had fallen on the stairs

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Hallo steemian friends all wherever you are.
Today may not be my lucky day. As the saying goes 'fallen fallen on the ladder' may be very suitable to describe my story today. Because today the inventory in the wallet is very thin, so I have to go to the ATM to take a little provision to survive. Say away from my house to the nearest ATM about 2 kilometers. Pas on the way, uh shit, my train tire is flat. I had to push my train about two-and-a-half miles to find the tire outseller.

Almost half an hour wait without a cigarette that can comfort me, finally finished already. "How much bang?" I asked the tire outsider with a feeling of upset. Because I only have seven thousand dollars in my pocket. That's why I can not buy cigarettes and any drinks.

"Fifteen thousand" replied the tires. Ah .. Damn again, my money is not enough, more unlucky again, I can not contact friends or anyone who can help. I do not carry my mobile phone, because it is my HP battery again down, so I'm carger in friendly. Ehm .. Ehmm. So it's not as good as a tire outsider. After the bargain and akirnya I think should entrust STNK train as a guarantee on the tire outsmart. (Indeed he did not ask, but I feel bad aja if there is no guarantee for his.

Then I went straight to the ATM machine to finish this famine. But again unlucky, his ATM machine is broken. There already stuck the paper announcement 'SORRY,, MACHINE IS MISERED'.

Ah ,, I was thinking hard ,, how to solve this problem. Then I thought, is not this my debit card is an Atm card together!?. Yes .. not far from there I see there is Atm local bank. Immediately I slid there. I enter my Atm, I press the nominal number that I want to withdraw, then press Yes. Uh ,, unlucky again, the machine answered "SORRY ,, BALANCE YOU HAVE NOT ENOUGH". HAHH .. I just remembered that my account balance can only be withdrawn 50 thousand rupiah. And this Atm only provide money 100 thousand rupiah.

The last solution ...
Then I went to the house of a best friend I believed 100% he would help me. I was welcomed by his father, But, unfortunately again, my friend is not at home. Because his parents already know me well, then I told him a little. ALHAMDULILLAH. he was kind, then gave me some tens of thousands of money and said "Take it, this is not a debt". I shyly picked it up while saying "THANK YOU".

Peaceful greetings for all of you

by @ericksteem

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