Story-356 "DOUBLE CHARACTER" part-2

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••••°°°°°°>>>>Having lived 2 days, Mamiji went to Bareilly. Sudhir showed his college to Sunita and got admission. Bought the goods of his needs. Of course, Sudhir must have spent the money, I had no objection, but on this pretext, he started taking care of Sunita. From his diet, he always started motorcycle for small needs. It was unbearable for me to give more to wife than to wife. My mother-in-law was also left with her. Neither what was going on between Mombette One day I did not stay with me, then I said, "Has Sunita started taking more importance than me for you?"

"You know very well that she is the daughter of Bin Papa," said Sudhir Bala.

"Are you playing the role of a father?" I satirized.

"Talk to Sophie," she crumbled.

Do not shout, "I too lifted my voice."

She got restless

"Say hello."

'' Now on the way came. Do not think that you will do anything and I will continue to see the Tamasha.

''What have I done?''

''ask your heart.''

He started trying to become unknowable.

"Become innocent and trick Sunita, not me I am aware of men's power. I have been asking to bring napkins from last one week, have I brought it? ''

''I had forgotten.''

"Nowadays, except for the needs of Sunita, you do not remember anything."

'' Do not take her name repeatedly. Otherwise ... '' Sudhir grinned his teeth. Seeing the thing he got out of the room.

This is the identity of cowardly men. They think that they are good in hiding and running. Sudhir came to his mother's room.

"My mother-in-law said," It is very bad, "she said," she has not been allowed to stay in peace for four days. What will he think, "He put his hand on his head and sat down. Do not know what they think after a while they came to my room.

"Why daughter-in-law, do you teach your rituals to do bad things with the guests?"

"What is your son doing with his wife, did you try to know?"

"What is he doing?"

'' What is not doing. Nothing is hidden from you. Sunita is being placed on the top floor. At the same time, there is no time left for anyone to approach me. "

"This is your guilt."

"It's real," said Manji.

"Reality is right. You are responsible for this. "

"Did I bring Sunita here?"

Do not drag him in the middle of the way. You know very well that the relationship between relationships between husband and wife is strong. "

"So, is this possibility seen in Sunita?"

"Surely someone has learned from you."

"You are shameless, who is giving your son a spell," I was not even in the mood to hide anything.

"That's right. If you want to live then stay. "

'' I will stay here so I am here I see how someone deprives me of my rights, "My rallies got torn apart because of the greatness. Laylete thought on the bed, I was one who knew that Sudhir was a disabled, adopting it was considered to be his religion. Sudhir, my infertility is seeing such a big disability that thinking of getting rid of me has started thinking. Sudhir can change so fast. This is the same gentleman who kissed my forehead on the day of honeymoon and said, 'It is my good fortune that I got a huge heart-shaped life like you. I assure you that sometimes I will not give you a chance to complain, Sudhir has fallen so much that he did not even consider the limitations of relationships. Suppose that a maternal daughter of a distant relationship is Sunita, but when she gave the name, she also donates every monument to her children to perform her rituals. I do not know, what has happened to my mother-in-law, that even knowing all is unaware.

Papa's health was not good. When the brother called, he had to go to a maiden. Once thought, I did not have the courage to make my mind light by saying my pain. Papa will be stressed. But my sister-in-law's eyesight could not hide my pain. He would sit alone and ask me. At first I stopped it. till when? My tears have been untouched by my tears.

At night he disclosed the brother They were filled with anger. It was reasonable to have them angry. No brother can see the sadness of his sister At night he was going to my room but sister-in-law refused.

In morning breakfast, he talked about Sudhir.

"You will not go near him now. Calling the phone, I talk to that beggar now.

I somehow celebrated them.

After staying in office for a month, when I started taking my heart full of in-laws, Sister-in-law said to me, "Sister, there is no need to worry. The doors of this house are open to you forever. Sister-in-law has not been given the status of mother. I will not eat myself but you will not starve. This is my promise. If you do not get it, then come and go unnoticed. "

"I will try, sister-in-law, that I will bring her to the right path," I spoke to the full voice.

When I came in in-laws and saw the scene, I lost the ground beneath my feet. There was vermilion in the demand of Sunita. So did Sudhir marry Sunita? Thinking I got crushed. I walked fast to my room and saw Sudhir was lying. He jerked him

"What I see is this. When did Sunita get married? Who is her husband? '' First, Sudhir tried to steal the eyes but could not hide the reality for a long time. Like the shameless ones, "what you understand is true."

"Did you marry Sunita?"


"How did you dare in my life?"

"Whatever way you take it, but know that I want my baby."

"You have not understood my consent."

"Do you?"

"I could have given it."


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