Story-352 "DUPLICATE" Part-2

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Chugnu was very tired while doing her government work. His last two days was his work. He was recovering from his body. He was sitting in a place to get relief from exhaustion that someone gave him a voice, "Chhaganu Bhaiya, what happened, in which trouble?"

The junior engineer of the municipality tried to see Vernon coming closer to him to look comfortable.

"Nothing, Viren Bhaiya. I was not at work for 2 days, so today the work has got a lot more. Think of it for a while. "

"Why, what happened?"

"Sangaria went."

Chuganu knew, if Viren knew that he had gone to attend a religious festival, he would start giving him lots of preaching. Therefore, he changed his mind and said, "Now after cleaning the toilets and gaushas of Maharaj, today's work will also be completed." Then I have to go home and relax. "

"Hey, but this is a personal work. Why would you do this? ''

"No, brother, do not say so. Now, if you refuse, then in the next life you will have to swear into the dirt by becoming a swine and by doing the service, you will also get blessings of God. "

"If blessings of God are being received from generations, then why do not our state improve? Chuganu Bhaiya, when will you understand the truth After all, how long will you be afraid of this uncertainty? Well, tell me, your daughter is going to school every day, do not you? ''

"Yes, brother. Now he does not miss a single day. Have you taught him the mantra to know him? She says, 'I will be like Viren Bhaiya'.

"Must definitely become her, but rather see, she will become a bigger officer than me, one day. Well, if I go, "said Veeran," I would leave, "Chaganu prevented him from being hesitant.

'' Viren Bhaiya, wait. Maharaj was saying, they are not being evacuated from toilets. Maybe the line is full. "

"Yes, their application has reached the office. I am going to the site, I will see. You do not worry. ''

On the site of the temple, the laborers were working to lay down the drainage line. This work was under the supervision of engineer Veren. Veren was explaining his subordinates in front of his laputup, giving instructions through nuances. When Govardhan Shastri, returning to Pooja Kar in other temples nearby, stopped and stopped at some distance. The people coming to bowel like a puppets greeted him. Taking care of white cloth, Shastri wore the neck to grab the attention of Viren, and said, "The engineer, the hellfire barking in my toilets, suffers from breathing. I can know, when will we get rid of this hellfire? ''

Veeran Bhalbhanti was familiar with Shastri's fad. He also said in the same accent, "Now Shastriji, I do not know the efficacy of your incarnations, which should be destroyed in the junk of this hell-born. You are watching, we are engaged in the same work. However, it seems that you have to change the drainage line. For this, I have to come there and check the situation first. After some time I will do this by coming to the temple. You believe. "

Shastri, who was hurt by the reply of Viren, had taken the pledge to turn back that when a young man came near, he bowed down to Shastri and said, "Ramram Shastriji, Babuji had a night attack again. You have asked to bring medicine from you and have given it Dakshina too. "

"Your Babuji must have told me in the abstinence. But there is nothing to worry about, we are not Now, do this, give a tuning to the 1-horse jowar churian or asbestos honey. Go to the temple and take all this from Gopal and say to him, we will return from the Ram temple and come to the meeting. On the other hand, people of the celebration committee will have come. If you are a patient then ask them to stop. "

After the young man went away, Shastri took the news of Veren, at the same time, Chugnu passed through a small junk full of dirt. The water from the stomach that touched the hand was touched by the touch of Chagunu. Seeing this, the Shastri settled down his dhoti, leaving the face showing the hatred and moving away from there.

"Shivshivasiva ..., what is the problem in doing it all by coming in the morning? What does this disgraceful performance of prarabdha get? ''

"Sorry Shastriji. But you are showing some more piety. The one who is poor and poor, without any complaint, is doing the filth of his own. You are blaming him instead of accepting his sympathy, instead of giving thanks to him. "

From this reaction of Viren, a shrewd smile appeared on Shastri's face.

"Oh yes, sorry you please do me engineer. I nearly forgot. But how much difference is there between you and me in that. You have surpassed the reservation of the reservation. But the poor man is continuously getting scorched. "

"OK, Shastriji." It is the product of selfish religion and futile rituals. If the parents of this unaware of the truth understood this, they would certainly have gone out of the ruined Varanasi ritual.

Viren's vocabulary Shastri's ego became deeply depressed

Viren did not get an engineer's position easily. In the municipality, he started his own from the fourth grade post. But along with the work, he used to remember a sublime goal and do further studies. He had a loyalty to his hard work, so one day he also got his desired goal. Until yesterday, who denied his existence, he had to take care of his presence today.


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