4년 전

These days, it seems
we engross ourselves
in bucket lists,
and dream often
of the excitement
of far off, distant places

we constantly seek escape
from the moment
and dive deep
into the blue glow
of our screens
while ignoring our dreams
and the gift of life
unfolding all around us

sometimes our peace
lurks in the familiar,
the energy we feel
from the person across the table,
in the micro-expressions of friends,
the slightest twitch of an eyelid
or that certain sarcastic smile

sometimes our answers
are tucked away in the most
comfortable of places,
where people know us deeply
but love us just the same

as I find myself
in the full vigor
of my middle years
I know in every
cell of my being
that we must learn to
love who we are,
exactly where we stand,
at this very moment.

and if we find
we can’t do that,
something then
must drastically change,

the choices, they are ours
but life will always
show us the way
we’re supposed to be.

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Really reflective poem of how we can transition into the vortexed world of technology while completely being oblivious to the beauty, comfort and natural interaction that the surrounding world provides with the most subtle of notions that represent life. Some
of the most simplistic and reactionary gestures, phrases, sounds or facial expressions can respark the pure humanity within us and bring us back to our own senses. Too easily can we be drawn into the illuminance of our portable devices when in fact the people around us are desiring our love, affection and attention. Many times, we even neglect our own selves, while we spend countless moments and hours online, sheltering ourselves from feeling and experiencing or even acknlowedging reality but we must dig deep within to recognize where this need for escape has been rooted and with what justification. Please keep sharing and inspiring. Upvoted


I have to say, @verbal-d, you understand my work and express the core and subtle aspects of it more eloquently than almost anyone I've experienced before. Thank you very much for reading, upvoting, and taking the time to leave this thoughtful analysis. You would thrive as an editor, you would be great at doing book reviews as well.

I hate how detached we're becoming as a society, we're connecting but not connected any more. I even watch people walking their dogs in our neighborhood and instead of enjoying a quiet 10-15 minutes to clear their minds and connect with their pet, they're instead on their phones. It's a sad state of affairs. I hope we learn how to use this awesome technology a little more wisely soon.

I have almost a whole chapter in my upcoming meditation book dedicated to "screen time management".

I'm following you now.


You're most welcome @ericvancewalton I've said this before and I'll continue to say it when it is well deserved, thank you for inspiring such a reflective response with your profound literature. Thank you for following me as well, I look forward to your next chapter. I actually believe the poem I posted today goes hand in hand with your poem here. It is called Violet Values. Please enjoy it when you have leisure.

Hey Fellow Eric!!! Thanks for creating this Awesome Poem!!!

I too feel the need to 'un-plug' on a daily basis - I don't use Facebook or Twitter when I'm on an Off-Period at School (I'm a Jr High Music/Choir Teacher) - and whenever we have our Sand Volleyball games, I leave my phone in the car.

There's plenty of situations where I see people Zombified by their phone while in a public place like a restaurant or bar. I vividly remember a time a few years ago where these 4 'Just out of College' women were at a bar, looking relatively miserable, and then in an instant transformation they all smiled like crazy as one of them took a selfie. Less that 20 seconds later, they were all at their table looking relatively miserable again...

Life is a beautiful thing, and now that I'm 42, I'm striving to really make the most out of every day that I can. I guess I'm just looking for my personal answer to life, the universe and everything...

Upvoted, Followed and Commented!!! ROCK ON!!!



Hey, Eric! Thanks so much for your comment! I totally agree. I believe this is a very hardcore addiction that is only beginning to be discussed and is epidemic. People seem more enthralled with recording their existence for social media than actual enjoying and appreciating their lives.

I think im adding this to my list of favourite poems. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and thought provoking words.

the choices, they are ours
but life will always
show us the way
we’re supposed to be.

Loved this part.


Thanks, @mindfreak! I really do believe that life does show us the way if we're paying attention.

“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”

so nice poem :D

<3 BEST WISHES @ericvancewalton!! <3


Lovely and inspiring post.


Much appreciated, @team101 and thank you so much for being a regular reader!