What About Little John? Part One

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A true story.

The poor population is growing rapidly, but one man is off the streets and living under a roof, at least as of last sighting.

I chose to source images, one picture being someone who looks similar to John for this post instead of publishing his real location and likeness.

Stepping in to help and knowing when to step out of the way.


Years ago

Every Friday I would go to pick up my young children from school. It was a dozen blocks that I walked with no problems most times. The school was sandwiched between one of the many red light districts in the city and a lovely park, filled with bums, half a block away from the school.

I had logged hundreds of hours at the door waiting, and I got to know the other parents. Sometimes plans for a weekend birthday party were made at that twelve-foot double door. I liked to watch the young toddlers run up and down the hill playing tag as I waited. School let out at 5:05 p.m. dull. That means that there was a fifteen minute range of time in which the door might open, so I always got there early. The doors would open, children spilling out, each grade having differing rules for leaving. The first few grades stayed with the teacher who made sure every single one had a parent to run to. I always wanted to be there so that mine were not sent back into the school.

When my two little ones came out, there was a choice to make. I could walk them through the day-shift of professional "ladies" working to the north of us, completely avoid that district, or head down the hill toward the park and meet new people that do not smell so new. It is easier to teach a lesson on charity than one about men with breasts in high heals, so we went past the park. I always gave a few bucks to anyone who asked. There were many poor people who hung out in or near this particular park, some even lived there. Little John was a resident.

Sometimes Little John was sleeping on a cement bench, a lump of a man, hanging off both ends of the park bench, with his shopping cart and many blankets in bags next to him. Other times, he was pacing back and forth near one of the other benches, his shoes a talkin', barely connected to the souls. He was a big guy, heavy set, six-two, thirty-five or so, curly brown hair, a beard and Marlboro-man skin.

That first day, he was sitting there under a rubber tree, thirty feet away, muttering to himself and writing notes on poorly folded bits of paper. Before we saw him, we knew we would find him by the odd smell of mildew mixed with body stench that dominated the entire block just downwind of Little John.

I cannot feed all the poor, but I am moved to action when the situation is non-threatening and there is a genuine need. I am sure that many of these people cannot help where they are in life. They certainly cannot help the way they smell.

I was taught as a child that there is a blessing that comes with each unspoken good deed. It stuck and I have passed it on to my children. That first day, we all agreed that the man on the bench needed money. I simply pulled out a bill and asked, "Who wants the blessing?" The kids both grabbed for it and my smallest won the privilege of handing the ten spot to the man, then skipped back to me as we headed toward home. The man waved and smiled at me. He had perfect white teeth like a Hollywood personality, you know, for those close shots. I wondered what caused him to end up in a park, one of many poor souls, evenly spaced out in the huge park, equally lonely.

Nicknames, another tradition that got passed down, are given to any store, park, restaurant or person that we interact with regularly. At this point in the story, we had not referred to this man with the customary naming convention as of yet. He was just the homeless guy by school. I later found out his name was John. The nickname, Little John, alludes to there being further contact with him.

I will be sharing the full story and conclusions here on Steemit.

Not @done yet. To be continued...

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With all the witness-related work lately it took me over a day to get through your post. Glad I did. Good to see someone writing about the homeless in a realistic manner. Looking forward to the next segment.

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Thanks for your comment. Everything I do is realistic because life is always wonderful and surprising. This next one will include a shot from maps/street-view of the park where I met Little John. I normally have a line of tabs that seem to stay open for days waiting to be read. It is hard to get to it all when responsibilities invade.

I am keeping these short because everyone is busy. I get them written faster and my followers can breeze through them.

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In your heart there is goodness @done , I like to be taught that to your children, it is wonderful that they learn from these good deeds. You are incredible, greetings.

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Dicen por ahí que los que menos tienen son los que más dan, muy cierto es.... me ha conmovido esta primera parte.

I like this kind of story, it is important to reflect a little consideration for others who really need it. excellent, I congratulate you on such a good post

Excellent story, the truth is that sometimes we do not know why people are going through, the situations that lead them to live what they are at that moment, I think that many times we are prejudiced and we do not like to think about the extreme situation so Some people are going through, things like that look a lot in my country and in many countries in Latin America.

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I am writing this from memory though it happened long ago. John had a few problems that caused his situation to continue. We have lost touch, but the last time I saw him he was fine and no longer sleeping outside!


I'm happy to hear that, it's good that somehow it came out of the situation I was in, who knows if someone helped him and I hope so, makes me regain faith in humanity.

A very deep and impressed history. I see many people on poberty and i try to give they my support. I am from Venezuela, and for us is usual to see hunger and poor people searching the trash on streets for food. I think the world need to be more kind to all people and support this situations.
This is a great piece of work, a master work and i really liked your post.

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Saludos @done que bonita historia. Y tienes mucha razón siempre vienen bendiciones por cada buenas acciones.

What a touching story. Poor john, like many others living by the road side needs someone who can bring a light into their lives. it is sad when you see these folks living miserably without food, clothing or shelter. Sometimes they try to approach strangers for money but get rejected for obvious reasons. The world needs to show more kindness towards people like john. We all need each other.

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There are millions of poor. If each person were to select one and reach out to him or her we could have a better world. Every time it rained, I thought of Little John. On rainy days, I would arrive much earlier and look for John at the park so I could give him something for the week. He was always there, under a tree. My kids and I would go home in a taxi.

It is very sad to know this kind of situations, but this happens everywhere. I think we should just try to do our bit by helping whenever possible, but not with food or clothes, but also with values and education.

Great to read the first part really nice to learn from it will be waiting for the second part of this story

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Amazing story and also some entrepreneurs suffer the same thing after selling everything they have to support the business but to no progress and end up sleeping in the streets. Its tuff out there

  ·  작년

Sometimes a lack of money is not the cause, but only that you are different. I never found out why Little John ended up on the streets, but I did speak to him for several years as you will read.

There is no doubt that every day there are more people who go into poverty, but particularly I think that people who live in the street or places, it is always because they have some kind of addiction, these addictions cause the same family and friends to deny them, just a few days ago I saw a video of the life of a Venezuelan who was a manager of a major company in the country, and he ended up living on the street and under bridges in Colombia, what led him to that was drugs, with this I do not want to say that they do not deserve help, the same is necessary to help them in whatever they can, but I think the most important thing is to try to re-enter them into society, look forward to the second part of the story

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It is true that people choose drugs as an escape instead of facing their problems and pushing for resolution. Drugs often lead to addiction and life on a park bench. I have no problem giving to those who are hungry. I hope that they choose food over cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. If someone is obviously on drugs or drunk, I take a few minutes out of my day and invite them to eat at the nearest restaurant. They can sit, eat, drink and be satisfied. The restaurant owners do not care for this idea but it makes no difference to me.

If I see that around me, it must be touched by my heart to provide assistance to the little boy because I have lived in distress

Many things have happened where young children are abandoned carelessly by parents who do not have a social heart for their children

Sometimes humans need encouraging figures in their lives because they can make other people succeed.
The photo above reflects how life is so difficult without a heavy struggle

  ·  작년

Money solves many problems, but it does not solve them all. There are enough people at any social level to stab someone in the back and cause pain.


Your word is very true. I have felt that my money was spent by my close friends and he did not want to be responsible

A scene that is no longer foreign to some people, they often find things like that in their cities, but for me it is very touching

It is a pity if there are still people who sleep in places that are not feasible because I think it is very touching

I can't think clearly about this, a super modern world, super sophisticated technology, but I don't appreciate people of low rank

Honestly I want to cry if someone is sleeping in front of me with a makeshift base

Very outrageous, children are left to sleep without protection from their parents.
As we know, parents care for their children independently

The views of people seem to have been blinded by property, rank, rank.
They do not respect small children who need help from everyone around them

La sociedad necesita de hombres y mujeres de buenos sentimientos, la misericordia se muestra a traves de nosotros, excelente historia amigo

  ·  작년

He vivido experiencias con muchas personas que han tocado a mi puerta en busca de ayuda y que dentro de mis posibilidades les he podido remediar en algo su situación y dicha acción es con la mejor voluntad. Para mi es una satisfacción el poder colaborar en algo con el prójimo necesita, como lo menciona la palabra de Dios.

Excelente historia @done, espero con ansias la continuación de tu relato.

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These people, although they need bread and a roof, I believe that their greatest need is affection, to be heard and accepted by society. A touching and beautiful story that through her you instill values ​​like charity to your little ones. I hope the continuation, greetings @done

Muy buena historia, deja un mensaje para reflexionar, estaré pendiente de la continuación, gtacias por compartir

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@done beautiful story dear friend, has many nuances, a bit of sadness and joy, feel that someone still keeps the human heart is hopeful, what I like most is that you have involved your children in the action, we have to recover the good things and children are hope.
Thank you very much for letting us know this moving story.
I wish you a great day

Muy buena historia, espero la continuación.

buenisima historia!!! digno de admirar!!! es bueno cuando uno pasa estas anegdotas o historias buenas de contar, comparta con la gente por lo menos aqui en la plataforma, para saber lo que hoy en dia uno tiene para contar o compartir mas aun cuando se trata de este tipo de historias!! un gran abrazo y espero la continuacion!!!

Dear @done

I loved your approach to life, we must promote charity towards the needy, not only those who need a daily bread but those who need a spiritual sustenance to increase among others their self-esteem and value as people.
Receive my affections.

Image source

From your story @done many things are released, but the main one is to support the one who has nothing and who has nothing always comes a blessing that is well received and appreciated. I will be waiting for your next publication.

Hermosa historia. Gracias por compartir.

excellent story, helping the people who really need is something very admirable, thanks for sharing

very good history and teaching that has left us in his post, his reflection of support and solidarity with the neighbor and the needy is very good, this kind of feelings are highly valued and taken into account by our god to give us a blessing. There is no better feeling than being able to help the needy or someone and doing it and seeing a smile on that person's face is worth more than anything. Thanks for your story and your words of struggle.

A beautiful story of struggle, beautiful to reflect and value @done. Thanks for your words of strength

a very great story friend,the amazing.@done

A beautiful read. But I must admit its a first pleasant surprise for me after HF20 up-gradation that you are a excellent story narrator as well.

Passing on unspoken Good Deeds is something that we really should be teaching all our children

excellent narration and only gestures and feelings of helping the neighbor is what defines us as human beings and of excellent human quality with values ​​and principles I congratulate

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Great story! I hope the continuation.

Empathy and Sympathy are two common words. Meaning of both the words is so close. To be very honest I just say that:
Little John was needed some help and God sent you towards him and you did what you have taught by your parents. Tremendous job. I am so impressed with your acts in your life(Although I don't know who are you but I am witnessed that you helped a lot of people at steemit). Keep it up Sir @done!

What experienced by people in the photo above inspired me to try so that I would not be like that later

I like that teaching that you keep at the root "with every good deed comes a blessing" and it's something with a Biblical foundation. Behind each person there is a good story to tell and I'm sure it will leave us with a great teaching. Very good narrative indeed. Greetings!

very sad, It is very sad friend in the foundation we have touched to help many children in extreme poverty

  ·  작년

Por eso es que yo nunca me cansaré de hacer el bien. Dios promete que en su tiempo recogemos lo que sembramos. Siempre me ha gustado ayudar al prójimo. Saludos amigo cetáceo.

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how good it is to know that there are still families that induce good values to children, excellent story goes on like this.

Muchas veces los que venimos de poca liquidez monetaria, para no decir pobres llevamos por dentro un Little John, pero según nuestras circunstancias de vida y nuestras oportunidades de vida es quien nos de la diferencia, yo siempre uso esta imagen

Porque es mi propia realidad, estoy muy de acuerdo con lo que dices. Saludos desde Venezuela donde aun estamos muchos Little John

Good story @done
I like it.

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ouch...a great story to read,you made me feel excited when i'm almost done i saw the txt below was did end..i though it was a bad ending, but i realize it's not done it there..

Excited a bet here.😂😂

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I like this kind of stories, it would be good if people put themselves in the place of others and realize their sorrows, especially the people in the street. So if you do not have to help at least you will not be part of the people who only criticize and bother! regards

"I am sure that many of these people cannot help where they are in life." that's so true, we can't go through life pretending we know why people is the way they are, we should learn to be more kind to one another.
Thanks for sharing, I'll keep reading

Humans have the same degree but for most people popularity is more important than the quality of others because the rank is more important than others