Story-354 "DUPLICATE " part-4

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•••°°°°>>>Celebration started from yagya, mantra People came from far away to participate in this, which included some foreign tourists. Under the planned program, the foundation of the temple of Sudarshan Maharaj was laid in Mehtar Basti. Here, Pandaypujari was very cleverly working to make every kind of insecurity and fear in the mind of the devotees, to solve the problems of people, they were growing up in temples to donate money, Abhishek etc. From this, there was a boil of joy in the Templemakers as usual.

Today after the Mahaprasad, the discourse of Dharmacharya Keshavananda was going to be held in the night. Prior to that, the book written by Govardhan Shastri was also to be released by him. Veren and his kulig was present on behalf of the municipality.

The devotees were queuing for Mahaprasad. Shastri and other fellow people were busy preparing for the night talk on stage. After seeing Chugnu and his colleagues trying to sit in the row, a dwarf pundit quarreled with Shastri, "Shastriji, now Brahmin Bhoja is not complete. How else can someone accept it before him? "

On seeing Chugnau, Shastri's troublesome brain came into action, "What do you say, Goswamiji, these engineers are the screaming people of Viren. Now look how I take pride in this dowry. You must take pleasure in this, "Let it be heard by telling Viren, by standing at such a distance, the classical said in a loud voice," Hey Gopal, go to them and tell them they can make a different line. It is also a sin to come into the temple without bathing. When they become their own temple then they will behave like they do, no one will say anything. "

Veren noticed that Chagunu and his colleagues were being asked to separate the line. If he did not get all this from him, he asked in a rigid voice from Shastri, "Shastriji, what is this? Someone humiliate like this? ''

Shastri, who was in the grip of this opportunity, spread the toxic grin and said, "Verenaji, do not leave your emotions loose like this. There is no official religion in the government. We have to take care of pureness. "

To confirm this, another pundit immediately came forward, "If not more then what?" How can someone else do the muzzle before the Brahmins? "

"Is this the decree of God to you?" When Viren said outrageously, Shastri turns a thumb in Janeu and makes the face very proud, says, "On this earth Brahmin is considered to be the deity only. Now even though some rascal people do not believe it, there is no harm to it. "

"Actually, Shastriji, the people whom you call Dharma say, is the pure mischief." By saying, Veren went beyond. Shastri and his colleagues were feeling themselves standing in the fire.

A large number of people were sitting in the pandal to listen to the lecture of the emperor Dharmacharya Keshavananda on the decorative stage. Other well-known people were present along with Dharmacharya. Prior to the discourse, a book titled 'Shivambu Kalyp Yatra' written by Govardhan Shastri was released on the hands of Dharmacharya. In the support of this book, after singing words of syrup, others sing praises of Govardhan Shastri till their drowsy dryness in their statement.

In the end, Govardhan Shastri explained the utility of his book in detail. Then, with the intention of provoking Veren in front of thousands of people, said, "Now Sudhajan told me that I also serve patients, priests with the priesthood. I think God sits in these sufferings. So I serve God. I wrote this book is just one part of the same service and just following our ancient myths.

"I believe in karmayogi. This is a tribute to Sudarshan Maharaj's temple for the Mehtar Basti. It is my duty to worship and extinguish the pains from suffering. One such kind of person is present among us. If the engineer Viren of the municipality was not there, then our toilets and gutters were never clean. I want them to be honored today. "

Veren was not prepared for this accidental attack. But after urging everyone, he reluctantly accepted the platform and accepted flowers. Shastri is not silent on this too. With the intent of trapping Viren in confusion, he urged the artificial intimacy to say two words on his behalf. But now with the motion of Mike, Veraan's face was developing electrically smoked grin:

"What can I say about those who know the things of religion and understand them?" I can only discuss technical issues. Mahakamyogi Govardhan Shastri has just given a good introduction to his karmayog by referring to the cleanliness, by excluding some cleaners from the food line. It is also a good work to have a separate God and to identify the caste system for every caste. Imagine if we did not adopt sanitation techniques, then today the victims of cholera, such as cholera, have become victims. The importance of purity is definitely, but for many months, Nirmalya is not scattered around the temple. The incoming devotees must first have to be reconciled with the rubbish arising from these wrecks. On one hand, Shastriji makes a lot of Ayurveda but when he is ill, he goes to the big city and treats him with specialist doctors. So I have technical doubts. Shastriji writes in his book that by drinking the self, the health is good, while in the eyes of a technical person like me, this is also a disgusting thing. "

After listening to this unhealthy and aggressive statement of Viren, the whole Pandal began to cry aloud with each other. Shastri and AThe faces of the new scholars got tarnished. Viren's cleanness is really clear, the interview was disproved by Shastri. While grasping the seriousness of the time, it was considered appropriate to answer Viren's words, and after raising the generous face, Mike took hold.

"I think there is no defect in the engineer of this thinking, because they have the effect of Western ideas. It is obvious that they do not properly recognize their religion and culture. But such people are not living in the house, nor are they in the ghat. So they do not know that many writers like Armstrong, Barton of the West have written books on 'Shivambu Kalyp Law'. Rather, scientists have also confirmed that Shivambu in the noodle contains vitamins, proteins, enzymes, uricides, prostaglandin and recently discovered hormone melatonin, which is said by the French philosopher René Descarte as 'the soul of the soul'. As it is said about the glory of this,

There is only a few. When the West is in our shelter, then what should be the suspicion of those who are blinding them in Europe? "

Pandal and the stage had come under heavy tension. Viren once again took the right to the mike and said his last point, "I do not say to great scholars, Shastriji, that this method or technique of yours is unfair, my objection is on duplication. As the promotion of Hindu unity on one side, on the other hand, giving each and every caste a separate God, keeping the identity of them, take special care of this. Secondly, those who clean the dirt of society with the help of outer organs, provide us healthy life

The cleaners are disgusting and shodras in your eyes, whereas even if you do not discuss the intimate experiments of sexuality, even then on the occasion of religious rituals, dung and cow urine are eaten in the name of 'Panchagavya'. On this, you also strongly advocate drinking urine in the name of health protection. So, now you people should tell, what is abhorrent from a technical perspective, cleanse the stool or take the stool? "

Whenever the answer to this double standard was not heard from anywhere, Viren went out of the platform after leaving his hand and adding to his hand. Kishavanand, who had been disintegrated with this technical point of view, had already escaped from there by telling him the excuse of his health. Then, after seeing his theologians uninterrupted in front of Veren, others slowly came to go there. At the mouth of foreign tourists was the solution to get original content. Here, opposite intellect Govardhan Shastri and some of his disciples were feeling embarrassed and they felt like all the creatures are staring at him.

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