Story-351 "DUPLICATE" part-1

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Regarding the purohit Govardhan Shastri who was pushing the religious people into their swamp of religion, Viren gave such a statement that Govardhan Shastri started feeling embarrasse?

The main priest of the temple, Govardhan Shastri's work was to hypnotize religious people by his self-made stories and push them into the swamp of selfish religion. In such a way, on what occasion did Viren give an aggressive statement on the occasion of the annual festival, to which Govardhan Shastri started feeling embarrassed?

The calm atmosphere of the dawn seemed to be pleasant with the cows and the birds of the cow. Govardhan Shastri has a large number of ancestral house on the left side in the broad circle of the ancient temple. Govardhan Shastri, in front of the house, bowed to the east, after drinking some of the silver dish, bowed to the rising redness of the sun, and then she became completely cautious with the voice of silence breaking silence. He started searching this casual sound and looking around. Then he saw the strong body of Chugnau behind the clutches. He was cleaning with a broom. By going near the thieves steps, Shastri shrank the frowns in an awkward tone, and asked, "What are you looking at behind the bushes?"

On seeing Shastri's right ear, Jainu and some yellow droplets spilled on the pulse saw Chugnau and said, "Nothing, Maharaj, I was cleaning."

"Tell me right, how do you come so early in the morning?" Since last 2-3 days you were missing. "

The cheeks raised in the rising beard of Chugunu rose more and more. He enthusiastically said, "Maharaj, a large temple of Sudarshan Maharaj has been built in Mehtar Basti of Sangaria. I was also invited, so I went there. "

By listening to Chagunu, Shastri's mind immediately conceived an idea, and he said, "Why do not they make their pavilion better than rubbing the forehead on the threshold of others?"

If you can not understand Chagunu's understanding then Shastri openly said, "I mean, why do not you make your own temple like that?"

"Your temple, the talk is so prudent, Maharaj. But where is the arrangement for money and other things? "

"You do not have a lot of money with people. And if there is a true reverence on your Lord, then all the work will be done automatically. "

"Maharaj, if you have a blessing, it can happen."

Shastri, acting after pampering after his work, said, "Now you are the government's jamai. Whenever it can come to work, it can take a break. Whether it has been worse than the toilet and the cattle. Will we clean him? And listen to your engineer, Bhai Saheb, about a flood of dirt in the toilet. "

While chanting Chugnu's mantra by doing mantras, Shastri came inside his house and called out to his servant, "Hey Gopal, put water in my bath."

In the meantime, somebody called Shastri in the concerned note by the courtyard of the temple, "Shastriji, come forward quickly and save my child."

Shastri looked down on the voice by being angry and came out crying, "Who is this in-laws who came in the morning only."

But after coming out and seeing the visitor, he used to sing honey in his voice and said, "Hey Madan Seth, you Why did you suffer so early in the morning? Does anyone's health is not well? After my bath, I would send a little boy. "

"Tell me, Shastriji, my child is getting diarrhea from the night. The whole night is cut in this problem. Quickly tell a solution. Lalla is being wrecked. "

The teacher said, immediately after taking the sweetness of the face, "Sethji, sliced ​​into a bowl of garlic, mix it in a bowl of buttermilk and put some almonds and gum in it and give it to the child, it will come to rest."

Madan Seth bowed down in haste and said, "Yes, Shastriji, I am very grateful to you," and bowed down. Then Shastri broke it, "Sethji, before leaving Gopal, give him a dakshina. I have to say one more important thing to you Chugnu was saying that a new temple of Lord God has been built in the Mehtar Basti of Sangaria. Just think, Madan Seth, your society gave so much to you in the trade of Sood. Now you should also repay the debt of society and help in religious activities can be repaid soon. "

Shastri was trying to sneak Madan Seth's hug about his point of view.

"The annual celebration of our temple is near. Dharmacharya Keshavanandaji is coming to participate in it. With his hands, you will make a foundation stone of the temple of Sudarshan Maharaj in the Mehtar Basti. After the temple was built, the priest's arrangement of us was on us. So, do not waste your chance. Refusing to talk to your people about this, start preparations and improve your status, saying, '' In the rigorous manner, the Shastri went inside. Madan Seth has been thinking about this for a while.

Govardhan Shastri was the chief priest of the temple. In addition to writing some books related to religious work, he also gave sweeping tips to the general patients of the area. It was not that there was a lack of doctors but the Shastri had forced some religious people to hypnotize them by writing engrossed stories, keeping their faith in their superstitious treatment. There was no question of countering such intimidation by anyone because he was in a rage in the holy assemblies.

Chugnu was very tired while doing her government work. His last two days was his work. He was recovering from his body. To get relief from exhaustion


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