The president's daughter

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Chapter Ten: Second Biggest Shock

“Are you sure you don’t want to give you a ride home?” Sarah asked for the billionth time today.
“Its fine mother,” I said in a joking matter. “I’ll have one of my parents pick me up, and anyways I left my bag in my locker.”
“Okay Miss Sarcastic, I’ll see you Monday!” Sarah said.
I nodded closing the door. As she drove her Red Toyota Corolla and drove out of the schools parking lot. I waved as her car sped off.
After we had celebrated her making it to the top five in the talent show we went to Cold Stone for ice cream to celebrate afterwards she wanted to drive me home but I told her I needed to get my bag from my locker and anyways I couldn’t let her drive me home anyways.
I hummed to myself quietly as I made my way down the deserted hallway. I spun the dial of my locker quickly opening it and grabbing my book bag.
I dug inside my bag to retrieve my phone. I flipped through the contacts to search for my mother’s number. I clicked call button as I patiently waited for her to answer the phone.
“Hello?” I heard my mom’s voice from the other end.
“Hey mom, I am at school could you send someone to pick me up?” I would’ve asked her but my mom doesn’t drive anymore, a lot changed when my dad became President.
“Um, sure honey I’ll send one of the bodyguards. Where are you at the moment?”
“School,” I answered back.
“Okay, they’ll be there shortly. Love you be safe.” I heard her say from the other end. I responded with a quick love you too not before hanging up the phone.
“Nerd?” I spun around to see Gavin walking towards me, “What are you still doing here?” He asked his eyebrows knitted in confusion.
“I forgot my bag in my locker,” I said holding up my bag. “What are you doing here?”
He shrugged, “Wasting time, I didn’t feel like going home.”
“Oh,” I said not knowing how to respond.
“Yeah,” He said stuffing his hands into his pocket. “So who were you on the phone with?”
“Were you eavesdropping?” I asked in disbelief.
“No, I was silently listening from a far and anyways it’s not my fault you talk so loud.” He said.
I grumbled profanities under my breath praying that Gavin didn’t hear the whole conversation. I continued walking towards the exit silently when Gavin spoke up. “The little red head chick did well in the talent show.”
“The red head’s name is Sarah,” I snapped.
He raised his hand in surrender. “I am sorry if I don’t know everyone’s name.”
I sighed keeping quiet. Today hasn’t been the best day for me and Gavin is just making it even worse. “Why are you here?” I asked opening the door and stepping outside, taking in the February weather.
“I told you that already,” He pointed out.
I rolled my eyes. “No, why are you here with me if I remember correctly you have a girlfriend.” I said distastefully.
“Ashley’s not my girlfriend she is just someone I play around with.” He said his brown eyes gazing up at the blue sky.
“Wow,” I told him in disbelief.
Gavin’s head snapped to look at me. “What?”
“You’re making her sound like a toy that’s what.” I said snapping at him, “Is that what you do with all your girlfriends play around with them until you get bored?” Normally I would have never thought in a million years I would be standing up for Ashley, but even she deserved better than this.
“You have no right to tell me what I can and can’t do.” He said snapping right back at me.
“I am only telling you this to put you in your place because someone around here has to do it!” I said my anger flaring.
“Why do you even care?” He said throwing his hands up in frustration.
“I don’t care!” I screamed at him, “But I do care about all the girls you leave heartbroken, all the people you take advantage of, all the people who follow you like lost puppies but you barely give them a second glance.” I stated jamming my finger into his hard chest for emphasis. “You are a terrible person Gavin Storm,” I said looking him directly in the eye.
Gavin’s eyes suddenly darkened as he started clenching his jaw, my eyes trailed down to his hands as I saw he was clenching them in fists. “You can call me a lot of things Ali.” He spat, “But, you can’t call me a terrible person.”
I snorted. “I can’t call you a terrible person really?” I said searching his eyes for an answer. “Nice people say excuse me when they bump into someone, nice people don’t start food fights to get someone back and then ditch them when they get detention for two weeks and then not bothering to show up even once to help, nice people don’t screw people’s best friends then ditch them the next day!” I screamed.
I looked Gavin directly in the eyes we were both winded up due to our screaming fest. I sighed taking a step back from him and running my hands through my hair. I heard a car horn beep as I opened my eyes and saw a black car with the windows tinted as the driver started to roll down his window.
As the window rolled down I saw Ricky sitting in the driver’s seat waving for me to get in the car. I readjusted the strap as my eyes trailed to the ground silently making my way into the car.
I suddenly stopped remembering what I wanted to say before Ricky pulled up. “You might not think you are a terrible person.” I said his eyes boring into mine. “But you sure do act like one,” I whispered.
I spun my heel around stalking to the car, opening the door to the passenger’s seat and buckling myself in as Ricky proceeded to drive. “If I say something about the boy will you explode?”
I turned my head to Ricky. “No, why would you think that?”
“Maybe it is because when you were talking wait excuse me screaming at that boy, you looked ready to kill. He’s lucky I honked the horn or he would’ve been six feet under by now.” He said in amusement.
I rolled my eyes, “I wasn’t going to kill him.”
“It didn’t look like that to me.” He said stopping at the red light and turning to face me. “So why were you going to kill him, give me all the deats.” He said trying to imitate a girl, “Why are you staring at me like that?” He asked confused.
“Please don’t ever say that again,” I said shivering. He rolled his eyes as he pressed the gas to continue to drive home. “So why did you pick me up anyways?”
“Your mom caught me in the hall and asked if I could pick you up from school.” He said. “And anyways it’s only one o’clock why am I picking you up so early?”
“Today was the talent show so it was a half day, and anyways I forgot my bag in my locker and I needed a ride home.” I explained.
“Why couldn’t you have just asked Ben?”
“We aren’t at speaking terms at the moment.” I said quietly.
“What about Holly?”
“Yeah we aren’t at speaking terms either.”
“What the heck did you do that got everyone so mad?” He asked bewildered as we pulled up in front of the gates.
“Me? Holly and Ben were being jerks.” I grumbled crossing my arms over my chest.
“Maybe they had a good reason?” He suggested.
“If you call assuming that I slept with someone and not backing me up a good reason then they had fantastic reasons.” I said sarcastically.
“You slept with someone?” He screamed making me jump.
“What the heck? Who in the right mind told you that?” I asked puzzled.
“Well that’s what you said.” Ricky said shrugging as he put the car in halt. “Don’t blame me if whatever comes out of your mouth sounds sarcastic, it’s not my fault the only language you know is sarcasm.” He said stepping out of the car.
I unbuckled my seat belt as I opened the door, following him into the house. “That doesn’t even make any sense.”
He shrugged walking away. I sighed as I trudged upstairs, once I made it to the second floor I preceded to the end of the hallway. I was walking by Thomas’ room when I saw him on his bed reading a book.
I knocked on his door as his eyes snapped to mine. “Hey, how was school?” I asked stepping in.
Before I started going to regular school Thomas and I were home schooled together by one teacher who taught Thomas and I. “It was good but Ms. Janet gave me this stupid book to read and I have to write a book report about it, and then next week we will start writing essays.” He grumbled.
I felt bad for Thomas, kids who were in public school don’t start writing essays until ninth grade and he was only in the fifth grade. “Have you ever thought that you might want to go to regular school?” I asked him softly.
Thomas closed his book and moved to sit next to me on the edge of his bed. “No, not really. But after you started going and I saw how much fun you are having, I want to ask mom and dad but I am scared.” He admitted shyly.
I chuckled usually Thomas is loud and kind of crazy but sometimes he would get all quiet and the truth comes out, just like at this very moment. “Well I think you should tell them, because no offense but no fifth grade kid wears that.” I said gesturing to his outfit, which consisted of a blue button up shirt, black dress pants and shoes.
He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, cause you don’t dress this formal around the house,” He said sarcastically.
I smiled this was the longest regular discussion Thomas and I ever had. I ruffled his hair and stood up to leave the room. “Oh by the way, I saw Holly and Ben going to your room ten minutes before you came.” He said opening up his book again.
Holly and Ben are here? And they are in my room together?
I told Thomas quick thanks and exited his room closing the door behind me making my way towards my room located at the end of the hall.
I pressed my ear against the door trying to hear if they were saying anything. After a few seconds it was pretty quiet. “Maybe they left and Thomas didn’t see them leave?” I muttered softly, under my breath.
I twisted the doorknob pushing the door open to reveal the second biggest shock of my life.

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