What About Little John? Part Two

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A true story.

The story starts many years ago when I was walking my kids home from school and we had run into him on a bench in this park. (photo below)
The bench is gone, the park was refurbished, but the size of the park where twenty to thirty homeless people lived is still there.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. For those using translators, John is not a young boy. He was about thirty-five at the time we met. Poverty is everywhere and Little John is just one of many that I chose to meet, talk to and get to know.

Stepping in to help and knowing when to step out of the way.

This shot was from 2017 on street view, and by then Little John had already moved on.

This all happened years ago but there are several lessons to be learned. Last post I shared the first contact with John and how we came up with his nickname. He is a large man but the name Tiny is way over used.

Maybe a month had gone by and my children took turns giving him a few bucks, competing for the blessing that comes with doing so. I hope they felt that good feeling inside when you know you just made another's day a bit easier. Every experience leaves a lasting impression and Little John often came to mind when we ate dinner, watched movies and at night when it was time for bed. He found a spot in our thoughts and prayers when each day came to a close. To me, I had only given the man a little bit of paper currency, but this teddy-bear of a guy was now relying on me to be there once a week. He was not found sleeping at 5:00 in the evening anymore. He was awake and had something to look forward to every week.

My children, though small, were allowed to walk to their mother's house the other four days of the week. They passed within eye shot of the park on their way home every day. The know they are not to have interaction with any adults in the streets, known or otherwise. I sometimes asked if they had seen Little John, and if he seemed alright. I always got an update.

Seven or eight weeks had gone by and I started second guessing myself. I had decided that the lesson for my kids was over. I went earlier than usual to get a better idea of who this homeless man was. I decided to deal with him directly, have a conversation, and see if he knows how to dig himself out of desperation. I was also prepared to up the amount that I was giving so that he could get through the week.

Little John was not fast on his feet, was always alone as far as I had seen. There was little chance that I would be jumped or mugged. I got there thirty minutes early the following Friday. I approached him and shook his hand. There is a smell that comes with close contact, it was expected, but still, not pleasant. I gave him my first name, which he never got right since then to this very day. I handed him fifty this time. He held it up as would someone about to make a toast at a wedding, looked at it and said, "Thank you!" before putting it in his pocket. Then we had a conversation.

The plan was to invite him to sit and have a coffee that day. He was unable to leave his things unattended, but I did suggest he find a way for next week. He spoke of some of the others who live in the park, how they rob people and use the money for drugs or to get drunk. He had been beaten and lost what little he had on several occasions. I was glad to listen, saddened that he would be subjected that.

I found out that he does not smoke or drink. I learned that he had a stutter, and some of his though processes were not quite right. He had arrived from another country and had a child who was in his late teens that he had not seen in over two years. I asked if he knew the phone number to reach his boy and he did. By this time the smell that overwhelmed me was hardly noticeable, though I did sit a couple of feet away from him. When Little John moved or bent down to reach into the garbage bag where he kept most of his possessions, the smell would hit me like a two by four, then fade again. There was an invisible cloud around him. He showed me some of his valuables, like a smaller version of the tour when invited to a friend's house.

We each shared some of our struggles, he talked about his, I selectively spoke about mine. People that passed by scowled at me. This enraged me inside that anyone would judge me for speaking to, or sitting with another human being, no matter the smell or look of it. They all knew that Little John lived at that park, and they all knew that I am one of the parents who attends those parent teacher conferences. The money is a small price to pay, the scorn is a slightly higher price to pay for helping. I could see them labeling me in their minds, yet they also knew that my vehicle, phone, and even pets were at the top of the scale among parents. Can you say, "get bent" anyone? Yes, that was the look they got back from me. I shrugged off their looks more easily than I got used to the smell of the person I had chosen to make friends with.

I am staunchly different. My individuality has a toxicology to it. I don't think outside the box, I live there. I see every other person as an individual and love tearing up those obvious labels floating above their heads. Then I inform them of their individuality. Our first meeting was successful. Little John learned that his current social difficulties did not define him. Everyone deserves respect until they prove that they do not deserve it. Little John had my respect in the beginning and had not done anything to lose it during that meeting. I had learned enough about him to know that I was not wasting my time.

As time went on, I had to continue throwing off scorn from people that saw me speaking to Little John. As it turns out, Little John had to learn to deal with envy from the others who lived in the park. He now had a regular source of income and soon would have a financial advisor. This and more in the part three and onward here on Steemit.

Not @done yet. To be continued...

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This is an awesome story my friend! I don't know what prompted me to check and see if you had posted, but I'm so glad I did, this is the type of thing that gives me great hope for humanity. Of course I already knew that you were a blessing to people, but reading this? Beautiful. And I'm hooked, can't wait for the next part!

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I know, right?

I could not really consider posting until I reduced my holdings on Steemit. The response that I had on just a single comment back then was too massive and even destructive. My intro post rendered a tolerable response and nobody was phlagged out of existence. I hope I can continue to post now.

You of all people know that this series is not to call attention to myself. I am sharing my experience with its joys and pitfalls. The goal is that maybe ten percent of my followers would step out and sponsor on poor soul, resulting in three hundred or so human beings learning how to move off the street.


I hope you can too- the resource credit system is supposed to help with the spam style commenting and actually I'm realizing that it seems to be doing its job.

I do know that- you are the polar opposite of vain and self serving. You've never sought praise, which only makes me want to praise you more, lol. The more I know you, the more inspiring you are, truly. Your children have a real leg up in this world thanks to your instruction, and in so many ways.

This story contains many truths. There are still many people in extreme poverty in the world and many people look at them badly and treat them with indifference when they are human beings like all of us, only that some of us decided to give a smile to that person. who needs it and see it smile It should fill our souls with happiness because we are supporting even the poorest and seeing a smile. This is all satisfaction, I am very happy that there are special people like you who donate with humility, great courage and enthusiasm to help people.

Very good this fight story, this reminded me of an opportunity that was in my city waiting for transport to go to my house and I decided to eat an ice cream and when I'm about to pay I see that there is a boy with a very sad Face because he wanted to eat ice cream, but none of those who were ahead in the queue wanted to give an ice cream to the child, it was when I took the initiative to get my turn I told the girl who attended this business to give me two ice creams and she looked at me with a face like that What are you going to do with two ice creams, receive them I gave one to the child, she already had her answer there, well and that child I could see in her face a smile and full emotion, which was something wonderful for me, because at that age the children They eat a lot of sweets and I wanted to please them and that's how it was, every time I can give help, I give it to them because thank God I have always been blessed and supported and we have to share those blessings with the needy and the people we love. Greetings and may God give you many blessings Done.

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What a touching story! Children are the ones that break my heart the most. Poverty breeds poverty. I have seen children grow up working for handouts. Then I see those same kids who are barely out of their teens using their own children as a source of income. Unacceptable in a society where there are functional stores and plenty of work.

I understand that your country is in crisis, food can be the currency even if it is an ice cream.


If so, my friend done, my country is in crisis and we all go through difficult times to share something or lack of food supply, but even so with what little I have, when I can I try to help the needy, giving a smile to someone who thanks to the blessing of God could give.

You're right, there are parents or people who use their children or children as machines or tools to get money or food, instead of going to work on their own in honest work, even more so in my country because of the problems we all have They have suffered days and take advantage of the children and are exploited.

In the crisis that we are in Venezuela, he has seen as children through their great abilities, qualities and intelligence, they are able to survive honestly and correctly, they learn their young age at work in the streets and they are great businessmen because the huh seen, not all but some are able to fix appliances from very small or any kind of things and how someone helps you to fix your things at that age. I see this type of children or adolescents, I am happy to see their motivation and I congratulate them, since many, without knowing how to read or write, can learn many things faster than many professionals with degrees.

These children in my country have been able to bring food into their home, even a little, since most of them have been abandoned or have stayed with a family here in Venezuela, since their parents emigrated to other countries as the neighboring country from Colombia. .

When I see children in the street, when I go to buy something fast or as it happened with the child with ice cream, when some people ask me for money instead of food, I call them to sit down and I invite them to eat there with me. .

Children are a marvel and a blessing and a manifestation of joy throughout the world. In homes, they are the joy and excitement of home for their parents, grandparents and relatives. Greetings friend Done I hope that your next publication and God will continue to bless your great heart

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Deceptive "broadcast errors" linger in the wake of the hard fork.

Science &Tech has cured many diseases that is commendable. However, it's sad to know that even in this technologically most advanced times in the human history, humans have funds to kill humans and not for uprooting the mother of all evils, poverty.

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Ignorance and misinformation dominates the homeless community. Many see money only as something to be spent. They get ten dollars and they spend ten dollars. They get a thousand and they spend a thousand. That mentality is the only formula to poverty.


Well said. However, I see it bit differently. In a bigger picture, I think it's the responsibility of the state to provide jobs to its citizen. States want to keep homeless the way they are to make on-job people thankful with whatever they're getting paid. Otherwise the total population of the world is just 7 Billion and there are far more abundant resources to feed everyone in the world.

The wealthy look down on you for meeting someone with no money, and those with no money look down on him with envy and contempt for meeting you. It seems that others feel good when they criticize their peers but we are all human and we are prone to be in wealth and poverty but love is something that cannot be bought, not love of truth and is what really has value in this life.! I'm already curious about the other part of the story!

Wow @done
This has really got my attention to know that there are people in this world that has a kind heart such as you are displaying. I love this!


Well thank you very much for the follow.

It is sad that regardless of the social circle, people play only for these doing something fura of the "normal", no matter that in your case you are doing something human and can end up helping a person a lot, and in case of the It is the opportunity to get new opportunities and get out of the street, in some books they say that poverty is a mental state and I believe that our financial state is a reflection of our habits, many people earn more than others but they spend everything, from that way they will always be poor and dependent on their salary because the more they earn the more they spend, but there are always exceptional situations like in my country (Venezuela) because of the serious economic crisis every day more people go into poverty so reduce their expenses it is impossible to survive, The minimum salary is now roughly $ 18 per month and the worst of all is that this salary is general, since professionals are earning the same as those who do not study on.
I will follow your story.

It's a fascinating story so far and I'm eager to hear how it turns out. I've had a similar experience to what you describe, with "normal" people looking at me scornfully for interacting with homeless people. A drunk college student once called me a crackhead while I was talking with a woman who, admittedly, may have been a crackhead-- but the disdain and disrespect he showed is something I'll never forget.

Wish you'd post the whole story in one. Wondering now if it ends well.

We got a homeless tent city in our town between the local dump and the discount food grocery, on what's called 'crown land' (owned by the government) that remains undeveloped. The only way to get there is to hike through a field and brush. About a year ago I provisioned one of their residents, gave her so much stuff she couldn't carry it all on her wagon herself. Imagine a guy in a full suit carrying bags of tarps and food over a three lane road with a little homeless lady and her wagon. Punks tried to run us over. The moment someone thinks you're homeless, you're done (not in the same way you're "done" either). You stop being a person.

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The weekly help I gave John made him king of the park so to speak. I did not shower him with money because it takes time to become accustomed to being one of the have after spending time as a have not for so long.

There are slums outside the city that I would not be brave enough to try and enter. I must say that you are a braver person than I am.

Excellent story, from all points of view your story is instructive, I sincerely admire your courage and decision to do the right thing, how was to approach, help, talk and listen to little John, that's what he is. With respect to people who passed by and looked at you with contempt because you were talking to a person with little John, they are the ones who really do not deserve any kind of respect in my opinion, far from that they show selfishness and arrogance. I totally share what you say in your story: "" Everyone deserves respect until they prove that they do not deserve it. "And that should be the premise for many, since I will not be so demanding and say that for all of them it would be naive or I congratulate you and I look forward to the third part, greetings

Woo... @done a life story that touches my heart.

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I think that in this world there should be no homeless people, we should all help each other since we are the same race, there should not be so much indifference, if we can see that in countries like yours, imagine how we are in my country venezuela

Cuando nos dirigimos apresurados a nuestros trabajos podemos tropezar con personas en condiciones similares a las de Little Jhon pero no les prestamos atención, sin hacernos a la idea que podría ser el caso de nosotros en un futuro. Su historia resulta fascinante y con muchas enseñanzas.

Fuente imagen

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La historia de Little Jhon me ha parecido muy emocionante, el a pesar de vivir en la pobreza siempre ha mantenido una actitud digna ante los demas. Espero conocer
mas de su vida en la próxima historia.

Descubrir los talentos que le dio Dios a una persona resulta en algunas oportunidades un reto que debemos asumir cada uno de nosotros al igual que debemos preouparnos de encontrar y desarrollar los talentos con los que nos doto el Creador. Espero la tercera parte para conocer esa persona exitosa que es Little Jhon.

Fuente Imagen

Me atrapó la historia, esperaré con gran entusiasmo la tercera parte. Pienso que muchas personas se dejan dominar por las apariencias y se convierten en seres sin corazón, incapaces de hacer el bien a un semejante, te dejo mi apoyo y darte las gracias por compartir.

Very good, how good that John met a person like you, is to admire what you do, how good you are to help him, sometimes we just need a word of love to be well, to cheer up. Those people who tag you, do not know what they do, do not know love, what you do is true love, love is in everything, and in your heart abounds. Thanks for that.

Well there is still a lot to be known in this story thanks for sharing this part was looking forward to it

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Que linda historia estas desarrollando, me gusta el enfoque de humildad, hay esperanza para un nuevo ser. si hay una tercera parte la estaré leyendo.

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There will always be people who believe themselves more than others because of the friendships they have, and they don't realize how important it is to treat us all equally.

I applaud your posts for motivating people around the community, from your posts. @done honestly I want to cry when I first see it, it's really unfortunate if there is someone who has no place to live in this day and age.
And I hope you will occasionally give upvote in my post someday, I am very amazed at how you share with others, thank you

The solidarity of fellow human beings is very much needed in groups because if we share with each other it might help those who are in trouble for money, housing and others

Everything in life has consequence, and our good will brings well-being and joy to our being, it is important to act with conscience, thank you for sharing this story

Esta historia de Little Jhon nos demuestra que a pesar de nosotros tener comodidades la vida nos puede llevar a situaciones en la que nuestras necesidades no puedan ser aliviadas por el dinero y que requiramos la ayuda de los demas y sobre todo ser protegidos por Dios. Saludos @done
iFuente magen

Este mundo necesita de gente de buen corazon, que vea màs allà de su ombligo, necesitamos gente màs colaboradora, gracias por mostrar tsnlinda historia done

Excellent that you've met little John. This is a true altruistic act of kindness and generosity that you are doing. Regularly I offer some money to people like little Jhon in my city, but I find it hard to start a conversation with a person like that, but not you, that's why I congratulate you. It seems that you are a great person. Waiting for the 3rd part. Bye

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I can say that the conversation was awkward at best. In future posts you will see that I ended up staying in touch with him on a weekly basis for years. Money was not the most useful thing to get him off the streets. It was a change in mindset and tools to get him back on his feet.

Very nice comment. Thanks.

Saludos @done, excelente relato.
Es muy lamentable que gran parte de la sociedad está acostumbrada a juzgar a los demás, guiándose por las apariencia, la mayoría te valora según aspectos tan banales como, el estilo o costo de ropa que lleves, sin detenerse si quiera a darse la oportunidad de conocerte, sin termina de entender que el día de nuestra muerte, todos por igual, no podremos llevarnos nada material y de nosotros el único legado que quedará y que realmente vale la pena serán nuestras buenas acciones para con nuestro prójimo.

Muy buena trama se està formando amigo, sya se ve y se espera un buen desenlace.. excelente

Excelente relato, la gente tiende a juzgar a los demás por su apariencia, su condición, su raza, etc., incluso llega a condenar a otros por estar con estas personas, sin pensar que en realidad todos somos iguales, estamos hechos de lo mismo y al final de nuestros días, terminamos transformándonos en lo mismo. Espero por la continuación

Good what you do ... God will bless you for that. Christ came precisely to rescue people like little John. That is our earthly presence, but many people think more about them than they forget the needs of others. We have to shake hands with the fallen, the beggars, the sick and above all pray for them so that God can take them out of that spiritual world in which they find themselves and bring them to their light of blessing. God bless you and your family.

A beautiful story that I will remember when I evangelize in the streets, I thank you for doing what you do with Jhon and what you teach by example that you give to your children, they will never forget the good gesture of their father!

for I was hungry, and ye gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; naked, and ye clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungry, and fed thee? or athirst, and gave thee drink? And when saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? And when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me.
Matthew 25:35-45


In the world we can find many Little Jhon, with their stories of past successes but living a new present, in my house we work a gardener named Alfredo who is a little diminished but always keeps his enthusiasm and memories of his past glories . I loved your story friend @done



This story friend @done shows how we have lost our sense of humanity, we think that being in the street deserve to be despised and execrated from society, we think they are not people and we never stop to think what motives led them there, such many times they come for vices, but the others how they arrived?

the people who pass by and see him talking to little John with strangeness is because they do not understand how two worlds can mix: good man and street man. and I do this differentiation because I know that many see it that way. I hope the third part. Greetings.

Good for Little John, your story is a story of thousands to frame what is the social decline and decadence for which many people pass, many out of necessity, I would love to see that all people on the street could find a job and so a source of income, in more developed countries I think it is easier to get out of this system that is often mental and many people prefer to live it out of laziness or because they suffer from some psychological illness, I want to tell you what I see in the streets of my country , a small country in South America that like many is going through the worst situation, in Venezuela you see people submerged in poverty collecting food from the garbage, many times you want to help and even people get upset, the truth is a very complicated social system and I think that in this case it has been the fault of the government that I accustom many people to do nothing and receive benefits, just as there are hundreds of people who look for food in the trash, I know of many who walk barefoot through the streets, the reality of a communist country is that I decided, I think Little John is lucky to live where he lives and to get ahead in a certain way because somehow or other the system allowed it, however in my country to get out of poverty is very difficult because every day we are poorer, so work, so you have a title, has ruined Venezuela and I am moved by your story but I think I have seen so many people suffering street situation that even die on sidewalks and benches that I do not know what to think, it is not fair that the good suffer these evils and I hope that one day so much poverty in the countries will be completely settled and that people will understand the importance to work and get ahead in the most humble way.

It is unbearable many times not being able to help, because even the economic situation has affected people who had money, it is difficult and it is real, it hurts and every day is worse, I feel happy that the character of your story could advance and improve is what What more wish for my country and the people who live right now on the street.

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There are so many differing opinions and all have validity because each person on the street has their own story. each individual is different. Some would just as soon kill you because they have the chance when you stop to offer help. Others graciously accept what you offer.

I will rarely give to those who are obviously drunk, though I have purchased food and handed it to them after buying my lunch at a fast food place. The right thing to do is give them something to eat rather than helping to ruin their liver.


There are so many stories, so many situations that it is impossible to know them all or to attend them all. But look at yourself, how many of us have been by their side and we have not even admitted that they are there and are part of our day to day life. In the province where I live, the city has adopted many of them for their peculiarity and somehow they have ceased to be invisible and now one or the other helps them either with food or money.
There are so many reasons for these people.

I liked to follow the story from the point of view in which someone like you offers his audacity and support to someone who needs help or at least be heard, who can share stories so different and misunderstood, things that many of us can not even imagine. Regards

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John had a profound impact on my pattern of help, coming in future posts.

Much of our later discussions had to do with basic principles of business, however small. There is money to be made everywhere, but not so much if you have people hitting you and robbing you as you sleep on a bench.

I did however imagine his welfare on every rainy night. Again, that is still to come in future posts.

It is impressive to read these things and to realize how powerful the mind is, I am one of those who believe that poverty is mental, and that we ourselves are the ones who limit ourselves, at the same time it is sad to know that we judge people many times for their physical aspect and we forget that we are of the same species, we should help each other instead of criticizing and looking over our shoulder at someone who is going through a bad patch. a very nice story, my respects.

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John is confused in his thinking and he does have mental challenges as you will see. I clearly told him that if he has $100 and finds a way to spend every last cent the same day, even on food, then it only ensures that he has not even one dollar for tomorrow. There are very simple logical changes one can make in order to improve one's own tomorrow, or next week.

Of course, holding on to paper bolivars in Venezuela would never be smart as they devalue to nothing by the next day, but buying a bit more sugar or cereal than you need in order to trade those the next day may work. Economy in spending is preferred more often than not. For example, I walked the ten blocks instead of pulling my ride out of the garage. I have the time and it is easier to think when walking.

Great comment.

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Es muy lamentable que hayan tantos seres humanos que solo viven de apariencia, son tan vacíos espiritualmente que para ellos lo material es lo único que tiene valor en la vida. Seria bueno que Littlen Jhon pueda comunicarse con su hijo, espero que sea así en la tercera entrega de este fascinante relato de vida. Hasta ponto @done.

Que importante lección para mi este relato done y me hace recordar la parábola del Buen Samaritano que encontró un herido en el camino y le ayudó y pagó todo sus gastos y que si faltaba algo lo pagaría a su regreso al dueño del hotel. No necesitamos amar a multitudes pero siempre va haber un prójimo a la vuelta de la esquina que nos puede hacer muy feliz y aun a nuestros hijos esta lección del "amar a nuestro prójimo como a ti mismo" bendicione para ti y tus hijos

This is a very interesting story when I read it, some motivational words for me to get from your story. in my opinion, we will never distinguish between the ranks of fellow human beings, not seeing where they come from and which family groups they belong to. they remain the same as us who have many shortcomings and strengths. it's all the same as our fellow humans. I am sure, there are still many good people out there who help each other and you are one of them. I love reading stories from your good writing @done.

Regards @done and i like you.

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Poverty is something that does not depend only on one person. In my country, for example, if inflation occurs, the purchasing power is zero, as much as you work and study, it is difficult to get out of this problem that is not only the person but the economy of the same country. as it happens in Africa. and other countries, but what is part of a person is getting to the bottom, either by a vice or by selfishness

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Hii @done I always feeling glad to see your post and any lovely comment. Your this story and previous episode in your that post is really awesome. Your this post has a wonderful lesson for humanity. Keep posting friend.

Developement can change the world only for those who have money. Those who are poor remain poor.

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such a kind people you are @done people living around the park or a homeless man,mostly people judge them by their situation but we don't really know what's the story behind their situation right now..

Your move of of giving them chance to know about little Jhon was a great vision..now you know about little Jhon and i am amazed on what you did..

I am more excited to know him more i can't wait to meet Him here on the platform..

God Bless a Man like you @done may God rained you a thousands folds of blessings..

Have a Blessed day Ahead!

Maybe some people only see in terms of material that should not be wasted. money is spent on land that is not important, poverty will increase and people are increasingly desperate and displaced. Resteem.

A wonderfull story, it tell much about the kind of person that you are, and the type of people that the world really needs. This is awesome, and is a pleasure read such great piece of work. Please continue doing this kind of post, i am very glad to read this.

Where there is a sense of humanity when they see events like this happening before their eyes

If I have a little money I want to help ease the burden on the person's life

Wow, it was unfortunate that the child had to sleep in the garden because there was no place to live. I sympathized with this incident

I have seen it happen in my country in the center of Jakarta, so many homeless people sleep in front of shop houses or other people's shops

Various things have happened, such as the absence of shelter for poor people because of the lack of income they get

Life is hard by working hard it might be successful, if we have good intentions we will certainly achieve all the dreams we want

Some ordinary people through life with many trials and their tears always flow every time

It is unfortunate that the world has been modern but there are still those who have no place to live, the rich become kings and the poor become servants of the king

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Saludos @done hermosa historia.

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La mejor manera de decir tantas verdades es cuando te ha pasado a ti o lo has vivido de cerca. Excelente testimonio.

"The money is a small price to pay, the scorn is a slightly higher price to pay for helping." we live in a crazy world, I'm loving reading this story, I can find wisdom in your words, like this bit:
"Everyone deserves respect until they prove that they do not deserve it."
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Humans have the same degree but for most people popularity is more important than the quality of others because the rank is more important than others