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What is sincere expression? How is it? What's a blood suit to the judge? Is it called? Judges and prosecutors who make this decision are responsible for these situations. This harassment, the rape events must be on their own, to understand the seriousness? Or will they not understand that they act unjustly?


You have no teeth in your mouth. The cane is walking. Did she tell you how the 9-year-old granddaughter had been turned into a juvenile offspring? Because the creature told the magistrate about the incident, did she even leave the prison without experiencing good conduct? Why did we ask you why? Disrespectful to some mean old man. What they say rudely grows this youth. We'il be rude instantly.

2 minutes late if the bus or minibus is easy. All the people of the bus unity will make you rudely. But when they cannot find the solution to take the step, they find the problem to harass. And then they're comfortable. They're searched for a new mess.


The issue is not to be a vile name; Did you like the judge suit and talk, oh you're innocent! If the judges and penalties are so light, what crimes are committed. The death penalty should definitely come from ordinary crimes such as rape, terrorism, harassment. Any other kind of scum will be cleared.

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