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly; and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully" (2 Cor. 9:6). (2 Cor. 9:6)
Your story makes me think that you are sowing in fertile lands and that your harvest will be great in blessings.

a moment in life

Sleeping in the garden is very sad especially for a child who is underage, I think that is an unnatural thing to do.
It is true that sometimes poor people have no place to leave for economic reasons that are not supportive

Like your post @done

Thanks your post, always @done

It is a pity if there are still people who sleep in places that are not feasible because I think it is very touching

  ·  작년

Thanks your post @done

Nice you post mr. @done I like this

Honestly I want to cry if someone is sleeping in front of me with a makeshift base

Life is hard by working hard it might be successful, if we have good intentions we will certainly achieve all the dreams we want

A scene that is no longer foreign to some people, they often find things like that in their cities, but for me it is very touching

Many things have happened where young children are abandoned carelessly by parents who do not have a social heart for their children

I can't think clearly about this, a super modern world, super sophisticated technology, but I don't appreciate people of low rank

Various things have happened, such as the absence of shelter for poor people because of the lack of income they get

The views of people seem to have been blinded by property, rank, rank.
They do not respect small children who need help from everyone around them

The solidarity of fellow human beings is very much needed in groups because if we share with each other it might help those who are in trouble for money, housing and others

What experienced by people in the photo above inspired me to try so that I would not be like that later

Your post makes me want to cry
It is a pity if there are still children who do not have a place to live, they even have to sleep in parks, bridges, in front of other people's shops, sometimes they are built with water by others

Woo... Its good story thank you @done.

Your posts are very helpful to the steemit to win, success continues and continues to succeed.

Very good continuation of this wonderful story that you have related to your friend Little John, who in the Perosonal fills me with strength to pray and help the most needy and share with the neighbor a blessing we have received from God. This story has left me. Many lessons and struggles of life and makes clear to us the difficulties, problems and class separations that live millions of people in the world and suffer from lack of money and food in the streets. We should pray for them and if they can be helped with something as small as it is, it is a good help for them.

Here in Venezuela, with all the problems we suffer today, about which I do not prefer to comment, I have found that many Venezuelans emigrated to other countries to find a better future and support their families in Venezuela by sending them remittances. What is very sad That the family is separated to a great extent.

Greetings and many blessings for you @done

I'm not surprised that John was referring to his discomfort about what might have happened in some churches, many people who say they are religious, even go to church every Sunday, they turn out to be more cruel and indolent than any other person, ironically that's the way it is. On the other hand, the fact that John, in spite of his condition, maintains faith in God and does not even renege, speaks very well of him. It was really a blessing that John crossed your path.Bye

I believe people meet for a reason, very happy to know about you helping little Jhon. Hopefully everything is good, a very beautiful day.