Story-353 "DUPLICATE" part-3

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•••°°°>>>The Shastri should have said in his house or the court in the verandah of the temple. Apart from the members of the festive committee there were also some sick sitting Shastri was so immersed in seizing his words that he did not know why Viren came back from behind him. Shastri was being lost in his tune, "... ... and in this way our traditions only change us." Culture is our identity. Now you must have understood all the Dharmaveer, Danir. The celebration of this year is to celebrate with more glorious glee.

Now Shastri took a break and cleaned his face with the cloth after drinking the spice from the lote kept. Then, sitting in front of Madan asked in excited, "So did Madan Seth, Sudarshan Maharaj advised his brothers to build a temple?"

''Yes, sir. Everyone is happy that now their own God will have a separate temple. "

Pleased with Madan's response, Shastri turned to the next customer and asked, "Tell me, Shivpal, get relief from constipation?"

"Maharaj, what should I tell?" The new trouble has happened. I am getting disturbed by the pain in the stones. Redeem from this. "

Emotional expressions emerged on Shastri's face.

"There was a doubt in me, okay, now take 3 spoons of Tulsi juice everyday. Yes, you tell Baburam, you have come here after being absent from your mathia. Tell me, what happened? '

"Maharaj, I'm stuck with hemorrhoids. And you know, like you, a wise person can tell the correct break. "

"Hey, you talk about hemorrhoids. The solution of every suffering in our texts is hidden. So Baburam, do this, mash the dry leaves of mango and fill it in the bucket and drink. If the hemorrhoids do not fly into the smoke then say. "

Sitting behind Shastri, Veren was enjoying listening to it. Now Shastri, who was filling the path of the spectator, said to everyone present there, "Hey Bhai, you are the doer of the society. All of you have to take care of the health of the body. You also listen to the essence of a sovereign remedy which I constantly keep telling you. This elixir was discovered by our yogis a long time ago. Which has been called 'Shivambu Kalyp Yatra'.

After making a sudden voice a mystery, Shastri said in a tone: "Wake up in the morning and face the east side, that is, take the shivambu, that is, the self. Then greeted Suryanarayana. Look, all known diseases of yours will run away. "

"But Maharaj, does this not make the body inaccurate?"

Now after the canvass washed out the whole lath, Shastri took a sharp turn and smiled, then in philosophically, "What kind of inaccuracy? The importance of 'Shivambu Kalyp method' in ancient Yog Vidyalaya 'Asphalt Mechanism' has been clearly defined. You ask only these pundits sitting here, who have been taking advantage of this from generation to generation. You see the sharpness of these faces. And this is why, our Mahatma, leaders have accepted this. "

During this, Gopal got up and stood respectfully. At the end of Shastri's talk, he said, "The servant of his lord has come from the house of Dujaji." He has called 'Panchagavya' for his son's sacrificial rituals.

Something like Shastri came to mind, "Yes, I have been invited by Dubeji. You bring him to the house, and you give him. "

After leaving Gopal for a few moments, Shastri left her in the middle and said, "... then I was telling you, understand the value of 'Amroli'. Protect your health What else can I say, you will get more information by reading the script I have written.

When Shastri said back, she looked at Veren sitting there. He used to be the first, then immediately said calmly, "Hey an engineer, how are you here? Which disease has gripped you? Tell me a trick. Gold or something ... ''

Verne picked up from the post and said with a naughty smile, "No, Shastriji. Bhisma, Shilajit are the faces of free peers. I had come to tell that we have to make a separate chamber by separating the new line for the drainage of the temple. There is a need to dig in the temple for this. We need the written consent of the trust. "

'Look Bhai, place is sacred. Just remember this thing. "

Vyren said, "You do not want to discourage your mind by worrying about the furious tales of Shastri, dismaying with his own mockery. We will take full care. "

"Yes, you must take care, therefore, you have been kept."

Seeing Viren's punk, the scribe got frustrated from inside. He turned his thumb into Janeu and said to the people sitting there, "Look, birth and dizziness of activity. Our engineer, sahib office, has done karma on poorness ... on this occasion, you can say only that, keep doing karma without expecting a reward. "

"I do not believe in the imaginary rotation of birth and death," Veren said proudly. But yes, with so much chest, I can say that I do not rob people by misleading innocent people. Nor do we ask for alms by creating a different god of every race. Well, order me. I am a useful person of society. Can not waste much time, "saying," Viren went from there.

Shastri was feeling the toxic stem from head to toe.

The area was becoming more and more vibrant due to the strong preparation of the annual festival. Along with the main temple, other temples were being litiputai. They are being decorated with flowers and bulbs.

Was there. Small businessmen from far away were frozen on their own bases. Viren had completed his work prematurely with the help of his team.


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