Story-355 "DOUBLE CHARACTER" part-1

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Double character

Koodhan was surprised to see Sudhir's double character. Sudhir not only stabbed Kanchan's back but also killed his faith.
Sriprakash Shrivastav | August 22, 2013

Sudhir had defied the existence of being his wife today, the gentleman whom Kanchan had described as adopting his religion even when he was a disabled. Today, Sudhir's double character was revealed in front of him.

Really does not seem to change the man. It was exactly what I accepted in every situation. If she wanted, she could have denied marriage, but she did not have any control. Sudhir's leg cut into an accident after 1 month of Engagement. The future father-in-law sent a message saying whether I am ready to marry Sudhir in this situation too?

Papa was in dilemma The boy had a government job. Seeing beautiful was beautiful. Now what do you call destiny? The foot cut was written, so cut off. Yet they did not put emphasis on me. I had given up the option to make my own decision. I was also in dilemma. To whom I had to get married, till then it was fine. If it has come in today, will it be advisable to leave him? Tomorrow even after me marriage, no one will come and Sudhir leaves me?

I got upset with the dilemma and fixed my mind to marry Sudhir and yes yes. Cut off the wedding for a few years. Sudhir took the artificial legs. In this way he was able to come anywhere. I liked that, let's go out of the mind of Sudhir, that he is ineffective.

5 years have passed. After a lot of treatment, I could not become a mother, then I was deeply depressed. Even though Sudhir has said that he does not have any difficulty in not becoming a father, but I realized the pain on his face which often came out in conversation. One day I did not stay with me, saying, "If I do not mind, I should give advice."


"Why do not we adopt a child?" After hearing this, Sudhir was upset, "I want my own child."

"It is hardly possible," I said in the dabby tongue. Sudhir walked away without giving any answers. My mind got tinny There is also a way to keep an eye on yourself. I do not like the same thing from Sudhir that instead of finding a meaningful solution, he wanted to be stuck in a nefarious system. I felt that Sudhir was not the first thing in the past. She speaks less than me. Late night watch TV or return home late by night.

If I ask, then he would say, 'The house runs only to cut.'

"Where are you alone?" Did I not do anything for you? " My tests go up.

"You are not ashamed to leave the wife alone and come home late in the night."

"You should come ashamed that I could not even give a child to run the race."

I was shocked to hear A woman is married only for the child to be born? Is that the only thing needed? If it is okay to meet the criteria of the needs, then it is okay if the mouth turns back. However, I kept control over my tears and tried to let my weaknesses not appear.

"I am your wife. I have absolute right to know what you do till late night. "

"Well, now you understand," Sudhir's face satirized, "You are jealous, have not I kept somewhere else?"

'' You can keep It will not be a new thing for me. "

"Why do you inquire. Think that I kept it. "

Even if this statement is false, it has come to understand Sudhir's intention. He went away but gave me a bite, whose penal grip had penetrated my heart for a long time. Alone began to flush. How can a man change so much? 5 years with whom he shared his happiness, how could he ever be silent. Even after lakh attempts I could not find the answer to this question. Somehow I handled myself.

Today, Sudhir had a distant relationship with the daughter of a maternal daughter Sunita. Bin was the father's girl. She had to bead. In this regard, it will remain for a year. Though Sudhir's Mambap Nakbhoun was shrinking.

'' Didi is the daughter of bin baba. If you like people, you will stand on your feet. Otherwise I do not have anything on which to marry him. There is only faith in reading. After reading, at least it will be able to stomach your stomach.

My mother-in-law tied her up. My mother-in-law, Sudhir, said, "Sudhir, you show her school to Sunita."

"Son, would you have got a chance to come here?"

"If I do not get it, then I will come back," Sudhir gave a look and listened to it and gave it a smile.

"All this came to mind that Sunita will not have any problem here. All of you will take care of him, "Mmmji becomes emotional. He further said, "Who after Sunita's father's departure, you are mine, but who are you? If the relatives would not have resorted to, then I would have been broken, "he said.

Sunita scolded them, "Everywhere they cry, they sit down."

"What do I do, I can not stop myself. If your father was alive today, I would not have run around so much. "

"You are only a little bit, GG. All of us will take care of Sunita as if you keep her at home, "My mother-in-law comforted me. They started wiping tears.


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