Meant to be

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episode 4

********Angela was relaxing in her friend’s well furnished one bedroom apartment,……..She enjoys staying there anytime she’s free,…….. She was in the room relaxing when her phone rang,…… It was a strange number calling her

She picked the call and refused to talk first,…….

“Hello, pls am i speaking to Angela? The voice from the other end of the phone asked

“Yes, and who’s this?, “she asked
.” I’m Desmond, Richie’s friend, ”

She rolled her eyes to check if she has met him before,…..

” Ooooh, i met you some weeks ago,.. How’re you doing? ”

” I’m fine,….. I’m driving around your area, so i decided to pay you a visit “.

” That’s very nice of you, but i’m not at home,….. ”

” Just send me the address to where you are,… And i’ll be there”

She sent her friend’s address to him and awaited his visit.

He called her to come outside the gate and meet him some minutes later….. She rushed out wondering why the sudden visit,… She saw him alighting from his car along with a girl,….

“Angela, how’re you doing dear,.” he greeted her
“Fine,……. I’m sorry for stressing you”

“it’s nothing,… Meet my fiancee,.. Nancy.. “he introduced the pretty lady with him to her

” Nice meeting you,.. I’m Angela,… . “she stretched out her hand for a handshake but got a hug instead

” Yea, she’s Angela, Richie’s heartthrob, ”

She laughed

” We’re free today so we decided to hang out with you if you dont mind”

“i’m free too, i’ll quickly lock up my friend’s apartment,.. ”

She made sure she securely locked Tope’s door before giving the key to her neighbour,……

They went to a good restaurant and had their lunch,… From there, they went shopping,…. Nancy was realy nice to her,…. She treated her like a queen,…….. Desmond dropped her off in the evening in front of her house,…….

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time you spent with me, ”

” I’ll do anything for my friend,.. He begged me to take care of you,…… And i’m keeping my promise, ”

” oooooh, he did,…… Anyway thank you all the same”she turned to enter her compound when Desmond called her back

“Eeemmm, Angela,…. Richie gave me something to give to you,….. “he said handing her a brown envelope

” What’s this for? “she asked with a stern look

” He said you should take care of yourself with the money”

“Thank you for your kind gestures, but i’m sorry i wont take that money,….. Tell him i dont need him or his money, i’m happy the way i am,…. ”
” But…… He said i should give it to you “..

” Pls i dont need it,… I dont want to sound harsh, .. “she said with tears in her eyes,. She ran into her compound


The drive home was quiet,…. Desmond was humming the song playing in his car,…… His fiancee broke the silence

“Bae, Angela is a nice girl and doesnt deserve what your friend is doing to her,….. She’s really hurt,… . ”

” Who says she deserves it,…. Desmond is doing all these for her protection,….. Dont judge him yet,….. ”

” I’m only concerned because i’m a woman, and i know how hurt she is,……. Did you notice she was avoiding any discussion that would bring up Richard’s name,.. She’s angry with him”

“yeah, i noticed,…… Richie will sort out everything once he returns ”

” i pray he does”

Richie had returned home from his trip,.. And he’s so eager to see his girlfriend and make up with her,….. He bought alot of presents for her,…. He had earlier called his friend Desmond and informed him of his arrival,….. He was already on his way to his house,……

“my guy what’s up?” Desmond greeted him as he flung the door to his room open,…… They hugged each other…
“God, wetin you chop?, you’re looking fresh ” Desmond asked him

” You’re looking good too,.. How’s your family doing? ”

” Good, so tell me how was your trip,…… He asked helping himself with a can beer from Richie’s fridge and setting on his bed

“Remember i told you that the trip wasn’t a business trip,…. I was wrong,i
..i was moving from one meeting to the other,… It was really hectic for me,. I’m surprised she wasn’t planning something afterall,…… Guess she’s paying more attention to her politics…. . Thank God i’m home”..

“Thank God, i was scared of her next action”

They both laughed

“So how’s Angel, hope you gave her the money? ”
” which money,…. That girl is hurt,…… She refused to take the money,…… She’s angry with you,…… That girl needs you and not your money ”

” I pity her too, but i cant help it,…. That woman will kill Angela if she finds out she’s my girl,…… Dont underestimate that woman oooo,… . Dont worry, my plan is going accordingly,…. The storm will soon be over ”

” I hope so,.. Anyway i trust you ,… Not all guys will take such bullshit from their mother,….. You know i can’t take such from my mother,……. ”

” I’m being a fool for the good of this family,…. I cant stand and fold my arms watching my family destroy,…… You know……… , i used to remember how happy we used to be as a small happy family, daddy was still in control of his empire, all of a sudden mum became a villain,….. She became domineering,.. … ”

As he was still speaking, a loud scream was heard from his mother’s room,.. He and his friend ran out to know what happened.

*******” What happened to her?, “He asked Don who was scared
” we heard her arguing on the phone,next we heard a scream from her room, we rushed in and saw her in this condition “Don explained

” I think she’s having a cardiac heart attack,…. Let’s take her to the hospital fast………. “Desmond said

They helped carry her to the car and rushed off to the hospital,…..
The doctor was already waiting for them before they arrived,….. She was attended to immediately.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Angela was so happy school will resume on Monday,…. She was happy she would return to be with her class children, she would be busy with her work and her mind would be distracted from thinking about Richard,..

Her father was on morning shift, so was at home that night,….. He entered his daughter’s room to have a chat with her.

“Angela dear,… You’re getting ready for work, “he asked sitting down on a stool in the room

” Yes daddy,.. … I’m so happy school is finally resuming ,…… “she replied excitedly

” My daughter, i’ve been watching you closely,… I feel there’s something bothering you,… You can always confide in your daddy ”

This is where her mother has also failed in her duty,… It’s a pity she’s not close to her,…. She cant have a mother daughter talk with her mother,….. She’s always busy thinking of the new clothe in the market to buy, knowing their condition…… She looked at her father and smiled at him

“Daddy, there’s nothing bothering me,….. I’m ok,….. I was only angry when your knees were paining you,….. But i’m ok now”

She stood up and brought out part of the money that is remaining from the money Richard’s mother threw at her

“Daddy pls hold this little money,…. Pls don’t reject it,…. This is part of the money i saved,….. Use it and buy whatever you need,… I want you to always be happy,…… ”

” What can i say?, my God will replenish wherever this money is coming from,….. ”

She hugged her daddy tightly,……

” It’s well ok”she assured him

“Amen ”
He returned to his room and laid on his bed,…… He had drop of tears in his eyes,…….

” How i wish your mother is as reasonable and understanding as you are,….. Two of you are just two parallel lines that can never meet”he thought to himself referring to Angela and her mother


The doctor came out and asked to see Richie in his office

“Richie, i’m sorry your mother’s condition is not good at all,….. The last time she was rushed in here,…… I warned her alot about stress and getting angry unnecessarily,…. She needs to take care of herself or else she’ll break down …. She lacks good sleep,…….. ”

” Why would she sleep,? A witch never sleeps,…. She’s always planning,.. Manipulating other people,….,….. “he thought to himself

He went home at least he would’ve some moments of peace without his mother interfering in his affairs,….. He tried calling Angela but she refused picking his calls,…..

He decided to pay her a surprise visit.

******* Richard woke up early the next morning,.and Called his doctor to check on his mum before heading to the bathroom,…… He dressed up in a simple outfit,.. He checked his look in the mirror and smiled at his cute look,… He took his car key and drove straight to Angela ‘s house,…………


Angela was busy with her morning chores when her father called her into the room,…

“Angela,.. I received a call from the village now , my mother is seriously sick,….. I need to travel to the village right now, your mother said she cant travel with me,…. I want you to accompany me to the village,.. We shall be back in three days,… “he said in a pleading tone

” There’s no problem,… I’ll quickly bathe and we will leave”

she hurried with her chores and left for the village with her daddy.


Richard arrived twenty minutes late,…… Angela and her father were already on their way to the their village,Ogwashi ukwu,……
He packed his car and walked into her compound,…. This is the first time he is visiting Angela at home,….. He walked in and everywhere was quiet,….. He knocked at Angela’s ‘s door and Eric answered it

“Good day sir,.. How may i help you? ”

” Pls i’ m looking for Angela, hope this is her house,.. ”

” Yes but i’m sorry she travelled to the village with my daddy”

“Oh no,.. Not today,…” Richie thought to himself

“When will they be back? ”

” they will be back in three days”Eric saw the look on Richie ‘s face
“Sir, hope there’s no problem? ”

” Not at all,.. I’ ll come back to check on her”..

He walked away disappointed, he tried her number and it was saying unreachable,…. He drove back home.

Angela spent three days in the village with her daddy,.. Thank God her grandmother was getting better,…. They returned on Sunday evening.


Angela tried her best to avoid Richard,.. Her school work kept her busy, Richie’s mother had also recovered, …..

Mrs Johnson walked into her son’s room to have a chat with him

“Son,…. Are you busy? “she asked quietly
” not really,… ”

” The doctor said i need a break, i’ve made all the necessary arrangements to travel to the states for one month vacation,…i want you to take care of everything while i’m away,… The guards will be here to ensure your safety ”

Richie couldn’t believe what he heard,…. He feigned anger

” So you’ve been making arrangements to travel to the state and you never informed me,….. “he asked

” I never wanted to travel,.. The doctors advised me to go there for my check up,…. I’m only doing this because of my health,. ”

” i wish you will travel and never return “he muttered to himself

” What did you say? “she asked him

” Eeem,….. I mean… When are you travelling? “he stammered

” Tomorrow,.. My guards will take care of your dad,… I’ll always call to check on the family “..

” Ok, take care of yourself,.”

Immediately she left his room,… He called his friend Desmond

“Are serious?, i cant believe your mother will ever abandon her business and politics for one good month”

“I guess God is finally answering my prayers,….. I’m the happiest man on earth,…… ”

” I’m happy for you too,… Remember your birthday is coming up next tomorrow,… We shall celebrate it in your house “..

” You know i love quiet birthdays ,……… I dont trust that woman, she can walk in at any time,…. I don’t know what my birthday will be like,… Because i planned celebrating it with her,… Now she’s not picking my calls, i’ve tried my best to see her but she doesn’t want to see me”he lamented
“Enough pls,…. I’ll call Nancy right away to start making arrangements for your birthday celebration,…. See you tomorrow in your office, ”
” Ok bye”


The bleeping on Richie’s phone woke him up,…. He received text messages from his sweet sister Vanessa and his bank wishing him a happy birthday,… He was eager to receive a text from Angela,…. He then remembered he never had the time to tell her his birthday date,…….. He dragged himself out of bed and went to the bathroom,….. He spent the day in his bedroom,…..

Desmond and Nancy drove to Richie’s house later in the evening,…… He has been expecting them since afternoon, ….. They entered his room singing a birthday song for him,…. They brought in, the cake they ordered for him and drinks,….. Richie was so happy to see them,……

“Guess what? “Desmond asked him

” What? ”
” There’s a surprise birthday gift for you “just close your eyes”

He closed his eyes immediately,….. After some seconds, he was asked to open his eyes…… He opened his eyes to behold the love of his life,…..
Angela was standing right before him, he thought he was dreaming,….. He wiped his eyes with his hands, he couldn’t believe what he’s seeing
“Desmond!!!, this is the best birthday gift,… ”

He rushed to Angela and hugged her tightly, he kissed her deeply not minding Desmond and Angela were there,…. He lifted her up in the air,….

” Angel, i missed you so much,… I’m sorry for hurting you,…. I promise i’ll never hurt you again,…. “they sat down on his bed,……

They cut the cake and ate the food they brought,…… After that,…. Desmond and Angel announced their departure,….

” Is my Angel sleeping here tonight? “He asked excitedly

Angel nodded her head shyly,….

” I cant believe this,…. “he turned to Desmond” man, you’re the best,.. I really appreciate,…. Nancy, you’re the bomb ,….. I’m gonna spend the weekend with my Angel…….. “he hugged Desmond

After Desmond left, Angel bathed and wore a nightie and laid down to sleep,…. Richie bathed also and joined her in the bed,…… Richard cuddled her in his arms,…..

” Baby, i missed you so much,… I know i’ve not been the best boyfriend to you,… I promise to be always there for you,….but wait ooooo,….. How did you manage to come here”

“I lied to my parents that i would be visiting Tope for the weekend,.. Desmond and Nancy lied to me that you are seriously sick,….., i was shocked to see you hale and hearty when i entered your room”

“You lied to your parents to be with me,.. Baby i love you so much,…… I’m sorry for what happened at the restaurant the last time we went out ”

” You shattered my heart the day you denied me before your mother,… I’ve always prayed to meet any member of your family, but you……… “he cut her short with a sweet kiss,….. I responded unknowingly,…. From there, he moved down to my nightie,….. I was so inlove with him that i gave my whole body to him,….. He slowly removed our clothes,…. He swallowed my b----t in his mouth,… I closed my eyes as he was doing magic to my body,…. He went down to my v----a and gave me the suck of myself,…. Though i’m a virgin, i do watch some movies with sex scenes,…. I know all the moves he was making on me,…. Before i knew what was happening, he had already entered me,… I felt a sharp pain in between my thigh,….
. “Angel,….i’m sorry for all that i did to you,…. I love you so much and will forever stand by you” he professed

“I love you too,.”

He started driving inside her,…. He made sweet love to her,….. After the first round, he changed his bedsheet after they had a warm bathe,…… He made love to her one more time before they slept,……

, ****, ****** Richie woke up the next morning to hear footsteps towards his door,….. It was the sound of heels,… He didn’t remember locking his door last night,….. The step was close to his door and he had no time rushing to close it,…… Before he could leave his bed, his door flung open and he saw the shock of his life,…… He looked at the figure standing before him and looked back at his girlfriend who was sleeping peacefully.

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