Meant to be.

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episode 12

*******Angela’s mother have been finding it difficult to take care of her children,… Angela was no longer there to take up her responsibilities,…. She was forced to sit up and take care of her children, no one was ready to help her except Beatrice her friend who had become her saviour,…. There was no food in the house and she was about going to the market to buy food on credit when her friend arrived carrying foodstuffs,.. She was surprised to see her

“Ahhh, ahhh, Beatrice,where’re you taking all these things to? “she asked her friend who was smiling sheepishly at her

” they’re all yours,… I went to the market to buy things for my family, so i decided to buy yours too since you would be needing them,… ”

” That’s very kind of you,.. Ever since the disappearance of my daughter, you’ve been helping my family financially,….. May God bless you ”

” what are friends for?, i’ll do anything to put a smile on your face,…….. ”

She called Eric and his siblings and they packed everything inside the house,…. They sat down outside to chat

” Mama Angela, what are your plans for these children, they have been at home since their father died,… Dont you think they need to return to school? “Beatrice asked her friend looking concerned

” My sister, i dont sleep at all, i’ve been thinking about them and their future, but i don’t have money to send them to school, we can barely eat,….. If not for you, we would have died of hunger,….. I’m planning to send Eric to Warri to stay with my maternal uncle as an apprentice,…. ”

” God forbid! ,…. That will never happen,… You know what?, send Eric to the school close to the clinic let him make enquiries on their registration,… I’ll pay for their registration fees”

Mama Angela couldn’t believe her ears,…

“Did you get another job in Government house?, where will you get money to pay for their fees” She asked her friend

“God has been good to me,… Just pray for me,… God has been so God to me”

“He will bless you more,…. God bless you, ”


Angela was now conscious, she was staring at the walls of the hospital,….. She was wondering where she was,….

” Pls where am i? “she asked the nurse
” you’re in the hospital, you had an accident last week,…. You’ve been unconscious for more than one week,… ”
The nurse replied her

“call in my mother, tell her that i’m now conscious”

“You mean the old woman who have been taking care of you?”

“Old woman?, have my mother grown old within one week?, “she thought to herself, as she was about asking the nurse another question,.. The door to her room opened and the old woman walked in,….

” Ooh, here comes your mother,…. ”

The old woman hugged her tight and pecked her,….

” Where’s my mother? ”

“My daughter I don’t know who you are, i picked you from an accident scene on my way back from the village,… I’ve already pasted your pictures on social media to help your people locate you,….”

She held the woman so tight

“pls ma, dont tell them where i am, i feel my life is in danger,… Dont tell them about my whereabout yet ma, i’m scared,….. Plsss”Angela begged her

“But i’ve already pasted your pictures on social media, they will soon start calling me,… I didn’t tell them where you are, i just pasted only your pictures “she explained to Angela who was now crying
” Mama,. If anyone calls because of me, just ignore them, i’ m scared, pls help me

“Ok my daughter i’ll do as you said”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nancy rushed into Richard’s office and showed him pictures of Angela lying down in a hospital bed,…

“Is this not Angela? “she asked Richard

” She’s the one,!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh my Goddd!!!!!!!, ”

He shouted excitedly
” I saw this news on nairaland forum front page,…. Pls call this number fast”

Richard took the nmber without wasting time and dialed it,……

It was ringing but no picking, after several attempts, the old woman picked

“Hello, good day ma,”he greeted almost screaming on the phone

“Hello, who am i speaking with?,”

“Ma, i called on behalf of Angela, the girl you posted on nairaland forum,…. ”

” Yes, what can i do for you”

The old woman remembered Angela’s pleas,

“I’m Ric………..”the woman didnt allow him to end his last statement before cutting the phone,

“God!!!!!, she cut the phone,… ”

,….. Maybe it’s network,….. Call the number again”Nancy told him

He called more than twenty times but it was ringing no picking,… Then the phone was later switched off…….

***********”Someone claiming to know you called”the old woman told Angela who was eating her lunch,….

“Mama, pls dont answer their calls anymore until i get rid of the fear in me,….. Once i’m ok, i’ll simply take a cab to my village to see my mother and siblings,..”

“A cab?,… I forgot to also tell you where you are,.. My dear you’re in Lagos,…. ”

” Lagos?, “she almost spat out the food in her mouth out of shock,…

” mama, how come?, i’m supposed to be in my village, ogwashi ukwu in Delta state,….. “she asked with an astonishing look

” My daughter, you were on your way to Lagos when you had an accident,…. All the passengers in that car died except you,….thank God you and your baby are saved,…. ”

” Baby?, i have a child,…? “she asked the old woman,….

“not yet, you’re still pregnant,…. ”

” Pregnant?,,, am i married?,…. If i’m married where is my husband “she asked the old woman who was surprised at her questions.

” I think something is wrong somewhere, why is she unable to remember somethings about her life,… But She knows her family and where she’s from,….. Why is she acting like this,…. I need to see the doctor,….. “the old woman thought to herself,….

” I have to see the doctor, i’ll be back shortly “she exited from the ward


Richard was pacing up and down in his office, he was sweating profusely not minding that the AC is on,….

” Why did they paste this information when they’re not ready to contact anyone,.. Angela had an accident and she’s in pains, she needs me,….. “he spoke almost in tears,….

” i’m still confused on why they refused picking their calls and now their phone is switched off,…

The door to his office opened and Desmond walked into the office

“Nancy told me what she saw on social media,.. So how far have you gone? “he asked settling down on a seat,.

” Nothing yet, they refused picking their calls, their phone is now switched off”he lamented

“You should be happy that she’s alive,… That’s a big relieve,… We wont relent in trying the number,”

They were still talking when the door opened and Mrs Johnson and the Secretary were seen dragging for the door,…..

“Allow her inside pls, “Richard ordered his secretary

Mrs Johnson looked from Desmond to Nancy,…. She then cleared her throat

” Desmond, how’re you? ”

He was shocked
” fin.. e.. Ma…. “he stammered

” How’s your daddy?, heard he travelled to the states for medical check ups? ”

” Yes, he’s doing great ”
Richard stood watching his step mother’s drama,… He knew she was up to something

She turned to Nancy,

” I guess she’s your fiancee? ”

” Yes, you’re right,….. ”

Nancy greeted her immediately

” How’re you doing dear? ”
” i’m fine ma”

“And you Richard,……”

Desmond stood up and announced their departure

“Richie, we got to be on our way now,… Mummy called to see us,… I’ll call you later ”

They quietly left the office.
Mrs Johnson sat down watching Richard for some seconds before she spoke up

” My son,…… No matter what happened i’m still your mother, i nurtured you from birth till now,… I’ve deserted my evils ways, i’m now a changed person,….. “she knelt down begging him

” So where’s Angela? “he threw at her without looking at her face

” I swear, i don’t have a hand in her disappearance,…. I had plans of dealing with her, but my plans failed after hearing of her disappearance,… ”

Richard was now becoming angry at her pretence,….

” So you expect me to believe all you’re saying,……. “he asked angrily
” i’m a changed person,….. Pls give me another chance to make things right,…. ”

Richard angrily stood up

” pls leave my office, i have works to do,.. “he said pointing to the door,..

” Richard, plss forgive me, i promise to take care of your dad,… ”

” it’s too late,.. Pls get out!!! “he charged at her

He angrily opened the door and asked her to leave,…. She picked her handbag reluctantly and left.

“This woman is evil,…. I cant believe what she just acted here,..” Desmond said re entering Richard’s office,…

“She was actually crying,…she thinks she can deceive me,..” …… He paused and looked at his friend,…” i thought you left me alone with that witch,”

“Nooo, i was around waiting for her to leave,. Nancy went to buy her toiletries in a nearby supermarket, ”

” So what’s our next plan now? ”

” My head is blank,… I want to hear Angela’s voice, i want her to tell me that she’s ok,…. She wanted us to discuss something important before her disappearance……”

” Don’t you think they’re doing the right thing,.. By not answering the call. ,.. Dont you think that the same people that wanted her dead might still be looking for her,…”

“I think you have a point there,… Let me give them space,….. I’ll try the number again next week,”

“Remember you have an appointment with aunty Beatrice,…. “Desmond reminded him

” i almost forgot,…. I want to give her money to register Angela’s siblings in a good school, i wish i could do more for her family,…. ”

” You’re doing a good job,…. Angela will forever remain grateful to you,……… I pray Angela returns soon,… I need my man back to help me plan my wedding,…. “he said jokingly

They left the office together,…. Desmond drove home to see his mother while Richie went to meet aunty Beatrice who was already waiting for him in an eatery.


Mrs Johnson sat down thinking of her next move,….. She thought she would’ve deceived Richard with her fake tears,……. She sipped her drink while thinking,…. She then remembered the parish priest,……… She knows how much Richard respects their Parish priest, she decided to pay him a visit, she felt like dancing at such a brilliant idea………but it’s been long she attended church service,….. She decided to try her luck……

She dialed the reverend’s number and his secretary picked it,…

“Good day, pls how may i help you? “the Secretary asked politely

” This is mrs Benny Johnson on the line,… Can you book an appointment for me to meet the priest ”

” oooh, i’m sorry i cant, the Reverend is on leave, he will resume office next month,… ”

“Ok, i’ll call you later,… Have a nice day,…” she cut the phone angrily

The old woman returned to the ward without seeing the doctor, she was told he had retired for the day,…. She slightly opened the door to check if Angela was sleeping,. ….

She met her awake

“My daughter,… I thought you had slept off,… ”

” mama,.. I cant sleep,…… ”

The old woman sat beside her bed,..

” The doctor i went to see has gone home,…… Hope you’re not having headaches,….. “she asked checking the bandage on her head

” no mama,…… ”

After feeding her the food she brought,…. They started chatting
” my daughter, you haven’t told me your name,…… Tell me everything about you ”
” My name is Angela,… I have three siblings,…. My father died many years ago,…… I’ve told you where i’m from,… ”

” What about your pregnancy,…. Who’s the father of your baby? “she asked pointing at her stomache

” I still cant believe i’m pregnant,….mama believe me, i’m not pregnant “she said almost swearing

Mama decided to let sleeping dog lie,…….

” So who were you coming to visit in Lagos before the accident?”

“Mama, i dont remember what happened to me,…. i wish i can remember,…. “she said amidst tears

” It’s ok my daughter,. “she wiped her

” Mama, you’ve not told me about yourself,what about your children?,…..where do you get the money you’re spending on me from,…. You’re old and feeble yet you seem strong,…. ”

” My daughter, dont worry about the money i’m spending,.. My husband left alot of money for me before his death,…. I dont want to talk about my children now,…. Get well fast and i’ll tell you my life story”

“Can i stay with you for sometime,… I dont know why I’m scared,… I feel something bad is about to happen to me,… I always feel save around you,…. Mama,… Thank you so much mama for saving my life,…. I’ll forever remain indebted to you,…. ”

“Angela my dear,… My house is very big to accommodate you,… You’re welcome to my home,…. You’re now like a daughter to me,…..” she hugged Angela and sobbed remembering her lost family

The doctor arrived very early, Mama spent alot of time preparing something special for Angela,……. She arrived the hospital late,….. She had to queue up to see the doctor

************she finally entered the doctor’s office to see him after a long wait,….

“Good day doctor “pls my son,. I noticed something unusual in Angela,….. …. There’re some parts of her life she doesn’t seem to remember,… For instance,.. She doesn’t remember she is pregnant, though the pregnancy is still early, but i know it’s three months or more than,…. Then she cant remember what she was coming to Lagos for,…. I suspect there’re other events in her life she had forgotten also,.. “mama said with a concerned look

” Thank God it’s just this,i was afraid it would be something worse,… I need to check and examine her… ”

Mama thanked him and went to see Angela……


The doctor invited mama to his office,….

“Mama, Angela is suffering from what we call selective Amnesia” the doctor informed her

“And what does that mean?, at least i have little knowledge of what amnesia means,… She asked him curiously

“This is a type of amnesia in which the victim loses certain parts of his /her memory,…..and these events that might be forgotten include relationships, special talents, and traumatic events,…. It will take her time to remember those events,…. Dont force her to remember them, it might be dangerous,…. ”

” Thank you so much doctor,…. ”

” she will be discharged next tomorrow,… Pls take care of her until she regains herself and is fit to travel to her village “..

” i will doctor ”

She felt sorry for Angela,…. She opened the door to her ward to see her sleeping peacefully ,……

“Such a beauty,…. May God restore your memory my daughter “she prayed inwardly for her.

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