The president's daughter

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Chapter Seven: We Have a Deal
Ben's P.O.V.
I stared at Alice for the longest amount of time. I was lost for words; I honestly did not know how to answer her question.
"Ben?" She whispered, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Your question," I said fumbled my words.
I shifted my bag on my shoulder, my eyes refusing to meet hers. "If this is making you uncomfortable, then you don't have to answer it. Forget I even said anything." She murmured looking down at her shoes.
"No. No." I blurted out a little too quickly. "Um, no it's doesn't make me feel uncomfortable."
Alice nodded her head a slowly a confused expression evident on her facial expression. "So," She said shifting her balancing form one foot to another.
"So," I repeated.
'What the heck man? You're making this awkward as it already is answer, the damn question!' A voice said.
'What am I supposed to tell her?' I answered.
'The truth ?' The voice said in a duh tone.
I was too busy consumed in my thoughts I did not realize Alice had already gone inside. 'Nice going Ben you just let her go like that.'
I sighed making a mental note to catch Alice after class and explain to her. Once I walked inside of class, everyone's heads turned to me. "You're late Mr. James," Mr. Jennings said in a strict voice.
I muttered a quick apology taking a seat next to this random girl. My eyes scanned the classroom looking for Alice who was seated in the front of the class, I tried to get her attention by whispering her name I even went as far as to throw pieces of eraser bits, and yet she refused to meet acknowledge me.
"I definitely screwed up," I said to myself.
"Pardon?" The girl sitting next to me asked.
"Did I say that aloud?" I asked her.
She nodded her head slowly. "Yes. Yes you did," My eyes trailed over to Alice, who was working on the class work that Mr. Kelly assigned to us.
I couldn't like Alice could I?
"You know you space out a lot." The girl said.
I turned my head to her. "No I don't," I said even though I knew it was true.
She then looked over to Alice; the girls whose name I did not know of looked back at me. "And you're confused," She told me honestly.
"I beg your pardon?" I asked puzzled.
"By the way you're looking at that girl over there." She said nodding her head over to Alice's direction. "Means that you're conflicted, she may have asked you a personal question, or you have to make a big choice and your emotions are all over the place."
"How did you know that?" I asked, a little scared to know the answer.
She smiled showing of her braces. "The name’s X," She said sticking her hand out for me to shake.
I cautiously shook her hand. "Your name is X?" I asked in disbelief.
She nodded. "Its short for Xenia, but no one has to know." She leaned over whispering to me.
I gave her a small smile. "The names-"
She waved her hand stopping me. "I know your name, it's Ben James. I know everything about everybody."
My eyes grew wide. "What do you mean everything?"
"Your name is Benjamin William James; you're born August 26, 1996. Your parents work for the government you are an only child, and in junior year, you use to date Holly Richards however, broke up because of a nasty rumor that spread involving Holly and Gavin Storm sleeping together. No one really knows but you and Gavin were best friends throughout elementary up until the whole Holly fiasco causing you to become sworn enemies." She finished smiling.
My jaw literally dropped at the information X, just told me. It kind of scared me that someone could know so much about me.
How the hell does this girl know so much about me?
She gave me a small smile. "Does that answer your question?"
I looked at her as if she grew four heads, "You're a stalker!" I spluttered.
"I am not a stalker just a very observant person."
"Observant, my ass." I muttered. "You freaking know my middle name and what my parents do for a living, call me crazy but that's called stalking, how could you of all people know that?"
"I am very observ-" She said about to speak but I cut her off.
"Don't you dare say that, you are an observant person because you and I both know that it isn't true." I warned her.
"Fine call me a stalker, but however there's something off about you and that Ali girl, you're both keeping something and I intend to find out." She said determined.
I leaned back into my chair knowing she was onto Alice and I couldn't let that happen. "You don't find that a little creepy?" I asked her, "I could report you."
She shrugged. "I want to be a journalist when I grow up to figure out the truth and nothing but the truth."
I opened my mouth to speak, but the school bell rang cutting me off.
Class is over already?
I looked back over at Xenia who seemed to be stuffing her books into her bag. I got up doing the same, I then turned back to Xenia who was watching me with a curious expression. "Good luck with that," I told her hiking up my bag.
I was making my way out the door when I made eye contact with Alice. I opened up my mouth to call her but she ran out the door before I had the chance.
Why did she run away from me? Girls you can never understand them.
I made my way down the hall for the final class of the day gym class. I pushed open the door to the boy's changing room. There were a few boys here and there changing into our school's gym uniform, which consisted of blue running shorts and a gray t-shirt.
"Hey, Benji." I heard a smug voice say as I just finished putting on my shirt.
There was only one person in the whole world that called me Benij besides my mother. I turned my head and came face to face with my former best friend Gavin. I gritted my teeth in annoyance, "What do you want?"
"Well Benji, I just came over here and give you some news from the source itself before you hear the rumors."
I snorted glancing at the two boys who were standing behind Gavin. "Well get on with it."
He smirked leaning against the lockers. "I noticed that you spend a lot of time with that nerd, Ali." He said.
"That hot nerd." Called out one of the boys who seemed to be listening in to our conversation, causing the rest of the boy's to whoop in agreement.
I clenched my jaw in annoyance trying to contain beating the boy to pulp for talking about Alice in such a way. "So what about her?" I said ignoring what the boy had previously said.
He pushed himself off the locker and brought his face towards mine. "Remember what happened junior year?"
How could I forget? I lost two of the most important people in my life that day.
"Well," He said breaking me out of my thoughts. "What happened last year is happening to you again. I am going to get Ali." He said determined, "If it's the last thing I do."
I narrowed my eyes at him. How was I ever friends with this jerk? Clenching my fists staring at my former best friend, "I won't let that happen."
He smirked, "Why Benji?" He said.
I rolled my eyes at his childish nickname. "She's not like other girls, how will you know she will even give in to you."
"Holly wasn't like other girls yet she gave into me." Gavin said making a point.
"Well it's not going to happen this time," I said determined.
"Why Benji?" He said provoking me, "Have feelings for her?"
"No," I blurted out a little too quickly.
Gavin raised his eyebrows in disbelief, "You always go for the loser's don't you Benji?"
"At least I don't go for sluts," I retorted.
He chuckled humorously. "Is that all you got Benjamin?" He asked, "I can bet you that I will get Ali in my bed by the end of the year."
I heard a few guys whistle in appreciation. "I don't buy that Ali is too smart to fall for your charms."
He laughed, "Do we have a deal?" Gavin said extending his hand out to mine.
I looked at his hand for a couple of seconds. "We have a deal," I said grasping Gavin's hand.

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