The president's daughter

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Chapter eight : Paint-balling?

"But that's alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie." Sarah sang finishing the last line of the song. We were currently practicing for the talent show, which was tomorrow, and Sarah was beyond nervous. “So how did I do?” She asked twiddling with her fingers.
I smiled giving her a hug, “You did great.” I said squeezing her for reassurance.
“Really?” She asked unsure.
I nodded my head. “Really, and I know you will kick that bitch Ashley to the curb.” I told her honestly, “Come on, lunch ends in ten minutes.” I said grabbing her hand and dragging her out of the music room. Mr. Crow the music teacher let us use the room for Sarah to practice. He was also the teacher who is organizes the talent show every year and let me tell you he was beyond surprised when we asked if Sarah could rehearse in here or even the fact that Sarah signed up for the show.
We were walking down the hallway when a couple of girls ran in between us ramming their shoulders into ours causing me to stumble. Once I regained my balance I saw as the girls were running towards the crowd of girls holding hearts and some valentine stuff in their hands.
I looked over at Sarah who had a horrified expression on her face. “What’s going on over there?” I asked, curious.
“You don’t see who everyone’s crowding around?” She asked amused.
I shook my head, “Who are they crowding around?” I asked suspiciously trying to see over the girl’s heads.
She smirked crossing her arms over her chest. “Take a guess, who is the most popular guy in the school, a well-known bad boy, who liked to annoy a certain brunette.”
“Well I don’t know who the girl is.” I said sarcastically. “However, I do happen to know that the guy is Gavin.” I said watching as the girls tried to fight for Gavin’s attention. “Why are they fighting for the attention of the manwhore?”
I heard a chuckle escape Sarah’s mouth. “Every year on Valentine’s Day Gavin accepts a rose, card or even a box of chocolate and whoever’s gift he likes best he takes them out on a date.”
I snorted, “That’s a little shallow don’t you think?”
She shook her head, “Nothing’s to shallow for Gavin.”
I chuckled at the chaos of desperate girl’s fighting to give Gavin their valentines. I turned my head feeling someone’s gaze on me, my eyes searched the crowd and came in contact with a smirking Gavin, which seemed to be his trademark.
I raised an eyebrow at him gesturing at the girl’s around him. He grinned at me looking like someone who won the lottery ticket.
We must’ve been staring at each other for a while because I when I turned my head to ask Sarah a question she was gone. I sighed rolling my eyes making a mental note to corner her later for leaving me. I glanced at Gavin one last time before making a quick stop at my locker then heading to Algebra class.
It was the one class I had with Ben and after that whole ‘do you want to ask me out?’ It was more awkward as usual. They were some points in the car ride when it was an uncomfortable silence and neither one of us dared to speak.
I entered class one minute before the bell rang, I thought about going to sit next to Ben when I saw he was already sitting beside a girl who had really curly red hair and big glasses covering her small face. I shrugged taking a seat in the front of the class.
An hour and fifteen minutes later the bell rung for last period, which was gym and for the people who had no athletic ability at all it was the worst class and it was even worse if you had Miss Angel as teacher and let me tell you, she was the complete opposite of her name.
Once I arrived in the locker room I changed into the required gray t-shirt and blue running shorts or as Holly and I like to call them booty shorts due to its shortness I am surprised my butt doesn’t hang out.
“Let’s go ladies! My grandma walks faster than that and she’s eighty years old.” Miss Angel screamed from the track blowing on her whistle.
I sighed jogging to the track along standing with the other girls waiting for Ms. Angel to give instructions. “Okay girls we will be working on getting some of you girls fit, so we will be doing laps for the period. So get your lazy asses moving.” She screamed blowing on her whistle.
A few girls including holly and I groaned at Ms. Angel’s orders. “I can’t believe she is making us run,” Holly groaned running beside me.
“I know it hasn’t been a minute and I am already panting.” I wheezed out.
“Well I am going to run ahead before she starts barking at me, talk to your later Ali.” She said running ahead.
I nodded trying to catch my breath without passing out. I heard a familiar whistle blow followed by screaming, “Let’s go ladies!”

I sighed dragging myself out towards the school doors, I don’t think I have ever been more exhausted in my life.
“Hey, nerd!” I heard someone scream from down the hall. I sighed and kept walking, “Nerd!” The same person screamed again. But, I still ignored whoever it was calling me. “Hey,” Someone said grabbing my arm and turning me around to face him or her. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?” Gavin asked annoyed.
“Oh, I heard you don’t worry I am pretty sure everyone heard you but unlike them I chose to ignore you so, good day.” I said snatching my arm from his grasp and stalking around him.
The past few days he’s became even more annoying than usual, he hasn’t left me alone and I think he has this thing with pickup lines.
“Hey, I just wanted to ask you something nerd.” I heard his footsteps behind me, which meant that he was following me.
“I don’t have time for your pickup lines,” I told him re-tightening my ponytail.
“Nerd, I swear it’s not a pickup line.” He said snatching my arm and looking me dead in the eye.
I groaned. “Fine, what do you want?”
“Go out with me.” He said bluntly.
My eyes widened at his forwardness. I stared at him for a couple of seconds trying to digest what he just asked me. Slowly I couldn’t contain the laughter seeping out of my mouth as I burst out laughing. “Y-you want me t-to go out w-with you?” I said trying to contain my laughs.
He looked shocked at my outburst. “Yes…” He said slowly.
I quickly straightened up, looking at him confused. “I don’t think so.”
“What why?”
“Do you really think I am that stupid?” I asked him. “Just at lunch you were surrounded by girls who wanted you to take them out, why would you choose me? Last time I checked we don’t like each other.” I said brusquely.
Yes, I do realize it might’ve been a little mean but the boy had an ego the size of Canada. And someone around here had to tone it down.
“Maybe I changed,” Gavin said shrugging.
“Changed and you don’t work together like a panda and a chicken leg.”
He tilted his head to examine me. “Panda? Chicken leg? That doesn’t even make any sense!” He exclaimed.
“Okay look, I don’t have no time for this, I’ve got to get home.” Since it was Valentine’s Day my parents usually get everyone who works around the Whitehouse for a diner with their spouse. Thomas and I voted to be locked up in our room for the dinner but sadly we were outnumbered.
“Well don’t say I didn’t ask nicely,” He said fiercely.
“What are you-“ I stopped mid-sentence as I watched Gavin bend down wrapping his arms above my knees and tossing me over his shoulder. “What the heck? Gavin I demand you put me down this instance.” I screeched pounding my fists into his back.
“Well I was trying to be a gentlemen but you left me no choice.”
I snorted, “Like I said before about the chicken leg-“
“Yeah, I know something about changed.” He said dismissively.
I grunted ignoring the looks of the girls who were glaring at me, over the weeks I’ve been here I’ve grown accustomed to it. The glares the girls give me when I am trying to tolerate Gavin don’t faze me anymore.
I felt Gavin stop suddenly causing my dangling body slam into his toned back. “Hey, watch it ever had someone dangling off your shoulder before?” I said rubbing my sore nose.
He chuckled. “Sorry nerd, can’t say I have.” I felt as he started lowering me to the ground.
“You know I have a name.” I said placing my hands on my hips glaring up at him.
“We all have names except the homeless.” He said opening the door to the passenger seat and shoving me into his car.
I slumped down in the seat as Gavin opened the driver’s door and got in. I watched him as he started up the engine. “And people say chivalry is dead.” He said turning to me as we drove away from the school.
“People say chivalry is dead because you killed it.” I retorted staring out the window.
I’ve never really had been outside of the house, so I’ve never seen this place of DC before. It was mostly trees and grungy looking buildings. I snapped my head to Gavin as a thought popped in my head, “You’re not planning to kill me are you?” I asked worriedly.
Gavin’s eyes slowly turned to me as he roared with laughter causing the car to swerve. “Keep your eyes on the road,” I screamed clutching my seat belt for my dear life.
“Y-you think I am going to kill you?” He said panting out.
I shrugged, “Maybe, maybe not.” He chuckled keeping his eyes trained on the road. “So where are you taking me, or should I say where you going to dump my body?”
Gavin clutched his heart pretending to look hurt. “I love how much faith you have in me, Ali.” I broke out into a smile, I was pretty sure I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. “What?” He asked confused.
“You called me by my name and not nerd for once.” I told him happily.
“It means that we are actually getting somewhere.”
He rolled his eyes. “Whatever nerd, come on we are here.” He said opening his door and getting out.
I sighed opening the door. “Well it looks like we are back to square one,” I muttered to myself climbing out of the truck.
I ran to catch up with Gavin as he was walking ahead of me and he wondered why chivalry was dead. “So what is this place?” I asked as he pulled the door open.
“This my little nerd, is one of my favorite things to do.” He said walking up to the front desk. “And that my nerd, is paintballing.”
“Paintballing?” I screeched, “Why the hell would you take me here?”
“Where else would I take you?” He asked utterly confused.
I raised my eyebrow at him. “Where do you take all your bimbos?”
“My room, but if you prefer there I can always take you there.” He said smirking.
“I’ll pass on the opportunity, thanks.” I said turning away from him.
“Gavin!” I heard someone say. We turned our heads and saw a guy who seemed to be in his twenties walk up to us, he had black hair and bright blue eyes and a faint stubble growing. “Who is this pretty lad?”
I heard Gavin snort beside me. “This over here is nerd, and she is nothing but-“ I elbowed him in his rib before he could finish that sentence.
“Awe, Gavvy and I just thought we were making progress?” I said in a pouty voice pinching his check causing him to slap my hand away. I then turned to the man who seemed to be looking at us in amusement. “Hello, I’m Ali.” I said sticking my hand out for him to shake.
He let out a chuckle. “I’m Donald but call me Donny.” He said shaking my hand. “I’m glad Gavin here, finally found a girl to keep him in check.”
I let out a snort. “Sorry, but I was brought here against my own will, I don’t think Gavin will ever find a girl he goes through them more then I go through tissues watching A walk to remember.”
“Ah young love, I remember that.” He said smiling at us. “Well I don’t think you come here to here for me talk about your love life so let me just gear you two up and you’ll be on you merry way.” He said walking to the back room waving at us to follow him.
My eyes wandered around the room it was a dark room it had a few paint ball guns hanging on the walls and some paintball suits hanging on the hooks. I watched as Gavin slipped on camouflage suit with ease, then as he started to lace up the army boots that Donny lent to him.
“Here you go Ali.” He said handing me the same suit that Gavin was wearing.
“Thanks.” I said slipping on the suit.
I finished buttoning up the last few buttons on the suit when Gavin spoke up. “It looks a bit big on her don’t you think?” He said gesturing to the suit that went past my hands and looked too baggy on my small body.
“It is a bit big but that the smallest one we had, I am sorry your girlfriend has such a small body.”
“What part of she’s not my girlfriend don’t you understand?” Gavin said seeming a little bit annoyed.
“Oh, I know she’s not your girlfriend you hadn’t had one since forever .” Donny said causing Gavin to keep quiet and glare at him.
Gavin and Donny both seemed to be communicating silently with their eyes. “Um, guys?” I said feeling the awkward tension.
Donny turned to me giving me a small smile. “Here are you goggles, have fun!” He said exiting the room quickly not before tossing the goggles at us.
“So?” I said turning to Gavin who seemed to be in his own thoughts.
“Huh? What?” He said looking at me.
“Shall we go start?” I asked him uncertain.
“Yeah, sure get ready to get you nerdy little ass beaten.” He said.
I rolled my eyes at his sudden mood change, it looks like old Gavin was back. “Sure whatever,” I said following him out of the room and into another.
This room seemed to be the paintball one, it had obstacles and the lighting seemed to be dimmed making it hard for you to see you opponents. “Here’s your gun, nerd,” He said it to handing me.
I mumbled thanks as he began to explain what to do. “Got it?”
“Yeah sure run, and try not to get hit. It seems pretty self-explanatory.” I told him truthfully.
“Okay Miss I know everything on the count of three.” Gavin said. “One, Two-“
“Three!” I screamed shooting him taking off to the other side of the room, “Sucker!” I screamed chuckling.
“Cheater!” I heard him scream from behind me.
I laughed running to a section of a room where I can take cover. I ducked behind what seemed to be a barrel as I snuck a quick peak trying to locate the enemy in which was Gavin.
“Oh Ali, come out to play.” He mimicked in a high pitch voice.
I stuck my head out from behind my hiding spot as I saw Gavin’s back towards me. I jumped out as I aimed my gun towards him and started to fire paint.
“What the fuck?” He screamed turning around and aiming his gun at me.
He fired his gun at me aiming for my body. I shot him a few more times as I started to take off around the corner, I heard footsteps behind me so I assumed Gavin was hot on my tail. “Ow!” I screamed as I felt something wet hit at the back of my head.
I turned around and narrowed my eyes at Gavin. “Got yeah.” He said smirking.
We both stood a few feet away from each other glaring we had our guns aimed at each other but neither one of us made I move to fire.
“Never mess with a bad boy, nerd because you might get paintballed.” He said.
“That doesn’t even make any se-“ Gavin shooting paint at me cut me off. “Oh that’s it.” I said as we started to shoot each other with paint.

“Thanks Donny, It was loads of fun especially when Mr. Bad Boy here got his butt whooped.” I said chuckling.
“The only reason you won was because you cheated.” Gavin muttered handing his suit back to Donny.
“You say potato I say tomato.” I said waving him off.
“Whatever, see you soon Donny.” He said hugging Donny in this weird bromance hug.
I quickly waved at Donny and yelled a quick thank you, before following Gavin back to his truck. “So did you have fun?” Gavin asked bumping shoulders with mine.
“Considering I was kidnapped, it turned out to be a pretty good Valentine’s Day.” I told him honestly.
“Well I try,” He said jokingly opening my door.
“Thank you.” I said smiling up at him.
“You’re welcome my lady.” He said shutting it and walking towards the driver’s seat. I was about to correct to him but he had already shut my door.
Gavin started up the engine as we pulled out of the parking lot and onto the deserted street. Ten minutes into the drive Gavin finally spoke up. “Where do you live?” He asked keeping his eyes trained on the road ahead of him.
“What?” I asked confused.
“I need to drop you home, and to do that I need to know where you live.” He said in duh tone.
“Where I live?” I asked sounding nervous. How were you supposed to tell someone you live in the Whitehouse?
“Oh hey Gavin, yeah can you drop me off at the Whitehouse? You must know where it is since the most important man in the world lived there.” I said imagining in my head. “Oh did I forget to mention, my names not actually Ali its Alice and I am the president’s daughter.”
I snorted, yeah if it was only that easy. “So where should I drop you?” Gavin asked breaking my thoughts.
“Um, you know Pennsylvania Avenue?” I asked Gavin who seemed to be nodding his head. “Yeah I live somewhere on that street so can you just drop me off there?”
“It’s eleven o’clock at night and you want me to drop you on the street?” He asked in disbelief.
“Um, yeah?”
“Okay.” He said not having a care in the world why he was dropping me off in the middle of the street.
“You’re not going to ask why?” I said cautiously.
Gavin ran his hands through his brown hair causing his hand to get covered in paint. “It’s your life not mine and if you say that’s where you want me to drop you so be it.” My eyes widened at his bluntness, “It doesn’t concern me it’s your business and I should stay out of it.”
“Oh.” I said clearing my throat and staring back out the window. “Thanks.”
Five minutes later we arrived on Pennsylvania Avenue. Gavin stopped the car as I climbed out, “Thanks, see you at school tomorrow.” I said shutting the door. He nodded his head gave me a quick wave and continued to drive his old rusty truck down the road.
I watched until I couldn’t see his car anymore and started to make my way home. I had a good time but there was something in my gut telling me there was more to Gavin then he led on I thought as I made my way towards the front gate.
“Alice?” I heard someone say.
I turned around to see Ricky. “Oh hey, Ricky.”
“Where the heck have you been?” He exploded as he started to open the gates for me to enter through.
“I was out with a friend, why?” I asked confused.
“Today was the Valentine’s dinner, don’t you remember the one you were so desperately trying to get out of.” He said.
My eyes widened. How could I forget? My parents were going to kill me. “Here I’ll walk you in, and I’ll let your parents know that you arrived home safely. They were panicking so much I was surprised they didn’t set the secret service out to search for you.”
I chuckled, “Thanks Ricky.” I said as we walked into the house getting odd looks from the guards as we passed by.
“No problem, I hope you had a fun time with that boy.”
I stopped about to climb the stairs to my room. “How did you know it was a boy?”
“It’s written on your face.” He pointed out, “But don’t worry your secrets safe with me.”
I sighed, “Thanks.”
“Oh by the way you might want to clean your shoes your leaving a paint trail, maybe that’s why everyone was looking at you weirdly or the fact you hair is splattered with different kinds of paint, good luck getting that out. Goodnight.”
My jaw dropped as I watched Ricky’s retreating body walk around the corner. “Great,” I muttered climbing up the stairs to go and face the reality of how to get paint out of my hair.

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