The president's daughter

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Chapter Six: New Friends, Enemies and Thoughts
By now, Ben's car was long gone. I just stood out in the cold wondering what he wanted to ask me. A few seconds I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, I turned my head to the side and saw it was a guard. "I think it's time to go in now Miss Alice." He spoke in a soft tone.
I reluctantly nodded looking back once more where Ben's car was moments ago, I sighed turning back and following the guard inside the house.
I turned to the guard who brought me inside, "Where's my father?"
He gave me a small smile, "He's in his office."
I whispered small thanks and made my way towards the oval office. I turned down the hall way and saw that they were two more guards standing outside my father's door.
I sighed walking up to the door when one of the two guards stopped me, "You can't go I there Miss." He said looking down upon me.
"Why is that?" I asked annoyed.
"Your father is in a meeting right now." The other guard spoke.
I stepped away from the two guards and placed my hands on my hips trying to look intimidating, when that did not work. I stared at the guards who were now standing in front of the door blocking my access to go inside. I sighed, "Can't I just go ask him something and I promise I'll be on my merry way."
The guards looked at each other than back at me and shook their heads in unison. I ran my fingers through my brown hair desperate time's call for desperate measures. "Well then I'll just go but for the record there's someone down the hall touching the priceless furniture." I whispered.
They both looked at each other and in seconds, they both took off down the hallway. "Suckers," I muttered laughing.
I opened the door to the office and my dad's back was facing me but what caught my eye was the person on the screen of my father's laptop. My father must have noticed the person's gaze on the screen was directed behind him because when he turned he looked surprised.
"Alice? What are you doing here?" My father said in a hard tone. However, I knew that was not what he meant he really wanted to say was 'Alice I am on a business call who in the world allowed you in here?'
I smiled politely at my father. "I am sorry but I wanted to ask you a quick question but I can see you're busy at the moment so I'll come back later."
The person on the screen eyes were darting back and forth from my father and I. My dad noticed my attention was somewhere else because he spoke up. "Alice this is the Prime Minister of China."
My eyes widened in embarrassment. I then bowed to the screen and spoke in Chinese a quick apology and hello, and then directed my attention back to my dad.
"We will talk about this later." He said in a strict tone.
I sighed nevertheless nodded. I headed to the door when two frazzled security guards burst through, "We are so sorry Mr. President we don't know how she even got in here"
"But, we will find the two idiot guards who allowed her in and report back to you immediately." Added the other guard.
"Can you please all just leave I am on an important meeting at the moment." My father said through his gritted teeth.
"Right away Sir, our sincerest apologies."
I snorted, "Kiss ups."
They both glared at me grabbing one of my arms and hauling me out the door. When they closed the door they both turned to me an angry expression evident on both of their faces.
"Do you guys mind? You’re kind of leaving a bruise." I said looking in the direction of where they were both gripping my arms forcefully.
Reluctantly they let go of my arms. "You almost got us fired," One of them yelled in a whisper tone.
I looked at them more closely they both seemed to be in there thirties. "Well I am sorry but I really needed to talk to my dad."
"We don't care, because you almost got us fired," He repeated in a duh tone.
"It's not my fault you two are gullible," I said chuckling. They glared at me in return. "Fine I am sorry."
"What did you have to ask him that was so important that you almost-"
I cut him off. "Yeah, I know almost getting you two fired you only mentioned it a gazillion times." They crossed their arms over there chest giving me a look.
"So what did you want to tell him?"
"I don't see how it is your problem." I spat at the two guards, their eyes widened at my harsh tone. I sighed running my hands through my brown hair. "It was a boy problem.”
"Ah, boy problems tell Uncle Ricky." He said leaning against the wall.
I raised my eyebrows at his sudden change of mood, "Uncle Ricky?" I questioned.
He gave me a small smile. "My name's Ricky and this is Anthony." He said nodding his head to his partner. "We both have daughters your age and they never come to us for advice so maybe we can actually help."
I stared at them Ricky had black hair and a dark complexion, while Anthony was already bald. "Well you know Ben James?"
Anthony nodded his head. "Yeah, isn't he your bodyguard or something?"
I nodded. "Well he picked me up from a friend's house and he honestly seemed like he wanted to tell me something but I didn't know what he wanted to say because he changed his mind before he could say anything."
Ricky and Anthony both looked at each other giving each other knowing looks. "What did he say exactly?" Ricky asked. I sighed explaining the odd looks Ben gave me, then his sudden change of mind then how he took off.
Anthony gave me a small smile, "It means he wanted to ask you out."
My jaw dropped I stared at Anthony and Ricky in disbelief. "Ha-ha." I burst out in uncontrollable laughter’s. "You guys crack me up." I said between laughs.
"We weren't joking," Ricky said slowly.
"It honestly does mean that Ben wants to ask you out."
"But he can't." I told them panicking. "He's my best friends ex and if she finds out that he likes me we might as well call me the worst cousin and best friend ever." I said rambling. "I don't even like Ben that way, he's more of a brother a good one he could be annoying at times but not as much as Thomas." I said rambling.
"Hey, don't stress yourself out. It was just a suggestion." Anthony said. "You're going hysterical," He added.
I breathed in deeply. "I am just going to head off to bed." I said turning around. "Thanks guys and sorry I almost got you fired." I added walking down the hall.
I ran my both my hands through my hair yanking on my brown locks trying to digest the information Anthony and Ricky had told me. Once I entered my room, I stripped from my evening clothes into a pair of long sleeve pajama top and bottom. It was the beginning of February and the weather was transitioning from winter to spring, so it was still a little chilly outside.
I headed to the bathroom putting my hair into a messy bun and brushing my teeth once I finished I made my way over to my bed and laid down trying to fall asleep.
"Ahh," I said sitting up on my bed. It's been half an hour and I still could not fall asleep, not after what the guards had told me downstairs it overwhelmed me to think that Ben my only guy friend likes me more than a friend.
I sighed, laying my head back down onto my pillow. My dad always told me when I was younger when I could not fall asleep to empty my head and think of nothing. My eyes started to close and soon I was out like a light.

"Most people consider Shakespeare as one of the greatest play writers and poem artists to ever walk this earth." Mrs. Moore said. "Due to his famous play Romeo and Juliet, seeing to it that this is drama class we will be studying the art of this play."
My head was rested on my desk as I tried to keep my eyes open, my eyelids were getting heavier by the minute.
"Miss Clair, am I putting you to sleep?" My eyes snapped open as I saw the entire class looking my way.
I quickly shook my head sitting up. "No sir. I mean ma'am." I quickly corrected myself, ignoring the snickers and muffled laughs from my classmates.
"Well since you can't seem to tell whether I am a lady or man." She said. "Why don't you take a walk to clear your head." She said handing me a hall pass.
I slowly got up from my desk and made my way to the front of the class where Mrs. Moore was patiently waiting. "Thanks," I told her walking out of the room.
Last night I woke up twice and my mind kept leading back to what Ben wanted to ask me, what the guards had told me resulting in me staying up half the night.
My thoughts were interrupted when I heard soft screams coming out of the janitor closet.
"What the heck?" I muttered my hand reaching out to the doorknob to see what is going on in there.
'Are you crazy?' A voice in my head said. 'Why the hell would you want to see what going on in there?'
'Maybe someone is getting hurt?' Another voice said.
I nodded listening to the second voice. "I guess there's only one way to find out." I muttered trusting my instincts and opening the door.
My hazel eyes widened at the scene before me. I shrieked dropping my hall pass onto the floor and slapping my hands over my now scarred eyes.
"Don't you knock?" The girl screamed.
"Oh, I am sorry I didn't know that I had to knock to be able to enter the janitor's closet?" I told her sarcastically.
"Nerd? What the fuck are you doing here?" Another voice said. There was only one person in this whole school who called me nerd.
I slowly dropped my hands from my eyes praying silently that there were both dressed. I sighed when I realized that they both had their clothes on. I looked at the person who called me nerd a few seconds ago and my guess was correct it was Gavin.
"I thought someone was getting hurt, due to Blondie's screams, but when I opened the door I realized she was screaming willingly." I spoke sarcastically.
"Oh, bitch please. You're just jealous," She said flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder.
I snorted. "Yeah I am so jealous, of someone who wears clothes way too small for her." I said addressing her outfit, which consisted of a tight strapless crop top that made her boobs were falling out and high waisted jeans. The outfit was screaming 'slut.’
She scoffed ignoring my comment. "We'll continue this later, okay babe?" She purred to Gavin running her fake manicured nails on his chest.
"I don't know Ash, maybe nerd wants to join us for a little three some?" He said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
"No, thanks I'll pass on the opportunity." I told him honestly. I then looked at Blondie who was glaring at me, "Well I can take a hint when I am not wanted, I'll just go." I said closing the janitor's closet and making my way back to drama class.
When I opened the door, Mrs. Moore turned to me. "I hope that walk woke you up Miss Clair," She said looking at me.
"Oh it woke me up all right." I shuddered thinking about Gavin and Blondie doing it in the closet.
Once I sat down in my chair, Sarah turned to me. "Why do you look like your about to puke?"
"Because I do want to puke." I told her. "I saw Gavin and this blonde girl basically raping each other in the janitor's closet." I said trying to contain my breakfast coming up my throat.
"Yeah, I did not need to know that." She said turning back to doodle in her notebook.
I shrugged turning my attention back to Mrs. Moore. "Tomorrow we will be in the theatre helping set up for this year's talent show, and I expect everyone to help." At that moment, the bell rang, "Class dismissed."
I collected my books shoving them down my backpack waiting for Sarah. "So what song are you going to sing for the talent show?" I asked her, both of us walking to chemistry.
"I have to pick two songs not just one." She said her eyes scanning the hallway.
"Is it like a backup if something happens?" I asked.
"No, there two rounds the finalists who make it past the first round are entered to compete in the talent show." She said.
I made an 'oh' sound with my mouth. "So what songs are you planning to sing?" I asked entering our second period class together.
"Well I already chose one which is Love the way you lie by Rihanna." She said taking a seat next to Holly while I took the two empty seats in front of them.
"I just don't know about the second one the only person who's ever heard me sing was you know who, so I doubt I will make it past the second round." She said grabbing her chemistry stuff out of her bag.
"Whose you know who?" Holly intervened propping her chin onto her hands. "And what are you two talking about anyways?" She asked her eyebrows knotted in confusion.
Sarah looked at me with a pleading expression she obviously forgot about Holly sitting next to her. "Oh, you know her family." I told Holly. I heard Sarah take a deep breath of relief, she looked at me with a thanking expression. I nodded turning around in my chair.
"Is this seat taken?" I heard a deep voice ask.
I looked up at the voice who happened to be Gavin smirking down upon me. "Yes, yes it is," I said grabbing my bag from the floor and plopping it to the seat next to me so Gavin would seat somewhere else.
"I didn't hear a no," He said grabbing my bag and dropping it on the floor and taking his seat next to me.
I narrowed my eyes turning to him. "I thought the kick in the balls was a warning to stay away from me." I told him.
"And I thought starting a food fight was a warning to not mess with me," He said smugly.
I sighed ignoring his comment and turning my attention to Mr. Jennings who opened up his mouth to start the lesson.
Half way through the lesson, I was about ready to pull my hair out in frustration Gavin was annoying the crap out of me by whispering dirty perverted jokes every five seconds, running his hand up and down my leg and by poking me when I would ignore him when he asked me a question.
"Nerd," He said poking me for the thousandth time today. "Nerd," He said poking me once again. "Ner-"
I grabbed his finger bending it backwards seeing the pained expression in his eyes. "Poke me one more time and I swear to you Gavin Storm I will break off that finger of yours." I said threateningly, "Am I understood?” I said bending his finger back even more.
He quickly nodded his head as I smiled in satisfactory letting go of his finger. "Jeez, nerd you didn't need to break my finger I need it." He said clutching his finger.
I rolled my eyes. I about to fire a comeback when Mr. Kelly interrupted us. "Ali and Gavin is there a problem?" He asked eyeing the two of us suspiciously.
"Your name is Ali?" Gavin asked me.
I slapped my hand onto my forehead. "What did you think my name was, nerd?" I asked incredulously.
He shrugged, "Yes."
I dropped my head onto my desk and groaned.
This boy was a complete idiot.
The bell rang for lunch when I heard the scraps from my classmate’s chairs getting up from their desks. I lifted my head to find Gavin already gone. I picked up my bag from the floor and joined Holly and Sarah who were waiting for me by the door.
"Gavin is sure something," Sarah said humorously.
"Not in a good way, that's for sure." I muttered.
"Well what do you expect?" Holly asked, "He's a player he's trying to get your attention."
"Why so he can play me?"
Holly and Sarah gave each other knowing looks as we entered the cafeteria making our way to our usual table. "Pretty much." Holly said.
I sighed grabbing my lunch from my book bag. I had too much on my plate and I wasn't talking about the food.
"Hey guys," Ben said taking a seat beside me.
We muttered hey back including Holly who was actually getting along better with Ben. She told me since it looked like he was going to be sticking with us for while they learned to put their differences aside for now apparently.
"Look who it is? The desperate nerd trying to get into Gavin's pants." Some voice said.
"What do you want Ashley?" I heard Holly ask, I looked up and saw it was Blondie.
Wait a minute, Blondie’s real name was Ashley?
"I just wanted to remind your little friend that Gavin is mine, so to back off." Ashley AKA Blondie spat.
I snorted standing up and walking in front of her. Due to her heels she towered me by an inch, "I want nothing to do with your manwhore. So don't worry I won't be a problem." I told her annoyed.
She smiled pleased with the outcome. "Good, I am glad we see things my way."
She looked at the girls who were behind her glaring at me. "Come on girls we are done here," She said walking turning around and walking away.
I sighed sitting back down on my chair, "What was that about?" Holly asked me.
I rubbed my temples and then started explaining the story to them. The whole time Sarah kept quiet and I think we all knew why.
"You get yourself stuck in the worst situations. You know that right?" Holly said taking a bite of her salad.
I shrugged, "Not my fault."
"Okay then," Ben spoke changing the topic.
By the end of lunch I was in a pretty good mood. I managed to tell Holly about Sarah entering the talent show which really shocked her. When the bell rang we all parted our separate ways to our third period class.
"Come on, we've got to head to class you know how Mr. Jennings gets when someone is late." He said in a joking matter. I nodded following Ben to Algebra.
I felt someone's gaze on me. I turned my head and saw Ben looking at me with a confused expression. "Is there something on my face?" I asked wiping cheek furiously.
He shook his head. "Why are you so quiet today? You seem like your hiding something." He said suspiciously.
I was taken aback by his question. I shook my head. "No, nothing's wrong." I said ignoring the fact that I really wanted to ask Ben what he wanted to ask me yesterday.
He shrugged looking at me curiously. "Um, okay if there's nothing wrong." He said about to enter Algebra class when I pulled him back.
"Ben!" I said grabbing his muscular upper arm with my small hands. "There actually is something on my mind." I said in a tired voice. "And it's been killing me."
He nodded unsure of what I wanted to ask him. "Okay, what was it that you wanted to ask me?"
I took a deep breath and looked Ben in the eyes. "Yesterday when you dropped me off, were you about to ask me out?"

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