Meant to be

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episode 5

***************”Vanessa?,,,,, Vanessa!!!!, “Richie screamed his sister ‘sname excitedly .. He meant to climb out of bed but stopped when he recalled he is naked,…. His sister winked at him signaling him to dress up,…. Angela who had woken up because of Richie’s scream,. Was mopping at the beautiful lady staring and smiling at them

“I’ll be in my room, “Vanessa said closing the door behind her

Richie quickly wore his pyjamas and Angela dressed up too,….

Vanessa slowly opened the door to her room and the memory of the past flashed through her mind,….. She opened the door and walked in slowly, she remembered how she chose the colour of her paint, she so much loved the privacy of her room,… She walked round the room touching her things,…. Everything was still as she left it,…. She saw her teddy bear on the bed,…. That was the teddy her dad bought for her on her eighteenth birthday,….. She saw their family picture on her dressing table,….. They were all smiling in the picture,….. Her mother was very lovable then,…… She held the picture close to her heart and closed her eyes,…. Drop of tears fell down from her eyes freely,…. Then Richie walked in with Angela

“Vanessa,….. “he called her quietly,,, she turned and hugged him tight,…. After some seconds she released him and pecked him on his chic
.” I’ve missed you so much,…. You’re so handsome just like dad, “..

” Pls, just tell me how you were able to make it to Nigeria,the kids? what about the body guards,….. How did you sneak into the house”he asked her

“I planned everything with Desmond,….. Dont worry,… You have more surprises waiting for you,….. “she said

She went close to Angela and hugged her

” I know you must be wondering what is happening here,….. Anyway i’m Vanessa,…. The first child of the family,….. You’re Angela,…… My brother has told me a lot about you,…… I’m sorry for involving you in this but i have no other option,…… You’re pretty though ”

” Thanks dear, i’m happy to meet you,…,,

They all left the room and went back to Richie’s room

The two bodyguards have been in deep slumber since last night,….Pedro was the first to wake up,…….

“Why am i waking up just now,… Where’s Don?, “he thought to himself,…. He turned and saw Don snoring away his life,…..

” Don!!, Don!!!,…. You’re such a big fool,.. “He shouted at him

Don then opened his eyes and was surprised they were still on bed

” Oh my head is aching badly,…. What is happening to me,.. “Don asked no one in particular

Pedro then remembered Desmond and his girlfriend entering the house and offering them drinks and cakes,……… Next he slept off, …

” S--t!!!, s--t!!!!!, those fools drugged us,……. “he screamed

” What?!, mrs Johnson will kill us,… Where’s Mr Johnson,….. Richard?,,,, we’re finished “Pedro shouted

They rushed to open the door, but Vanessa, Richie and Angela opened the door and entered the room before them….
They were shocked to see Vanessa and Angela,.. They recognized Vanessa but couldn’t recognize Angela

” You!!!!!, madam warned you not to step your foot here,.. She disowned you,…… I need to call madam right now,… “Pedro said pointing at Vanessa, He went for his phone but Vanessa was faster, she brought out two pistols from her handbag and threw one at Desmond and held one,…. She pointed her own at Don while Richie pointed his own at Pedro,…… Angela was scared, she has never seen a pistol in her life,. …… She stood still shivering,…..
“You’re a big fool,….. If you move an inch, i’ll kill you right now,.. Vanessa warned Don

“Now hand in your phones now! “Richie commanded them,……

They gave their phones to them, Richie told Angela to search their pockets and room, Angela who was scared agreed instantly,…..

” Now move,….. They opened the door and took the bodyguards into an empty room and locked them with a big chain,…. Vanessa called in her men and ordered them to watch the door,….. She destroyed the SIM cards and threw them inside the dustbin,……
“Give me the keys to my dad’s room, Richie shouted at them,

” We dont have it here,,.. It’s in the wardrobe in our room,,”,…… Richie rushed out and came in with the key

“Let’s go,. “Richie told Vanessa

They passed through a dark corridor,.then they stood before a closed door,Richie opened the door and they went in,…. Angela was shocked at what she saw,…

Mr Johnson of all people,.. .. The great Mr Johnson that graced all the magazine cover pages some years ago,….. He now looks almost like a lunatic,… What happened to him,…….

“Jesus Christ!!!!! “Angela could not hide the shock anymore

” Angel i’m sorry, this is my family secret,…Since you’re my better half, there’s no need hiding it from you,….. And i’ll tell you the remaining secrets behind my actions towards you in public “Richie said holding her hand
” Daddy,….. Daddy……. “Vanessa cried hugging her dad

” I’m so sorry for running away from you,… I promise to take care of you,….. “she continued

She knelt down before her dad and cried like a baby,…..
.” I’ll never forgive mummy for this,…… ”

Mr Johnson was behaving like a baby,….. He held her daughter crying,. .. He couldn’t talk,….. He was forcing himself to speak

” Vaaaaaa… Vaaaaaa…. ne…… “Vanessa helped him close his mouth,….

” Daddy dont force it,….. I know you’re happy to see me,…. “Vanessa said wiping his face with her hanky

Angela was also crying, she cant imagine how wicked and mean a woman could be to her family……

” Rii….. Ch……… ar…….. “mr Johnson tried calling Richie

” Daddy,… I’ m here for you,…. ”
He assured his dad
The poor man only nodded his head

They took him to Richard’s room,…. Vanessa called in a helper who bathed their dad and helped changed his clothes,… Vanessa prepared a delicious meal for everyone and they all ate happily,…. Vanessa fed her dad who was all smiles,……

The next morning, Vanessa travelled back to Ghana with her daddy,……. Richie dropped Angela off at home promising to see her within the week.


It’s been three weeks since Vanessa left the country with her dad,…… Richie made sure the two bodyguards were kept under lock,. He sends their food to them ,…. Angel visits him on weekends, and they continued with their sex life,…….

Richie received a call from his mother,

“hello Richie,…. I cant reach Don and Pedro on phone,…. They got me scared,… Anyway i’m at the airport right now, i’ll be home soon,… “she cut the phone without waiting for his reply

” But.. You said one… Mon… “the phone was already dead

” s--t,.. This woman is truly a witch,….. I need to act fast “he reasoned

He went to meet the bodyguards

” Guys, your madam is on her way back,.. Think of what will happen to you when she finds out what happened in her absence,.. You better pretend as if nothing happened for your own safety,…. .. I’ll figure out a way to help you out of her mess”

“Thank you sir “they chorused

He released them, they bathed and changed to neat clothes and awaits their boss’s return.

*************Mrs Johnson returned some hours later,…. She went straight to her bedroom to rest, she didn’t bother checking on her husband ,…….she ate her dinner and slept off.

Richard was ready for his mother,… He decided it was time to act like a man, he needs to step in as the only son of the family,. He was waiting for his mother’s rant in his room but he didn’t hear her shout, he slept off……

Richard woke up hearing his mother’s voice, she was screaming at the bodyguards,….. He quietly left his room and went to the sitting room to know what the shout was all about,…..

“You are all fools,….. I regret ever employing you to work for me,…. You couldn’t do your job while i was away,….. I swear if i dont find my husband in two days, i’ll lock you up in jail, you’ll spend the remaining of your useless life in jail,…… “she shouted angrily at her bodyguards,…….. she turned to Pedro

” You, i always thought you were smart,….. Cant believe you were in this house and my husband disappeared without your knowledge,….. You’re an idiot!,.. And what happened to your phones fools?, “she asked them

Pedro looked at Don who was staring at the floor,…. There was silence,……

” I’m waiting for your answer,… Where’re your phones?, ”

” Madam,…. I….. Don’t….. “Pedro stammered

Richie then cut him short

” Good morning Mrs Johnson,…. You returned just yesterday and today you’re screaming already,….. No no no no no,…. This very bad for your health,….. I don’t want you fainting again,… Now take a deep breath and sit down”

“You’re very stupid,…. You dont have the right to tell me that i’m screaming,…. Now where’s your father,….. I know you have a hand in his disappearance,… ”

Richie laughed wickedly at her,…..

” Guess you’re right,……. But i’m sorry you won’t see him again,…… He’s far away from you”his mother rushed at him and held his shirt

“where did you take my husband to?, you want to ruin me,……. Anybody that have a hand in this must suffer,…. I’ll destroy that person,…. Richard i swear i’ll deal with you! ”

” Ooooooh, i’m scared,pls help me,…… “he said trembling

” Mrs Johnson, your doom is near,…… For your information,.. …. Your husband is in Ghana, Vanessa took him away, ”

” What!!!!!, Vanessa!!!!!!!!, that girl is an idiot,.. She’s a mistake of a child,…… I swear, if she doesn’t return my husband to me, i’ll set her house on fire in Ghana, “she threatened Richard

” You cant do it tigress”his mother raised her hand to slap him but he held her hand up in the air

“dont you ever dream of slapping me again, the next time you try it, you’ll regret attempting to do it, “he barked at his mother and pushed her out of his way,….

” You’ll regret your actions,…. You morons, why are you just staring at me, get lost!!!!!!! “Pedro and Don ran out immediately.


Richie called his girlfriend to check on her, after that he bathed and dressed up for the office,…… He was on his way out when he met his mother dressed up too for the office drinking coffee

“Mrs Johnson, where’re you going to? “he asked her softly

” You ‘re not only stupid,..but You’re also blind,.. Cant you see i’ m dressed for the office,…. And pls you’re sacked, i dont want to see you anywhere around my office,… Go and meet your useless sister in Ghana,… “she threw at him

Richie was busy searching for something in his briefcase,…. He then brought out a file

” Just what i wanted to tell you,…. Mrs Johnson, i wish to let you know that i’m now the CEO of my father’s companies,…. Trust me I didn’t touch any of your properties, you can keep them,… Stay away from my father’s companies , i dont want to see you anywhere around them,……. This is a restriction order from the court,…. If you want to dare me, defile the orders then you’ll know how mean i can be” Richie threatened his mother,

Mrs Johnson couldn’t believe what she just heard,…. She thought everything was under her control before she left the country,…… How could she be this careless,… Imagine Richard talking back at her,…. She slowly went through the papers and nodded her head,…”

“. Richard, i hope you’re fully prepared for this battle you’re about to embark on,….. “she asked tapping her legs on the floor.

” Yes, i am fully prepared, is there any part you dont understand in the paper,…. I’m almost late for work,…. “he asked his mother who eyed him wickedly

” Richard remember,i birthed you,… You dont have any right to take away my husband’s properties from me while i’m still alive,… “she said softly

” If you make any silly attempt to contest this in court, i’ll take your matter to the village,… You know they have been waiting for you,….. You’ll explain to them what happened to their son,…. “Richard knows this is what his mother detest so much in life,…. Visiting the village is her worst nightmare, and she she has been warned against stepping her foot in the village by her supreme supreme,…..

She quietly dropped the cup of coffee on the table and stood up,
“So what am i supposed to do now,….. “she asked Richie

” You have your own businesses and politics to manage, just stay away from my companies “he warned her and exited from the sitting room


” This is unbelievable, how can my own son cause my downfall,… I trusted this boy,.. I gave him access to my office, thinking i have him under control,…. He doesn’t know the doom they would bring to me by taking their father away from me,….. Imagine a powerful woman going down just like that,….. I’ll ruthlessly deal with Richard “she swore to herself

She called her best friend on phone and asked her to meet her in one of her hotels,….

She drove out without her bodyguards,… She is the shadow of herself, the thought of what will happen to her scared her the more…. She arrived her hotel to meet her friend already waiting for her…

“I just cant believe what you said,…you mean Vanessa came all the way from Ghana and took her father away,… This is serious,… I told you to waste this man long time ago but you refused,…. Look at what is happening now,… We need to act fast,…”

“If i had killed him, his people and children will deal with me,….. You’re lucky you’re children were still young when you killed your husband,…. You were able to scale through because everyone believed your story,…… But me i cant,,…. But I’ll rather kill him than watch him destroy me before my time”

“Vanessa has really crossed the boundary,.. After what she did to me many years ago, she still had the guts to return to my house,… This shows that Richie have been communicating with her behind my back.. They have been planning this a long time ago, i’ve been foolish,…. Richard claims he doesn’t know his sister’s whereabout, whereas he knows where she and her husband eloped to,,,…… Chaiii, i caused all these,…. I’ll deal with each and everyone of them that have a hand in this,….. They don’t know how far i’ve gone to acquire this power, i’ll destroy them alll!!!!! ”

“Good talk,.. Let’s visit the supreme supreme and know what she has to tell us”
“Thank you my dear, i pray she gives me a listening ear”

They finished their drinks and drove out in their different cars.


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